Sunday’s Great Anxiety Treatment Debate: Techniques VS Strategies

what is teh best treatment for anxiety?

I wanted to spur a little debate when it comes to todays treatments for anxiety. Many online anxiety and panic attack ‘gurus’ have made quite a living by selling certain techniques that make us believe will lead to an instant cure for anxiety and panic attacks. But they’re not the only ones, many therapists for anxiety/panic disorder today are more then happy to jump on the techniques and trickery bandwagon as well.

I have no problem with techniques to deal with anxiety and panic attacks, but what happens when they stop working or don’t work at all?

The problem I see when so called ‘experts’ hand out these miracle anxiety curing techniques, is that they mask a problem that doesn’t neccessarily take care of the main issue. Take for instance panic attacks, when someone comes to me for coaching advice on dealing with panic attacks I know exactly what that person is dealing with.

“Within 5 minutes of speaking with the panic attack sufferer, I know how deep their pain truly goes”

At this point there are two things I can do:

how to handle anxiety and panic attacks

Now there’s the road you want to be on.

1) Sit down with that person suffering from panic attacks, and give them certain techniques and coping scenarios that will lead to a windy road that takes them around the problem, sometimes.

2) Show them a set strategy that tackles the thought process and actions that leads to full blown panic attacks. Thus moving them through and with their fears in a systematic and guided fashion that builds confidence in the face of their fears.

Do you see the difference?

This is why i’m not a big fan of these itty bitty techniques that only help people cope with anxiety and panic attacks. I believe that in order to turn a monster into a fly, you have to show that monster that you won’t be pushed around by his intimidating ways.

But can a technique be implemented into a strategy to overcome anxiety and panic attacks?

I guess, but it shouldn’t be the end all be all when it comes to the way you handle your anxious conditioning. So here’s my humble advice if you are one of those sufferers searching frantically online for a solution to your bewildering state:

If someone’s idea of treating your anxiety falls solely into the category of techniques and tricks to help you cope, stand up and walk out the door. Find someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, and ask for some concrete and proven advice that leads to a strategy for handling your anxiety and panic attacks naturally.

If you were an expert on the subject of anxiety would you be more on the side of techniques, strategies or a little bit of both? Share your insights in the comments section below.



The Top Signs Of Stress That May Be Leading You Towards Burnout

all the signs of stress and burnout

Stress is the way your body reacts to demands.

I want you to to take a few minutes to think of what’s causing stress in your life. Some of the more common signs of stress are things like schedule changes, deadlines at work, lack of sleep and certain relationships with friends and family members. Understand right here as you keep reading this post that unless you deal with these signs of stress, you are headed down a road that leads to complete burnout and it’s not a pretty one once you get there I can tell you that.

Introducing To You, The ‘Glands Of Stress’

Your adrenal glands are basically your best friends that reside in your body that we take for granted. Their job is to enable your body to deal with stress from each and every possible source out there. Everything from your daily energy, your resiliancy and pretty much your quality of life all depends on how weel they function each and everyday.

When Your Adrenal Glands Aren’t Functioning Correctly Lethargy (lack of energy) Will Strike You Like Lightning!

You may wake up one day and think what the heck? I feel like complete crap! If this is the case answer these 6 questions right now in the signs os stress and burnoutyour head, and lets’s find out whether or not the signs of stress in your life have led you to burnout:

1) Has your ability to handle, and deal with stress as well as pressure decreased in the last few weeks?

2) Has your thinking become confused when you are hurried or under pressure lately (foggy, can’t think clear)?

3) In the last few weeks does EVERYTHING seem like a chore, even things that used to comes easy for you to do?

4) If you don’t get to sleep by 11pm do you get a second wind of energy that often lasts until 1 or 2 am?

5) Do you get colds and coughs that seem to stick around for weeks at a time?

6) Is your sex drive noticably less then it used to be?

So How Did You Do?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of those questions them read on, if you answered no to most of those questions… then read on anyway.

As I sit here and dive into this somewhat large piece of dark chocolate in my hands, I have to admit i’ve been there and know exactly where you’re coming from. Remember that quick scan of of your life at the beginning of the article, the one where you identified the signs of stress and anxiety in your life? Well it’s time to go a step farther now so we can create the ultimate…

Good, Bad and Extremely Ugly Chart!

good, bad and ugly for stress and burnout

Still love that movie… Just saying.

This is going to take anywhere from 5 to 5 hours of your time (depending on a number of things). So grab a piece of paper and make 3 columns. One on the top left that reads GOOD, one in the middle that reads BAD, and the last one on the top right that says UGLY. Now look to see what is working, and what are the signs of stress that are draining you and leading you and your ‘glands of stress’ towards what seems like inevitable burnout. In the good section you could write things like: Writing in the evenings, bike rides in the morning with Sara, the types of things that will contribute to your overall well being and help your adrenal glands out. In the bad column write down the things that are detracting from your life such as being a couch potato and watching too much tv, being a perfectionist or being around Jane too much. In the ugly column write down all the things that are in the short term help list that are the energy robbers in your life such as alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, anything that you feel you need to rely on to get you going.

Start The Cycle Of Stop-Breathe-Reflect-Choose To Deal With The Signs Of Stress Now

My personal favourite part of this cycle is the reflect part, it’s powerful stuff if you do it right.

Make this weekend the weekend that you begin moving away from stress and burnout. Start the process of completely eliminating the tension and tightness that you hold in your mind and body. Know that you always have a choice in the matter. You have a choice whether to look at something as a problem or as a challenge, you have the choice of whether to think in more positive ways or negative ways during the day.

Remember that It’s the choices you make today that will make your life more enjoyable, and less demanding for the future.

Is there a natural supplement or daily routine that has helped you combat your signs of stress and burnout? Share your personal comments and experiences in the comment section below.

Top 10 Most Common Symptoms And Reasons For Depression And Boredom (Video)

reasons for depression the anxiety guy

Did you know that every year approximately 9.5 percent of the entire American population suffers from some sort of depression? It controls the mind and can affect many more people in your life then you realize. In my experience with depression I basically had no appetite, I was always sleepy, and my mood swings were so bad that I pushed everyone around me who was trying to help me with my anxiety and depression far far away.

Depression Is No reason To Be Ashamed Though

Unfortunately this is one of those feelings associated with depression, and can really make the condition difficult to acknowledge. Anxiety and depression have become so prevelant that it’s not uncommon at all for people to be taking medication for one, or even both of these mood disorders.

I Just Can’t Stress Enough The Importance Of Nutrition And Rest For Depression

Sleep is your armor that battles depression. Without adequate rest you are much more susceptible to the self destructing and damaging messages that keep twirling around in your brain. Not enough sleep keeps you from being able to do the beneficial things on your behalf, so take a good look at whether this may be contributing to your depression.

I realize that depression cuts the appetite right out of people with this condition. But in order to battle back against depression, you need to be consuming enough of those healthy nutriets and calories so that you can provide your brain and your body with strength.

The symptoms of depression can vary greatly from one person to the next, as well the severity of the symptoms. Here are 10 of the most common symptoms of depression that people seek help for in today’s world.

1) An intense feeling of sadness that can be hard to shake off

2) Overwhelming hopelessness and a constant pessimistic attitude

3) Extreme guilt, and feelings of helplessness

top 10 reasons people feel depressed

A new day brings with it new possibilities, all you have to do is look for it.

4) No Sense of self worth

5) An increasing inability to focus as well as constant indecisiveness

6) Inexplicable weight loss or weight gain (these are triggered by eating binges or loss of appetite)

7) Suicidal inclinations

8) Short temper, irritability and constant restlessness

9) Physical afflications such as headaches, digestive disorders and chronic pain

10) Complete loss of energy and slowing down of metabolism

Now that you’ve pinpointed exactly how depression is affecting you in your life, I bet you want to know:

The Top 10 Reasons Why People Feel Depressed And Bored?

Awesome! Sit back, try and relax, and watch the video from beginning to end. This was taken spontaneously in my car one day, so I completely apologize for the rough edges as well as The Anxious Athlete name that you now know as The Anxiety Guy.


I’m extremely proud of you for taking in this knowledge when it comes to tackling your depression and anxiety naturally. At some points of this inspirational blog for anxiety disorders I realize I can be quite blunt, but all i’m trying to do is open up your eyes to what’s really going on and what you can do to change it. I believe in you as someone in my past believed in me, now it’s time for you to believe it…

Was there anything I missed? Share your experiences with depression, and what works for you in your own life in the comment section below.


What Mental Health Counselors Don’t Want You To Know About Your Anxiety

the truth about anxiety

Having gone through therapy for my anxiety during my professional tennis playing days, i’ve seen it all. I’ve been through the whole group therapy thing as well as the 1 on 1 anxiety and panic counselling for many years, and my conclusion is that there is a potential danger that exists with anxiety therapy for the sufferer.

It was recently brought to my attention from a long time friend of mine who’s also been a psychotherapist for over 9 years, that making a living for many (not all) anxiety therapists keeps them from telling you a very important truth, and that truth is that:

You Can Actually Learn The Secrets To Curing Your Anxiety In 10 – 15 Minutes

Change started to happen for me when I started thinking progress, over perfection.

Change happens when you start thinking progress, over perfection.

Of course the ‘professionals’ would be losing a great deal of business and steady income if they told you this. Notice how I said learn though, and not end your anxiety in 10 – 15 minutes. You the one suffering from anxiety must take full responsibility for your condition, and stop the search for the ‘magic pill’ or technique once and for all.

I See Incredible Changes In People Daily Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

These people are no different then you. But these people accepted the fact that there is no magic cure out there for anxiety, and began to take their issues into their own hands instead of looking for someone else to tell them what to do. Think about the time and money you would be saving from anti anxiety medications and constant therapy if only you built up the will power for a short amount of time, to learn how to turn your anxiety switch off through CBT.

Anxiety Can Be A Complex Issue For Many, But This Doesn’t Mean It Needs To Take Years To Calm Your Nerves And Desensitze You From Your Fears

Many times we become anxious over things that simply don’t exist, we tend to imprison ourselves unconsciously when in fact we ought to be free and enjoying life a hell of a lot more. Remember also, that to be in an anxious state and in desperate need for professional help doesn’t mean that you are ‘crazy.’ It’s certainly ok to have deep legitimate feelings of depression and anxiety sometimes, and asking for help temporarily could be a good thing. But you must remember that dwelling on your ‘melancholic moods’ won’t make things go away. You must step up and begin to do your part, aside from all the external help you may be getting right now for your panic and anxiety condition.

Begin To Accept And Let Go

So many times we deny and don’t accept our imperfections. We completely hate ourselves and how we may look, as well as put a huge emphasis on how others perceive us. Many people that come to me for help with stress and anxiety in their lives don’t even like their own voice! While others are down right embarrased because of their weight, or lack of weight even.

We Can’t Let The Illusion Of Beauty, Success And Wealth From The Media Be The Source Of Our Misery

dealing with anxiety

Could this be the deep rooted source of your anxiety?

Begin comparing yourself to others less today. You may find that the root of much of your stress and anxiety lies right there, doesn’t it? Have you ever thought about where this anxiousness and hate is coming from? I know for a fact that I was in a deep trance for many years, living with an anxiety disorder and hating the universe for ‘making me this way.’ But deep down I knew that wasn’t true, I made myself this way consciously and unconsciously.

Don’t Let Anxiety Dominate Your Life.

Understand that anxiety is often an introspective activity, and it thrives on isolation. But you don’t have to be alone, you are not strange or inferior. The moment you learn to accept who and what you are is the moment you begin to understand that you are not set apart from everybody else. Learn to let go through CBT and begin to free yourself from anxiety.

What do you think? Do you think the first line of anxiety treatments today could be doing more harm then good? Share your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy

So I ran through a few emails last night, and a few people who have gained some interest in The Anxiety Guy ‘mission’ as I like to call it would like to know a little bit more about the man behind all the cool posts on anxiety disorders. So I decided to put together a few of my absolute favourite things to do (post anxiety disorder of course) and share them with you, the very people who are my inspiration behind the mission of helping people deal with anxiety naturally. So let’s do this!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy:

1) I Love To Consume Very Large Amounts Of Sushi With My Baby Boy Any time, Any Place

the anxiety guy


2) I Love Traveling The Globe and Make Funny Faces In Pictures Because They Still Make Me Uncomfortable

photo 4


3) I Can’t Go More Then 2 Days Without Watching Another Episode Of Covert Affairs

Things you didnt know about the anxiety guy


4) There’s Nothing I Enjoy More Then When Things Go Bang In The Sky!

the anxiety guy


5) I Start Every Morning Of My Day With A Power Mix Of Apple, Ginger, Beet And Carrot Juice



6) My Abolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World Is Salted Seaweed Strips

The Anxiety Guy


7) My Absolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World THAT I CAN’T EAT Is Bacon ):

who is the anxiety guy


8) In My Spare Time I LOOOOVE Making Strange And Interesting Cake Designs (yes, that’s supposed to be a minon from Despicable Me)

best blog for anxiety and stress

9) Finally, I love Bringing The Child In Me Out To Play As Much As I Can Each And Every Day (my fiancee on the left)

who is the anxiety guy

So there you have it, a few quick and quirky facts about how I go about my days. This list of 9 things actually gave me some real nice insight into what kind of a person I used to be, and who i’ve become and I definitely recommend you do the same. See if you can put a list of 9 things you enjoy doing more then anything together, and see if you’re being true to yourself and doing those things on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed the ‘getting to know The Anxiety Guy’ a little better post, and I welcome all your comments and questions in the section below. 

Have an inspired Wednesday everyone.


How Much Of This Quote Do You Agree With?

inspiration against anxiety

Your subconscious mind holds your short term memory and plays a key role in your day to day functioning.

Your subconscious filters out the unnecessary information and delivers only what is needed at that moment, and is constantly at work staying very aware of your surroundings every moment. The Amygdala is part of the subconscious mind and deals with emotions, memory processing, and how we react to fear and stress triggers. Research now shows that it is in fact possible to talk to the amygdala during hypnosis, this completely relaxes the stress response and calms the nervous system so that your immune system and body can heal and rebuild. When the conscious and subconscious mind are working in harmony, the mind becomes productive, creative and healthy in its endeavors. However when this harmony is unbalanced the mind becomes dysfunctional and leads to a destructive collapse. So with that quick update on how our minds function let’s get to the fun part:

Would you agree that the quitest of people usually have the loudest minds?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below?

The Most Powerful Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

best herb for anxiety and depression

It wasn’t until I moved to Bali Indonesia a few years back that I ran into one of the most powerful herbs on the market for anxiety and depression. The people in Bali used this herb exclusively for free radical damage caused by stress, and they mentioned how it also prevented premature aging as well as chronic illness (which explains why many of the 90 year olds still look around 60 there). So I had to give it a shot even though I had tried everything out there already. To my surprise I realized quickly that this herb was simply MADE for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Why Ashwagandha Is The Best Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

Now before I go on and  tell you the benefits, my own personal story with this herb let me explain something that is really important here for you. You’re reading this post because you either want to learn how to deal with stress better in your daily life, you have an anxiety disorder and are searching for a natural solution after trying pretty much everything already, or you’re in need of some motivation in the form of a success story from someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, and has come out the other side. For you I say this:

Herbs Should Be Viewed And Taken As A Sidekick And Not A Potential Cure For Your Anxiety

your trusty sidekick for stress and anxiety

Believe in your trusty sidekick… Ashwagandha!

Hope I didn’t step on any toes there, but it’s the cold hard truth. My personal natural recovery from an anxiety disorder didn’t begin until I reached a point in my life where I believed no external help in the form of herbs or pills, was going to make me all better. So with this new found approach to ending your anxiety disorder natural let’s get to my favourite anxiety herb on the market today.

Whether it’s to improve your ability to think in a more straight forward manner, decrease pain and swelling caused by inflammation or for treating wounds Ashwagandha is a multi purpose plant. The power of this herb combined with a CBT approach to ending the cycle of fear and anxiety, along with a specific diet can do absolutely wonders for you as it has done for many people around the world.

In Many Studies Taken Place Recently Ashwagandha Has Been Shown To Be As Effective As Many Anti Anxiety Medications and Antidepressants

But back to my own experience with this herb for a second. After orally taking Ashwagandha for 7 days straight I began to feel similar anxiety relieving feelings as taking Ativan (Lorazepam, a very popular anti anxiety prescription medication that doctors are famous for pushing down our throats). In a seperate study when Ashwagandha was given to some chronically stressed out animals the number of degenerating brain cells was reduced by 80%,

I mean I know they’re animals but that’s still awesome!

Happy animals no stress or anxiety

Nope, no worries here.

We all know the effects that chronic stress has on our minds as well as our bodies, and it’s our job to push back against anxiety, degenerative disease and premature aging. What we don’t need is to be taking something orally for the benefits it might have for our mental health, and at the same time worry about what the side effects are to taking what we’re taking!

This is where an amazing anxiety herb such as Ashwagandha can be helpful. No side effects which equals no worries. This indian herb has demonstrated excellent results in my own personal past life with anxiety and depression, and it may do the same for you. So what do you really have to lose, except maybe a few notches on that high stress and anxiety scale you’re currently dealing with…

Have you tried Ashwagandha or another type of herb that has worked well for you? Join the conversation and share your experiences in the comment section below.


7 Power Foods To Lower Your Stress And Anxiety levels

foods against anxiety

Can eating the right foods give you relief from stress and anxiety?

I believe it can make a big difference definitely, especially if you add these 7 foods to your daily intake.


Did you know that avocados are actually a fruit? It’s true! An amazing source of B6 and folic acid that both help with proper nervous system functioning.


blueberries for anxiety

Blueberries especially are superfoods that are packed with a variety of antioxidants, these antioxidants are known to be extremely beneficial against stress and anxiety.


In your new anti-anxiety diet oranges can not be ignored. Research has shown that by simply peeling and sniffing an orange your blood pressure drops by a few points. Imagine what it can do for you if you eat it!


foods against anxiety

Zinc defiency can cause depression, and with these shellfish containing 7 times the serving of zinc over any other food, you may just put the nasty smell of it behind you.


Did you know that just one ounce of walnuts can replace your stress depleted B vitamins? With those kinds of stats this nut can’t be ignored.

Dark Chocolate

Want to reduce cortisol levels? Grab a piece (I said a piece!) of dark chocolate without the added sugars or milks. The compounds in dark chocolate helps to lift your mood, so you can stop the guilt of eating dark chocolate now.

Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea for stress and anxiety

My personal favourite tea to drink, especially just before bed. Did you know that some compounds in chamomile actually act the same way as valium for your brain receptors? If you don’tlike the tea form, you can always use the supplement form to help with stress and anxiety in your life.

Bottom line is food makes a difference, a big difference when it comes to lowering your stress and anxiety levels. I go much deeper into a set anti-anxiety diet plan in my nutrition plan to combat stress and anxiety ebook, but It simply can’t be ignored. So begin to consciouly pick out what you put in your body and use this list to help you out.

Is there certain foods that have helped or hurt your progress over relieving stress and anxiety from your life? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

Powerful Guided Meditation Session For Stress And Anxiety (Video)

guided meditation for stress and anxiety

A Calm And Clear Minded Weekend Away From Stress And Anxiety Starts Here

A powerful guided meditation and relaxation session for stress, anxiety and depression for you. This audio includes Delta Waves/binaural beats for a deeper relaxation experience. Marie Gardiner a professional member of The Anxiety Guy team walks you through steps that will put your mind at ease, and give you relief from stress and anxiety immediately.

Don’t forget to listen daily with headphones on somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Share your thoughts and suggestions on the guided meditation session below in the comment section.

Relax and enjoy.

Top 10 Things To Never Say To Someone Having A Panic Attack

What not to say to someone having a panic attack

So you know someone who experiences regular panic attacks, and in that moment you just don’t know what to do or even worse what to say. Some of the 10 things listed below may seem humourous but trust me when I say we who have suffered from panic disorder in the past, have heard them all, and some suggestions we dislike more then others. So here we go with…

Top 10 things To Never Say To Someone Having A Panic Attack

1) “You’re taking this way too far!”

First thing that comes to my mind is, do you think I want to be feeling like I am about to die?

2) “Breathe deeper”

One of the worst things you can tell someone who’s experiencing a full blown panic attack is to breath deeper. Hyperventilating happens due to the fact that you’re breathing too quick and deep which expels too much carbon dioxide. Now you know the reason for your dizziness and numbness during a panic attack…

3) “Control yourself”

Believe me if the person having the panic attack could, they would.

4) “Hey, face your fears!”

Forcing someone who’s experiencing a panic attack towards their fear can actually back-fire in many ways. The real key is a guided systematic approach to facing the fear, when they are prepared to do so.

5) “Time to go to your happy place”

happy place during a panic attatck

That happy place you mentioned, not so happy after all.

This one brings me back to my past life with panic disorder, and a friend who would always remind me to go to my ‘happy place’during a full blown panic attack. I think he picked the idea up from the movie Happy Gilmore which was a pretty good idea if you think about it, but all I could really think of was a bunch of little devil people invading my happy place each and every time.

6) “It’s all in your head!”

I understand that I need to stop the emergency signals that keep the cycle of panic alive, I also now understand that a panic attack can in fact be stopped in 3 minutes no matter the severity of it, what I don’t understand is when people keep saying ‘it’s all in your head. It just isn’t helping so be more specific please…

7) “You are embarrassing me right now”

Not cool, if someone’s telling you this it’s time to find new friends.

8) “You need to have more faith than this!”

All this does is throw the person suffering from the panic attack deeper into a world of confusion. In the end, a prayer won’t stop a panic attack and it just might even fuel the cycle of anxiety and depression further.

9) “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff”

FYI, if someone has an anxiety disorder and has regular panic attacks out of the blue, everything is regarded as ‘big stuff.’ Reminding someone who’s experiencing a panic attack that they’ve been down this road before, and have come out of it can trigger positive memories for the sufferer. These memories can help turn the adrenaline and anxiety switch off in a short amount of time.

10) “Have a drink”

alcohol and panic attacks

This one is plain and simply the worst advice there is. The gateway to an addiction opens up because of the temporary comforting feelings that alcohol can give you during generalized anxiety, and panic attacks. So take my advice and STAY AWAY!

Panic attacks usually start with an unexplained random attack that fuels certain sensations within the person. Very often this leads to the fear of losing control all together. So if you know someone who’s currently going through a panic disorder, it’s just as important to know what NOT to do and say as it is to know what to do and say during a panic attack. This list is a great place to start.

Did I miss out on any other ‘interesting’ comments heard during a panic attack? Share your own experiences in the comment section below.

The Wake Up Call That Was Robin Williams Death

Robin williams and severe depression blog

What a sad sad tragedy…

Strange thing was that we who dedicate our lives to learning more and trying to help others through depression and mental health, are not too surprised by the tragic news of Robin Williams Death.


Simply because there are two types of people that suffer from chronic depression, those who seek attention from others and those are serious about it. This doesn’t mean that one type is more serious then the other though, both types of people require immediate attention and a solid knowledgable support group.

Boy did he hide it well though…

Whether he was making others laugh wildly or making others shed a tear through an emotional moment in his movies, this was Robin Williams escape. For brief moments throughout the day severe depression stayed clear for him, but it was in those moments off screen that begs the question?

Could Robin Williams suicide have been avoided?

When someone as iconic as Robin Williams passes, the questions start flowing. But the biggest question for me as someone who is passionate about helping others with this epidemic is could this have been avoided? He had all the money in the world and had depression treatment options that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford, he had access to all the latest and greatest anti-depressant and depression therapies if he needed. Depression is a worldwide phenomenon, and people are making bizzilions of dollars from keeping others depressed. I believe there is no one walking this planet who has not gone through a dose of depression at least once in his or her lifetime.

The answer lies within our societyRobin williams and depression

My take on this tragic event is yes, it could have been avoided. Call me crazy but the bottom line is this: We as a society need to increase our knowledge on the significant differences between myths, and reality concerning depression in all it’s aspects. Many people truly believe that depression is incurable, yet there are inspirational people who walk this earth such as an Anthony Robbins who has been faced with hundreds of clients on the brink of suicide due to severe depression, and I’m told has never lost even one. Depressed individuals are extremely sensitive, and don’t need to be reminded of how rosy the world is.

A depressed state of mind affects all areas of life and can be a living hell, I would know after many years of dealing with depression myself. But the mind needs a focus, a target. Without a clear focus the mind wanders and this is where goals come into play. Achieving a goal gives a person a sense of self-esteem, and a deep feeling of satisfaction.

Feeling good because we have done something creditworthy is a fantastic medicine

The feeling elevates our minds, it fills us with joy and vigor. When we feel those good feelings about ourselves and become reassured about our capabilities, it removes negativities from our minds. This helps the fight against depression to a great extent. Let’s always remember that one of the biggest causes of depression is lowered self-respect. The depressed individual thinks of himself or herself as useless. But when the same person begins to set goals for him or herself and begins achieving them, that sense of lowered self-respect goes away.

robin williams depression and suicide

My personal favourite.

This paves the way for a rise in self-esteem

I can’t tell you how important this can be in the fight against depression, it won’t bring back Robin Williams but a massive loss can have different meanings attached to it. We all can learn more, and do more for people who are currently dealing with depression. We can help them set small goals (because setting high goals and not reaching them only makes the depressed indiviual feel worse). We can read the goals they’ve set with them from time to time, we can go over them and plan and implement strategies to achieving those small goals.

There is much we can do still, let’s not brush this issue aside. Let’s understand that we lost a great man in Robin Williams, someone I truly looked up to growing up. But the true loss will come if we don’t learn from the lessons of his death.


Conquering The Fear Of Anxiety And Panic Attacks Takes Knowledge

sensations of anxiety help

In step 3 of the 7 most crucial steps to stop your generalized anxiety disorder naturally…

I mention the importance of becoming knowledgable about your anxiety condition. This may be the most crucial step out of the 7 because the very act of learning more about your anxiety and panic condition, can put you in a position to lose the fears you currently hold all together. In this circumstance knowledge really is power. By building one brick on top of the other as you educate yourself on how the brain works, what your fight or flight response is, and how subconsciously you may be feeding your high levels of anxiety daily, you truly begin to build confidence in the face of fear and anxiety. It’s at this point that you begin turning what looks like a giant monster, into a tiny fly very quickly…

Follow The Anxiety Guy blog for the very best panic and anxiety support you’ll find online.

Another Day, Another Panic Attack, Another Visit To The Emergency Room…

how to stop fear and panic attacks

I was no stranger to the emergency room…

From the ages of 25 to 31, I had logged over 50 visits. The ER visits were due to either a bad panic attack caused by a situation from the past that triggered panic, or a scary physical sensation, but I should have picked up on the chain of thoughts and why the cycle kept going day after day.

The way I interpreted the world around me and the judgements I made of things was ultimately being stored in my subconscious mind. I played the same recording over and over, day after day without a break, and ultimately paid the price through these panic attacks and generalized anxiety.

My emotions, as they were happening, were just signals that I needed to react to the current situation. What I’ve learned is that I needed to read the emotion and react accordingly, which I wasn’t. If I was feeling scared, for example, I should have looked at the root cause of that emotion, not the situation I was in at that moment.

All main emotions have secondary emotions that are usually causing them.

I should have tried to understand what secondary emotions might be coming into play at any time that was causing me to feel upset or anxious. You are never feeling an emotion “for no reason.” There is usually a trigger that you experienced that set off a secondary emotion, which then builds up with all of the other feelings you have been supressing, and this causes an emotional reaction that seems out of sync with what you are experiencing. The key here is to be aware of those deep-seeded underlying secondary emotions that are causing whatever negative feelings you are having, and deal with those feelings first.

“Once you pay attention to those feelings, you can turn them around and begin to improve your overall outlook.”

panic attack success stories

No Doc I swear, THIS is the big one!

Knowing what causes your negative feelings can work a great deal towards ending the cycle of generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. What drove me to the ER were one of the two different kinds of anxiety symptoms I experienced throughout a day―there was the lingering kind such as a lump in the throat feeling, more commonly known as Globus Hystericus, or the dizzy feeling of literally feeling like you’re walking in a dream and no one can really see or hear you. Or there was the sudden anxiety symptoms in the form of a heart palpitation that seemed to rise from nowhere and scared the life out of me, or the numbness/tingling in my arms that led me to always think a stroke was right around the corner, but as always I was wrong again and again… thankfully.

Boy was I stubborn!

In my experience working with people with anxiety disorders, a hypochondriac never seems to believe the negative result that is handed to him after physical tests are done, and I was no exception to this.

I fiercely held my ground, letting each and every one of them there know that they needed to see I was physically sick, and the tests were wrong. It was a tug of war battle, and I should have paid closer attention and began building on those facts that would begin growing my belief that there was in fact nothing to fear, and it was as many had told me ‘all in my head.’ I began not mentioning anything about my anxiety problems just so that the doctors wouldn’t do the same tests again and again.

If they gave me a different test for the complaint I had, then maybe I would find out what was making me feel the way I was and I could find a cure and it would all be done and I could go back to living free and happy how I once was.

But it was all for nothing. I just couldn’t accept that this was all being caused by me and my fear and worry, it was too easy a solution and I couldn’t get my head wrapped around this idea for a very long time, and people that were close to me in my life were growing more and more concerned and confused every day. If I would have just taken a few steps back and evaluated what was going on mentally, I would be able to start working on finding tools that would eventually lead me to freedom from anxiety and panic attacks, and end those awful experiences.

doctors and anxiety disorders

There’s something you don’t hear everyday…

For an overly anxious person, the decision to go to a regular doctor rather than the emergency room was an easy one in the moments of crisis. In my experiences with regular doctors, it was almost like they were waiting for me to show them a sign of an anxiety disorder so that they could write out the prescription and send me off. It didn’t seem like any of them really cared about the root causes of my issues and wanted to lead me in the right direction.

They just treated the symptoms on the surface, and that is plain and simply wrong…

When your mind is so wired to worry as mine was for 6 years, nothing else in the world matters more than tending to the emergency that your mind and body are crying out for. So after a deep crying session (you won’t believe how much tension crying releases), I took a good look around me and realized I needed to draw strength from the two people who needed me the most and also continue on my path to be the best tennis player I could be. I needed to be there for my son, who was going to grow up and ask daddy questions and want to play and be taught new amazing things. That was the beginning of the end to my panic attacks, and my endless visits to doctors and emergency rooms.

Knowing why you want change to happen and getting emotionally ‘charged up’ over the possibilities of how your life will be different, can truly steer you in the right direction past debilitating anxiety and panic attacks.

Cris’s Inspirational Advice, and Review Of The End The Anxiety Program

end the anxiety program

Hi there my name is Cris Hutchins, I wanted to share some insight into what i’ve learned through The Anxiety Guy over this past week doing the end the anxiety program.

What Is Anxiety?

Many ordinary people suffer from anxiety, but have you given any thought about what anxiety actually is? Anxiety is a term used for different disorders that can turn into physical symptoms that are caused by being tense, nervous or worried. Anxiety is usually considered an unpleasant feeling and it’s hard to deal with it. It has some similarities to fear, but it’s still a completely different feeling. The feeling is usually accompanied by muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue, and problems in concentration. Although anxiety can be appropriate sometimes, if it’s too much and stays for too long then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can be easily recognized by people. Usually the feeling of anxiety bring a worried facial expression to the one that suffers from it. Other nervous habits such as biting your nails, or going back and forth across a room can be an indicator for anxiety. Getting a panic attack is also common for people with anxiety disorders. All these problems can lead to a more unhealthy life and this is why anxiety has to be treated, otherwise it’s bad for you and the people around you.

The Internet Can Back-Fire Sometimes

When looking for a solution on how to handle anxiety, people usually turn to the Internet. The bad thing is that most of the results they get there are about anti-depressant pills and therapies. Although these methods might work, there are many easier and more pleasant ways of getting rid of anxiety. The Anxiety Guy is a website where such solutions can be found. The website is dedicated to helping people with anxiety disorders to get rid of the problem in an easy to understsand and apply way, without having to spend loads of money on pills or therapies. By staying at home and getting proven knowledge and guidance on what to do you can easily overcome your anxiety problems in a matter of weeks.

The Anxiety Guy’s End The Anxiety Program is run by a group of professionals including Dennis Simsek, an experienced anxiety CBT and NLP trainer; Marie Gardiner, a psychology and relaxation specialist; and Robyn Olsen, a support team leader who has done so much for me already through the program. With so many experts in anxiety and psychology gathered in one place there is a 100% guarantee that their methods work to lessen and eventually end your anxiety and panic attacks naturally. The team is hardworking and truly dedicated to helping people overcome their panic and anxiety issues naturally. They have even gone as far as creating a blog full of tips and tricks on how to easily overcome stress in your life, depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

The Anxiety Guy Blog

The blog is updated every day with new and interesting articles. A real treatment for anxiety is one that you do by yourself, not with a therapist. By using emotions or imagination you can easily overcome your problems and the blog is able to show you how. With great and dedicated writers that love their job, the articles are always seductive and attention-grabbing. In order to get rid of all your anxiety problems you can simply start following the blog and change your life.

Forget about all those therapies and pills, the real treatment starts with you!

Cris Hutchins

Monday’s Inspiration Against Anxiety

inspiration against anxiety

Successful progression is a necessary need for everyone.

If we don’t see progress in the main areas of our lives it starts to affect other areas of our lives which can lead to negative emotions, which can then fuel your anxiety even further and ultimately leads to depression. The best way to combat this negative cycle is to simply decide. Decide that you’ve gotten to the point of  ‘no return’ and you won’t accept the idea of just getting by. Decide to simply let go of the things that are only fueling your stress and anxiety further, and finally decide to leave your old self in the past and begin a new journey that will empower you and ultimately give you peace and calm in your life.

Have an inspired and excellent Monday everyone.

Imagination, Anxiety, And Panic Overload!

best blog against anxiety

Ah Yes Our Imagination…

The very thing that sets us apart from other species, our wonderful and also self destructing brain. The very thing that manipulates ideas, images, and gives us that right amount of juice to solve even the most complex problems and come up with new ideas. Although there is no real straight forward answer when it comes to which part of the brain our imagination comes from (although a good case could be made for that area in the back of your head called the occiptal cortex), what we do know as past and present humans who deal with anxiety disorders on a daily basis is our imagination can run wild!

Most people who deal with panic and anxiety have an overactive imagination, and see things consistently going wrong

So a close friend Ryan calls me up and asks me to help him with this problem that he’s having. Basically he’s driving himself mad by going over what could go wrong in every situation he’s presented with, and experiences regular debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I quickly realize that Ryan is completely stuck in the panic cycle, and within a few minutes talking with him can see that most of his focus is on himself even during the conversation we’re having. His awareness of the physical world around him is slim, his anxiety and nervousness through his actions as we speak are quite obvious, and he’s basically in need of a wake-up call to head in a new direction.

The key for Ryan is to get himself out of the cycle of me and what’s going on within me, and into a world where he is much more conscious of his surroundings

Dr Claire Weekes calls it ‘nervous illness’ and I think we have to careful that we don’t use the world illness in there. Reason being people with anxiety disorders are extremely sensitive, and highly sensitized creatures. So let’s start calling Ryan’s condition: imagination overload, shall we. Ryan’s innapropriate responses to non threatening stimulus has gone on for too long, and just by looking at him I can tell it is chronic and severe. So where does Ryan start to turn this panic and anxiety cycle around you may be wondering?

Ending this self destructing imagination and anxiety disorder all together starts with using a different part of the brain

thinking outside the box to stop anxiety and panic

No one said it would be easy to start thinking outside the box…

This is the reason I love Marie Gardiner’s Relaxation With Physical Anchor audio session. It takes the person with the anxiety condition out of the cycle of me me me, and re-conditions them to think more ‘outside the box.’ By re-training our mind to accept our anxiety in the present moment, and turn our focus fully to what may be going on in our outside world we begin to slowly turn our anxiety switch off.

I actually remember one of the most empowering and at the same time most frightful things I ever did during my 6 year battle with an anxiety disorder, and that was simply to watch my anxiety. Not run, not fight back, not go online to search for what this symptom of anxiety might mean, but to sit with it and simply become an observer in the present moment. 

Incredibly, I started to tip the scales in favor of a more positive imagination rather then negative

It took time to get completely comfortable with my physical symptoms of anxiety, and be able to move with them as I went about doing what I needed to do during my days. But as i’ve told Ryan, CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING (sorry for the caps, but you get the message). So if you’re in Ryan’s situation currently, I advise you to understand this valuable information fully, but  first put yourself in the right state by picturing the rewards you’ll gain from overcoming your own anxiety disorder and imagination overload naturally. It all starts there…

To begin your natural recovery from an anxiety disorder visit to learn more about the proven End The Anxiety Program.


What Are You Going To Focus On This Weekend?

Are you focused on your anxiety?

Anthony Robbins shared an experience of when he was in a race car with a professional race car driver next to him. The race car driver had a button next to him that would lift the tires in in a way that would direct the car into the side walls if it was pushed. This was one of the ways race car drivers practiced with a coach – in an emergency situation with your life in danger, what do you focus on, the wall or the track?

So, Robbins would drive in circles awaiting the push of that button at any moment, round and round he went at high speeds, and just when the driver next to him felt that Robbins lost his focus or relaxed just a little too much, WHAM! He would push that red button and head front first directly towards to the wall, and just before they hit the wall the coach would steer them back in the right direction. This happened a number of times until Robbins figured out the pattern that kept directing him straight into the wall direction each time. As that button was pushed and the car was headed into the wall, Robbins’ full focus was always on the wall instead of on the track. He would be looking at the wall and not the track, so of course the car would always head in that direction. As soon as his focus switched from the wall back onto the track, when that button was randomly pressed he noticed that the steering wheel was turned in that direction spontaneously as well.

An important lesson can be learned from Robbins experience on the race track.

If your focus is constantly on what you don’t want, then guess what you’re going to get more of? What you don’t want! Change your focus to what you do want, but not only when things are easy and your anxiety is at a reasonable level. It is more important to do this when you are feeling like you’re in a tough situation and there’s no way out. Those are times when you need to say to yourself, “Ok, I’m not feeling great and I feel like my anxiety is rising to an uncontrollable level. I have a choice: to focus on stopping it quickly (which doesn’t work) so I don’t have to go through this cycle again, or to focus on how these feelings have not killed me in the past and won’t kill me this time either.” This way the fear starts to fade and along with the fear, your negative thoughts and bodily sensations with it.

changing your focus

When Robbins speaks, it’s time to listen…

People with anxiety disorders aren’t the only people who need change, however. From what I can see in my daily life, many normal anxiety-level adults are scared to make much needed changes in different aspects of their lives that aren’t leaving them totally fulfilled.

For example your career―since you spend so much time in your workplace you might as well enjoy it, right? If you absolutely can’t change your career then how can you make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be? Do you need to build trust with co-workers? Maybe you need to make the first move in bringing your co-workers a cup of coffee in the mornings? Or just a simple good morning to a co-worker who you haven’t talked to in a while? These can all lead to a positive change in your working environment.

How about your own leisure time? Don’t you deserve a break once in a while? When was the last time you set a weekly day or a few days to spend just on yourself and what you enjoy doing?

What about your education? I loved history as a young kid, I would be so interested in history shows and books but as I got older I didn’t take much time continuing on educating myself on history. What can you educate yourself on that interests you?

Taking a deeper look into what aspects of your life need change, then applying a game plan to put the wheels in motion for that change to happen is such a fulfilling experience that takes you out of your tired little comfort zone, and leads you to facing what you fear most, change!

A coach without focus

My tennis coach would always insist on making me work on a plan B or a plan C in practice, which made me so very uncomfortable inspirational anxiety blogbecause #1 it wasn’t my natural game style to play which meant I wasn’t very good at it, and #2 It wasn’t plan A! I insisted that I should strengthen my main game style I had, but as I got older and a little wiser I realized he had a point; the reason he wanted me to work on a plan B and plan C game style in practice was because when it came to a real tournament match and things weren’t going the way I wanted it to go, I could always switch my game style and give my opponent a different look that might turn the match around in my favour.

Once I really understood why he wanted me to work on my different game styles in practice, and I saw how it all came together in a real match, I was able to change my regular and limiting beliefs and became a more open minded tennis player. The same thing applies to change in people’s everyday lives!

Change is something anxious minds don’t cope with well

Anything that might threaten that tight hold we have to maintain control over our minds and bodies in case of emergency, we won’t do it. In fact, it is absolutely necessary to make these unnatural feeling changes in our lives to completely be free of fear and anxiety in the end. Taking that first step is crucial in reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Once a well thought out plan has been mapped out and is followed, then there is no stopping you. Will you run into difficulties? Yes. Will things get more difficult for you before they get better? Possibly. But will that stop you from following your well thought out plan to conquer anxiety? NO!

Ending The Cycle Of Panic Attacks

ending the cycle of panic attacks

Your mind constantly monitors your state of being at every moment to judge wether or not you might need your fight or flight response. As your general anxiety levels drop you’re going to find that your panic attacks lessen and eventually disappear. For a long time just after my last panic attacks I would still experience sensations like body zaps and heart palpitations. But my anxiety levels came down to a 3 out of 10 by that time, rather than the norm of what it used to be around a 9 out of 10 on most days. This change in fact made those past terrible sensations of panic feel normal, and eventually subsided completely.

The formula for ending the cycle of panic attacksCycle of panic attacks help

Jack Canfield, the author of the chicken soup for the soul books says it perfectly; The outcome (O) to any event is the result of the event (E) itself times our reaction (R) to that event (O = E x R), the recognition that we have control over our reaction to an event means that we ultimately control the outcome, and can reduce and eliminate the fight or flight response at times when it’s not needed.

By desensitizing our emotional triggers we develop higher tolerance levels for things that used to easily overwhelm us. Thus ending the cycle of panic attacks once and for all.

To learn how you can begin turning your panic attacks and gerenalized anxiety into a thing of the past, visit to learn more about the end the anxiety program today. 

The Day An Anxiety Naturopath Fell Into My Lap, And Said All The Right Things

anxiety solutions naturopath

Woah, this was much less scarier then the emergency room.

It was 3 years ago, and my determination to end my anxiety disorder naturally took me on a path to visiting a naturopath. I had tried everything everyone had told me to try including my very kind, but very repetitive and boring anxiety therapist: God, calming potions, some strange herb with 6 different numbers on it, miracle techniques online for panic attacks, even sharing my troubles one night with my beloved dog… Binny.

Nothing seemed to work, and sadly the guidance I was getting was from people who had absolutely no clue what it was like to have an anxiety disorder, or knew much about the condition in the first place. So I ran into an ad in the local newspaper that Read:

‘Are You Exhausted? Do you feel stressed? Are you constantly worrying about things?’

Yes sir, that all sounded like me for sure. It was an ad for a newly opened Naturopath just a few blocks from my house. I thought what the hell, let’s go see what she has to say…

So there I was a few minutes in Sonja the Naturpath’s room, explaining my whole panic and anxiety sob story to her.

She then mentioned something called Candida Albicans.“Candi wha?” I asked. I had never heard of it, but apparently it had affected me greatly. She told me that many leading edge researchers these days believe that anxiety is in fact symptomatic of an overgrowth of candida in the body, and that it is a combination of more than 80 different poisonous toxins in the body. These toxins can in fact mirror and interfere with many of the body’s hormones, such as adrenaline for example, and when this occurs such feelings of intense anxiety can be induced. She followed up this extremely valuable information with a list of symptoms that could be caused by candida overgrowth, and asked me to reply with a yes or no when she named each one to me:

“Foggy mind? “Yes,” I replied.  “Depression or mood swings?”

best anxiety blog

I don’t think i’ve ever said yes this many times in a row doc…

“Yes.” “Panic attacks?” “Yes.” “Poor memory.” “Yes.”  “Extreme fatigue? “YES!”

(The Yes’s went on for another 30 seconds if you were curious)

It seemed the stars were all aligned that day, and when you see a glimmer of hope after suffering with GAD and panic attacks for as long as I did, it seemed like a small miracle, one I needed to follow up on to see if my symptoms I was experiencing would subside.

So I added certain things to my diet that would help detoxify my body from these invaders such as:

Acidophilus – Acidophilus helps to maintain a balanced gut flora by helping to keep harmful bacteria under control. It greatly assists in protein digestion, and also produces B vitamins and has an antibacterial effect that greatly adds to the detoxification of harmful substances. Vitamin C – Vitamin C will allow your immunity to get stronger and overtake the yeast infection faster, a weak immune system 6513163765_5bc6128a2e_zmakes you more prone to yeast infections. Coconut Oil – In its purest form coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that can help in preventing the spread of yeast infections. Garlic – Consuming just one clove of garlic daily can be used for treating candida infections as well as other bacterial infections in the body, mainly because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Ginger – A natural anti-fungal agent, ginger can be taken by chewing a piece each day or by crushing it and boiling it with a cup of water and taken as tea up to three times a day. Water – two litres of purified water a day is essential to flush out any toxic substances and yeast that is present in the intestines and genital areas.

“Diet is one part of anxiety that has always been overlooked by sufferers and is a very important part of the overall package that is needed for an eventual cure.”

But changing these foods recommended by my naturopath as well as shutting out artificial, fried foods and foods with preservatives wasn’t an easy task and didn’t happen right away for me. It started with very small changes here and there. Instead of a eating a fun looking cereal for breakfast, I replaced it with granola that tasted like cardboard (my taste buds have since adapted).

Have you visited a naturopath before for your symptoms of anxiety perhaps? Share your experiences in the comment section, and follow along the anxiety guy blog for the latest and greatest when it comes to natural anxiety relief.

Health Anxiety And The Rebound Effect Part 2

support for people with health anxiety

Not the best choice for you at the library…

Gaining Progress Over Your Health Anxiety Starts Today

So through part 1 you have now pinpointed whether or not you truly have hypochondriasis (health anxiety), and you’ve also learned more about what I like to call the rebound effect (if you haven’t read part 1 I suggest you go back and read it before carrying on). So the question now is what do we do about it? How do we break the neverending cycle that the rebound effect and our health anxiety is causing you? To answer that question I should share with you a quote I heard once that has stuck with me for a while and that quote is:

“Only those who have patience to do the simple things perfectly, ever acquire the skills to do difficult things easily.”

So today after reading this post our goal is to start simple, master those simple things, take control of what is adding to our health anxiety and hypochondriac state, and overcome your health anxiety one small step at a time. So are you ready? Let’s go!

True Progress

The first thing I want you to do is grab a piece of paper and put a line right through the middle. On the top of the left side of the paper I want you to write down True Progress, and on the other side of the line I want you to write down A Cycle Of Coping. I want you to think back to some of the times when you’ve felt free from your health anxiety worries, some of these times could be when you were hanging around a certain friend, a certain job you were involved in, a certain activity that you did, a sport that you were commit to. This will take some effort from you to go back in time slightly, and remember what caused you to feel like you were in a different state through your body and your thoughts.

A Cycle Of Coping

calling the doctor when health anxiety strikes

There Is No Medication For Fear… So Don’t Do It!

On the right side of the paper you have the title A Cycle Of Coping, and on this side it’s time to think about and rid yourself of the things that keep you moving in circles around your health anxiety condition. this list could contain things you do unconsciously that you are just now starting to realize is adding to the rebound effect and your health anxiety cycle. But we need to bring them out into the open if we’re going to stop your health anxiety once and for all. You could add things like turning to my ‘safety net’ (other anxiety sufferers online) for reassurance every time a new symptom of anxiety appears, calling my family doctor to set up an appointment, taking an anti anxiety medication every time I feel like I’m spiralling out of control, researching my new symptoms of anxiety online through search engines like google or other anxiety groups.

This list is a huge step forward, but I’m warning you now some of the things you add to this list you won’t like. But deep down you will know they should belong to the cycle of coping list simply because this has been your comfort net for so long, and yet you are still in the same hypochondriac state as you were in weeks, months or even years ago. The realization of what feeds your health anxiety, and what prevents you from falling into the cycle of coping is going to be a powerful exercise and you deserve a life better then this… don’t you?

This could be the most important 10 minutes of your life

I don’t want you to rush this exercise, I want you to think it through and fully realize what’s helping you and what’s hurting you. Letting go of some of those daily comforts such as turning to ‘DR Google’ for answers for example, could be difficult at first but in time you’ll see just how much stress and anxiety you’ve let go of simply by following through with your list.

Don’t forget to hang the list on your fridge door, or a place where you’ll run into it in your home

Start small, and watch your confidence grow.

Start small, and watch your confidence grow.

You have to be reminded of this list consistently, so make sure that it’s visible. Each time you are tempted into doing something from the cycle of coping list don’t punish yourself, but just realize and understand that this was the old you. To begin the changes you truly want deep down it’s time to completely rid yourself of the list on the right and fully commit to the list on the left, only then will freedom from your anxious thoughts and your health anxiety condition begin to manifest.

The End The Anxiety Program is quickly becoming the #1 alternative to harmful medications and lomg hours of anxiety theerapy. To learn more about how you can begin your natural recovery from Panic Disorder, GAD, or certain phobias in your life visit

Is Your 5 O’Clock Drive Your Most Stressful Hour?

Stress and anxiety solutions

One of the most overwhelming stressors in your day, besides work, is coming home from work.

It’s 5pm and everybody is heading to day care to pick up kids or they are heading home like maniacs. They switch lanes, cut you off, slam on your breaks and you are screaming at the top of your lungs trying to figure out why these people can’t just drive normally. You probably barely avoid about 10 accidents before you even make it to the day care to pick up your child who sitting alone playing by himself because you are late again. The look of your kid plus the stress of the drive just adds to your total stress for the day.

Driving is a huge cause of stress.

Most people, especially in crowded cities like New York City and Los Angeles, spend almost an hour trying to get to work or get home safely. In many cities, this traffic also causes several public safety issues as well. As your stress builds, so does the stress of those who are traveling around you as well. With this stressor you are not alone and everybody is feeding off of everybody else’s stress and anxiety.

driving anxiety and stress

Your 5 o’clock drive doesn’t have to look this.

Once you are able to get your kids picked up you may have another stressful situation. Perhaps they are separated in the car because you’re tired of playing referee while you drive, but they still seem to annoy each other one way or another. One way to deal with this is to keep them as occupied as possible.

To deal with this type of stress, you may first want to try out some relaxing music. Invest in classical music that will make it more soothing as you drive. You may also consider nature sounds that will lighten up rush hour.

Another option is to change your daily route.

Look for a way that is not as stressful, perhaps take residential streets instead of busy highways. You might find that this route is longer, but you will appreciate the reduced stress in your life by taking this route.

Another technique is to simply start your drive five or ten minutes early. This keeps you from having such a time crunch in the mornings. This can actually make a less stressful drive as well.

End The Anxiety Program Review

end the anxiety program review

Sarah has understood that setbacks during recovery is inevitable. Now she no longer fears the sensations of panic and anxiety.

I want to thank Sarah for her review of the End The Anxiety Program, in a short period of time Sarah has been able to desensitize herself from her fears that have caused her continued panic and anxiety for some time. She’s an example of how change can happen naturally no matter how long you’ve been suffering from anxiety and panic, as well as how severe your condition may be. 

Sarah’s End The Anxiety Program Review…

“I wanted to write in to thank you for the help. I began getting anxiety attacks in my 30’s and they were very bad. My family doctor as usual just wanted to put me on meds but I have two small children at home obviously I didn’t want to be all doped up every day. When I discovered you my life took a turn for the best! The checking in system the End The Anxiety Program provides is something so unique and valuable, that I believe the combination of this and the tools provided in the program is simply invaluable to any anxiety sufferer.”

“I highly recommend it to everyone in need!”

Sarah Jones

Fun Fact Of The Day


I actually asked my fiancee about this fact, and she supports the idea that life is much less depressive and stressful when you have more guy friends than girls. She also mentioned that women are in the habit of being ‘nice’ all the time, and with guy friends their opinions on personal things like outfits, body weight etc can be much more truthful. Finally she mentioned how moving day can be a breeze because of your guy friends, and there would be no need to hire movers.

This one’s definitely a thinker, so what do you think?

Once You Grasp This Idea, Everything Changes…


It took me a while to realize that I did have a choice. A choice of how I reacted to the paralyzing fearful and anxious thoughts that were sprinting from one to another in my head. To gain power back from your panic and anxiety cycle you made need to step into a world of the unkwnown for the time being, this world is anything but familiar. But with unfamiliarity new doors will open up for you, and through this process confidence is boosted and anxiety is lessened.

A Day In The Life Of A Woman Dealing With Symptoms Of Anxiety

woman dealing with symptoms of anxiety

It’s not easy being you…

To be a woman in today’s day and age means you’re juggling many different roles. They are mothers, chefs, teachers, sisters, partners and the list goes on and on. With all of these different roles a woman today has, the pressures in everyday life can easily add up. The problem comes when the stress and worry continues for a long period of time. When this happens women can, and do start experiencing symptoms of anxiety regularly.

At this point developing an anxiety disorder can become very common, and when your body experiences these symptoms of anxiety the brain secretes a hormone called adrenaline. This generally prepares you to either stand your ground and fight, or run away. Quite primitive don’t you think?

“It’s one of those areas of your body that has not evolved much at all.”

Women generally tend to have more of a volatile mix of hormones in their bodies at any given time than what men do. The serotonin for anxietybrain also secretes a natural hormone commonly known as serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for the increased feelings of peace, calm, and relaxation. There are times when our bodies don’t produce enough seratonin in order for everything to move smoothly and in balance. When this occurs people become much more prone to anxious feelings and symptoms of anxiety.

Symotoms of anxiety in men and women are actually incredibly similar and can easily be broken down into two areas:

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety:

  • Chest pain and a tightness feeling in the chest
  • Tingling feelings in the feet and hands
  • Stomach pain and indegestion
  • Tremors that may feel uncontrollable
  • Cold sweats
  • Constant dizziness
  • General tiredness
  • Constant change in sleep patterns
  • Muscle cramps
  • Elevated blood pressure

Psychological Symptoms Of Anxiety:

  • Feelings of being cut off and alienated from rest of society
  • A deep sense that something awful is about to happen
  • A constant fear of death
  • The loss of the ability to concentrate due to constant worry and tension

It’s quite common for women to go from day to day in a state of lower-grade anxiety most of the time.

The important thing for women is to be aware of where their anxiety levels are, and to become prepared to take action symptoms of anxiety in women
through proven natural tools that have worked for others and gain control over their symptoms of anxiety once and for all. This should be an important part of any women’s health management system. But being out of touch with feelings and well-being can be very common for women due to how busy their lives can be.

The feelings of heightened anxiety, and the symptoms of anxiety that accompany this feeling can actually begin to be normal as they carry on with their daily lives.

“If this is you, at some stage something will break you down mentally and emotionally.”

Make sure that you keep track of your condition before you get to that stage. If symptoms of anxiety and mental exhaustion from anxiety becomes too much, the End The Anxiety Program can begin reversing the feelings of feeling extremely sensitized, and all it takes is a little will-power on your part as well as a recognization that you no longer want to live a life filled with just ‘getting by’ and coping with anxiety.

Inspiration Against Anxiety

inspiration against anxiety

Confidence is everything!

Today’s inspiration against anxiety photo reminds us that when our natural instincts of fight or flight manifest, we truly understand at a deep level that the sensations that come with it are normal. When you begin to face your physical sensations that comes with panic attacks, you begin building confidence and accepting that you truly are not in any kind of real physical danger. Think about today’s inspiration against anxiety photo when you feel things spiralling out of control, then you can begin facing rather then running… this is the key to desensitizing yourself from your fears and panic.

6 Powerful Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety Starting Today

Relieve stress and anxiety tips

Stress and anxiety are so common in today’s world, that everyone seems to be searching for that ‘quick fix’ that will instantly take their stress and anxiety away. Unfortunately there is no quick fix for stress and anxiety, yes there are masks to temporary help you deal with stress and anxiety, but you don’t to go down that road for the long term… trust me. 

So here are the 6 powerful ways you can begin to relieve stress and anxiety from your life starting today:

1. Don’t just sit there. Move!exercise to relieve stress and anxiety

According to many psychologists, motion creates emotion. You might notice that when you are idle, it’s easier to become depressed. Your heart rate slows down, less oxygen travels to your brain, and you are slumped somewhere in a chair blocking air from reaching your lungs. I challenge you right now (yes even before work), regardless of how you are feeling, to get up and walk around at a fast tempo. Maybe you might want to go to an empty room and jump up and down a little bit. It may sound silly but the results speak for themselves. Try it now for a few minutes. It works like magic at the beginning of the day to relieve stress and anxiety.

2. Smell the rosestaking vacations to relieve stress and anxiety

How do you smell the roses? How about investing some money to go on that one trip you’ve been dreaming about? Visit a country with lots of exotic places to jolt your imagination and spur your creativity. You need to detach from your daily activities and venture a little bit.

3. Help others cope with their problems

It is very therapeutic when you engross yourself in helping others. You will be surprised how many people’s problems are worse than those you may be facing. You can offer others assistance in countless ways. Don’t curl up in your bed and let depression, stress and anxiety take hold of you.

“Get out and help somebody. But be careful. Don’t get caught up in other people’s problems in an attempt to forget about your own.”

4. Laugh a little

laugh to end stress and anxiety

Doesn’t matter what other people think, what makes you laugh?

By now you’ve heard that laughter is a good internal medicine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles. It causes blood to flow to the heart and brain. More importantly, laughter releases a chemical that rids the body of pains.

Everyday, researchers discover new benefits of laughter. Let me ask you this question: “Could you use a good dose of belly-shaking laughter every now and then?” Of course you can. What you are waiting for? Go to a comedy club or rent some funny movies.

 5. Stress is contagious

What I mean by this is that negative people can be a huge stressor. Negativity breeds stress and some people know how to do nothing but complain. Now you can look at this in one of two ways. First, they see you as a positive, upbeat person and hope that you can bring them back “up”. If that’s not it, then they’re just a negative person and can’t feel better about themselves unless those around them are negative as well.

Don’t get caught up in their downing behavior. Recognize that these kinds of people have their own stressand anxiety issues and then limit your contact with them. You can try to play stress doctor and teach them how to better manage their stress and anxiety, but be aware that this may contribute more to your own stress, so tread lightly.

6. Stop stress and anxiety thought trains

stress and anxiety thought trains

Remember, thoughts are things.

It is possible to tangle yourself up in a stress and anxiety knot all by yourself. “If this happens, then that might happen and then we’re all up the creek!” Most of these things never happen, so why waste all that energy worrying needlessly? Give stress thought-trains the red light and stop them in their tracks. Okay so it might go wrong – how likely is that and what can you do to prevent it?

There are so many great ways to relieve stress and anxiety. The best thing to think of when trying to overcome your stress and anxiety is to gain momentum. So start your journey towards a stress and anxitey free life today.

Visit to learn more about the End The Anxiety Program, a program proven to begin turning your anxiety switches off through valuable tools, and the best anxiety support you’ll find online.

3000 Likes On Facebook = Free Anxiety eBook Giveaway!

free anxiety ebook

The inspirational story of The Anxiety Guy will put you in a new, empowering state.

In return for an amazing increase in support through The Anxiety Guy Facebook page, I thought it would be a great idea to give back the love through my inspirational Me Vs Myself On And Off The Court free anxiety eBook.

The free anxiety eBook outlines the rollercoaster lifestyle I lived through my 6 year struggle with anxiety disorders, as well as many of the solutions that eventually started working for me. As a professional tennis player you can imagine how difficult it might have been trying to play a professional tennis match, and struggling to get from point A to point B on the tennis court due to the affects of 5 hits of Clonazepam. This was just one of the many (maybe humorous) downsides you’ll find in this free anxiety eBook that i’d like to provide to you today.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this download link on the bottom that’s available only for today, and I look forward to your comments and input as you go through the book 🙂

Have an excellent sunday everyone!

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My Humble But Blunt Opinion On Today’s Treatments For Anxiety

treatments for anxiety

What if, just what if therapy for anxiety didn’t start and end with anti-anxiety medications?

How would our world be different? What would the anxiety disorder numbers be if natural alternatives were the first choice? Could the first line of treatments for anxiety, panic, and any other condition related to mental health actually be feeding the problem further?

Share your opinions in the comment section below, and have an excellent saturday everyone.

How The End The Anxiety Programs ‘Checking In’ System Transforms People

end the anxiety program

The End The Anxiety Program’s checking in system provides the best 1 on 1 support available anywhere.

The creation of the end the anxiety program simply grew out of frustration.

After spending thousands of my hard earned dollars on trying to find a natural solution to my panic and anxiety disorders, I realized there was one key thing missing in each and every item I bought (online or offline). That essential ingredient that anxiety sufferers must have to keep them on track when setbacks on their anxiety recovery journey occur, comes in the form of proper support and guidance. Through the ‘checking in’ system that comes with the end the anxiety program, someone who decides to go through the natural anxiety recovery process with us is given an anxiety mentor to keep in touch with as they work through the program.

I can not tell you how well the checking in system has worked for so many of our clients who thought there was no way out of their anxiety disorder. We all need to learn and be mentored by someone who is in a situation, that we WANT to be in.

So if you’d like to learn more about the end the anxiety program and how it can create the changes in you that you desire, visit the Psychology (how the program works) page today.

The Anxiety Guy

Are You Running, Or Allowing When It Comes To Panic Attacks?

how to stop panic attacks

I know what you’re thinking, Dennis you’re crazy. How in the world can I simply ALLOW a panic attack to take place when all these thoughts and anxious sensations are consuming me completely? I don’t blame you, it’s not easy. The imaginations of such creative people like ourselves, who’ve suffered in the past and who still suffer from certain anxiety disorders, can run wild. Thoughts of impending doom, confusion, and even frustration are all quite normal when it comes to the one experiencing the full blown panic attack. But the practice of allowing is something that must be conditioned, even in the worst panic attack scenarios. By reacting to anxious thoughts in a physcial manner and possibly running to the ‘safe zone’ each and everytime a panic attack strikes, we feed the cycle of panic greatly. But we can reverse the process by building enough confidence in ourselves, by becoming knowledgable through anxiety blogs such as this one, and eventually looking fear straight in the eyes and holding up a big white flag that reads’I surrender.’

An Important Reminder For Those Battling Anxiety And Depression

battling anxiety and depression with sleep

“Sleep furnishes the armor you require to battle anxiety and depression. Without enough rest, you’re more susceptible to those damaging messages twirling around in your brain, and less able to do beneficial things on your own behalf.”

If you’re fighting with insomnia, make certain your bedroom is made for sleep. It should be an area for rest, not stimulus. Do away with anything related to work and additional sources of concern, like paperwork and bills. If you keep a TV set or computer in your room, move it someplace else. Begin lessening your anxiety and depression by making the minutes prior to sleep as peaceful as imaginable.


Believe In Yourself As I Believe In You…

the anxiety guy

Without a mentor who stopped their own anxiety disorder naturally, I wouldn’t be here providing the kind of anxiety support I try to provide for others. I was guided by someone who believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Someone who took valuable time out of their day to help me when I was at my lowest point, as my health anxiety and panic attacks threatened to over-shadow every aspect of my life at the time. Now it’s my time to give back not only through the End The Anxiety Program, but through the answers and inspiration i’m determined to provide for anyone looking to end their anxiety naturally.

Have a great evening my fellow North American friends.


The Anxiety Guy Lays Hidden In Each And Everyone Of Us

The Anxiety Guy

These words lay right across my bed, and each night I’m reminded of our true potential.


Yep, you’re not alone in North America or throughout the world if you are currently going through a condition called anxiety disorder. To put things in perspective for you 26.2% of people in America older then the age of 18 (1 in 4) are suffering from some sort of mental disorder, so to tell you the truth The Anxiety Guy was created mainly out of frustration.

The Anxiety Guy  Is No Superman That’s For Sure, But I Do Know What Works And What Doesn’t When It Comes To Anxiety…

You may have read some of my posts on my thoughts about anxiety therapy, and prescription medications when it comes to panic attacks, generalized anxiety, health anxiety etc. I think it’s all bogus really, and my goal is to create a community of like minded people looking to stop anxiety naturally. As I write this for you my readers now, I can’t tell you the power that experience brings with it. My 6 year battle with health anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental conditions has shown me the two very real and very scary paths an anxiety sufferer can take.

Path #1) Natural path to conquering anxiety and panic.

Embarking on a path where the unknown world is scary, for the simple reason that it’s a path that is far too unfamiliar for the anxious minded person. It’s like stepping into an extremely cold ocean of water, and pulling back instantly. The fear is just too much to take, it’s uncomfortable and there is no guarantee in their minds of what the future will be like if they embark on this path of natural anxiety recovery.

Path #2) Coping with anxiety and ‘getting by’ from day to day.

This path is far more likely to not cause any unknown pop-ops from day to day. The anxious conditioning brews on just as it

the anxiety guy

It’s always the first few steps that are the hardest…

did the day before, the work day goes by just as it did, and the evening brings about a feeling of exhaustion, mental, and emotional fatigue just as it did in days before. This is the world that most of those 26.2% of Americans live in, and will be living in until their days are done. Simply fearing putting in both feet into the cold ocean water, and eventually swimming freely through their fears without paying them much attention. Everyone who has naturally stopped their GAD, panic attacks, health anxiety etc after suffering for months and ever years has The Anxiety Guy in them. They have a unique set of tools in their mental and emotional toolbox that took time to condition, and now see the world much less darker then days past.

As unknown and uncomfortable as Path #1 may be, I challenge you, the one with the anxiety disorder to expect more from life.

Get to the point of what I call ‘No Return’ and become fed up with continuing on a path that is far from your true potential. The Anxiety Guy End The Anxiety Program’s checking in system provides you with a mentor, a mentor that has been in your shoes and can pick you up when setbacks occur (and they will). So take today to re-evaluate what your deepest desires are for your life, and get to the point of no return. Once that is accomplished your half way through that deep dark tunnel called anxiety.

Take The 1 Minute Stress And Anxiety Test!

1 minute anxiety test

Stress and anxiety affects many factors in our body not only in our mental state. Cancer and other deadly diseases are related to stress and anxiety because of the changes in the chemical composition in our body due to stress and anxiety. You don’t have to be a victim of stress and anxiety, its just all about discipline and having a proper schedule. Not taking in anything you cannot handle will be a lot of help.

Let’s Get To The Quick 1 Minute Stress And Anxiety Test:

1. Do you experience shortness of breath, heart palpitation or shaking while at rest?
2. Do you have a fear of losing control or going crazy?
3. Do you avoid social situations because of fear?
4. Do you have fears of specific objects?
5. Do you fear that you will be in a place or situation from which you cannot escape?
6. Do you feel afraid of leaving your home?
7. Do you have recurrent thoughts or images that refuse to go away?
8. Do you feel compelled to perform certain activities repeatedly?
9. Do you persistently relive an upsetting event from the past?

Answering “Yes” to more than four of these questions can indicate an anxiety disorder. Suffering from depression, too much stress, or excessive anxiety can endanger your overall health and it’s time to take steps to overcome this – RIGHT NOW!

Learn your limitations and stick to it

Do not over exert yourself. Just try to go over the border an inch at a time. You can lead a productive successful and fulfilling life and career without the need to endanger your health. If not, you are not only killing yourself, you are also sending your family and friends and all the people around you away. Stress is a natural part of life. It can be both physical and mental and much of it can come from everyday pressures.

Everyone handles stress differently, some better than others. Left unchecked, however, stress can cause physical, emotional, and behavioral disorders which can affect your health, vitality, and peace-of-mind, as well as personal and professional relationships. As we’ve said, stress and anxiety can lead to panic attacks. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that having a panic attack can be a serious situation. But if I can get over the panic and anxiety cycle at it’s deepest pain imaginable for 6 years, so can you.

To learn more about the End The Anxiety Program visit today, and also let our team answer any questions you may have along the way…

lies about anxiety

Enough With All The Lies About Anxiety!

I can’t tell you how tired I was of hearing the same lies over and over again from people that were supposed to be supporting me through my Generalized Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and other mental health challenges. Often I face a new client who, because of the lies they’ve been fed through the many ways they tried to find an answer to their problem, becomes more confused and anxious because of what they are reading online or what people are telling them, and it stops now! Let’s not forget the lies you create yourself as well that stick like glue and lead you in a vicious fearful cycle. Let’s end the BS once and for all and begin getting honest with ourselves today!

Lie #1) Start thinking positively and your worries will disappear – What a load of crap! I’ll tell you something, I was the most positive anxious person on this planet and yet my mind knew it was all a cover up to what was really going on in my mind subconsciously and consciously. Don’t live a life of delusion – tell yourself the truth, things are NOT really OK.

Lie #2) Due to a chemical imbalance and your childhood environment, you are stuck with anxiety forever – when I heard this one all I could do was find ways to COPE. Through constant repetition I convinced myself that coping was the only option I had, and that I could never become the person I once was who was free, social, caring towards others, and successful. Erase this lie out of your mind starting now. Myself as well as many people I know have been on the brink of not wanting to live another day, and have come back stronger and more grateful for life than ever before.

Lie #3) You have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and experience Panic Attacks not because of you, but because of something or someone else – FALSE! YOU are the reason you feel high levels of anxiety on a daily basis, YOU are the reason panic attacks occur in your life, and YOU are the only solution. Stop searching for a pill, herb, miracle technique, and so on and begin getting to the root of the problem. Become completely fed up with your condition, realize that this must change not tomorrow but NOW, and follow a game plan – one that has actually worked for someone else – religiously until you’ve changed your associations to what you fear.

Lie #4) I’ve been struggling with anxiety for so long that it will take just as long to recover – WRONG! Over and over I’ve seen people just like myself struggle for years with crippling anxiety symptoms and other things related to constant worrying and fear, and over and over again I’ve seen people get their anxiety levels down to a level 2 or 3 (the average level in society today) from a 9 or even 10 in a short amount of time. Time is on your side and things will turn around quickly if you just remember HOW this feeling of constant worrying and panic started in the first place, and that is by repetition. You were consistent in the way you bombarded your mind with fearful thoughts that are now controlling your every move, and just as you’ve done in the past, you can re-condition new physical and mental programming that will show your mind that enough is enough.

I know this post was little harsh, but someone once told me that in order to change something in your life you need to start getting honest with yourself, and that’s what I did. I wasn’t settling with living an ‘OK’ life anymore, I wasn’t settling with having an ‘OK’ relationship anymore and so on. I will definitely show you the way to success over anxiety, but if you don’t take the first step, don’t expect anything to change – no matter how educated you think you are about your condition.

Can Anxiety Turn You Completely Numb To Your Outer World?

how to turn anxiety around

Did you know that by being so constantly aware of the way your body is feeling at every moment, as well as avoiding the anxious triggers of the outside world, that you can actually completely lose feeling for things? My own mother would ask me things like:“Do you even care about your family anymore?”In a complete daze due to the dizzy sensation I was experiencing and just barely conscious of her words I replied, “Of course I do mom.” To be honest, I was too occupied in my own terror filled world to care about anything.

Anxiety has a way of sucking the life out of you and shooting it into the distance asking you to either continue to cope, and continue to live in a world that is empty and dark, or work for the change you first panic attack

I chose the latter after 6 years of mental numbness and it paid off big time. Another great example in my own life of being unable to FEEL anything for someone, something, some place, etc. was the time I was picked to play a tennis tournament in Nassau, Bahamas. To many this would be the time of their lives, but for me it was a daunting challenge and I would find myself losing track of the score during tennis matches, glancing at the beach from time to time without interest, and giving my beautiful fiancé a kiss before the big match, all without being able to fully experience the sensations of joy, happiness, positivity and curiosity.

I was a Numb Man Walking, and of course my panic attacks were right around the corner waiting to strike at any moment which would again leave me in a cycle of complete confusion and fear afterwards. My doctor told me that this feeling of living in my own personal bubble was again a sign of a chemical imbalance in my brain. Depression soon kicked into high gear because when you combine a doctor’s prescription of Clonazepam (Benzodiazepine) with an anti-depressant, you first get hit with an actual FEELING of possibility and hope, only to come to the realization a few weeks into your dosage that you are becoming number and less productive, as well as leaving your feelings of the possibility for change in the unlikely hands of a pill. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ok with those kinds of odds, so I started chipping away at the root of the problem. I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I started working on turning my focus around from myself to my immediate outer world (common sense you say? It’s not so common – believe me).

The technique I used was what I like to call the “around me” visualization and it worked amazingly. I did 3 sets of 5 minutes each and my memory improved tremendously as well – I first game myself a window of about 45 minutes of alone time, then I took a minute to look around me to take in my immediate surroundings, than I closed my eyes and played the same movie in my head for 5 minutes, if I was home I would be visualizing my desk and how it felt, my water bottle where it was previously, my son playing in the backyard and so on.

It was clear, it was powerful and after my 5 minutes I took myself to a new spot, noticed my surroundings clearly and closed my eyes for round 2, then round 3 followed after. Put this technique into your daily morning, afternoon or evening routine and you will soon be able to put your importance into your outside world over your inner world and with it, feelings that you truly deserve and want in your life.

If you’re tired of coming and searching for a lasting solution to your GAD and panic disorder, visit to learn more about the proven end the anxiety program.