What Mental Health Counselors Don’t Want You To Know About Your Anxiety

the truth about anxiety

Having gone through therapy for my anxiety during my professional tennis playing days, i’ve seen it all. I’ve been through the whole group therapy thing as well as the 1 on 1 anxiety and panic counselling for many years, and my conclusion is that there is a potential danger that exists with anxiety therapy for the sufferer.

It was recently brought to my attention from a long time friend of mine who’s also been a psychotherapist for over 9 years, that making a living for many (not all) anxiety therapists keeps them from telling you a very important truth, and that truth is that:

You Can Actually Learn The Secrets To Curing Your Anxiety In 10 – 15 Minutes

Change started to happen for me when I started thinking progress, over perfection.

Change happens when you start thinking progress, over perfection.

Of course the ‘professionals’ would be losing a great deal of business and steady income if they told you this. Notice how I said learn though, and not end your anxiety in 10 – 15 minutes. You the one suffering from anxiety must take full responsibility for your condition, and stop the search for the ‘magic pill’ or technique once and for all.

I See Incredible Changes In People Daily Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

These people are no different then you. But these people accepted the fact that there is no magic cure out there for anxiety, and began to take their issues into their own hands instead of looking for someone else to tell them what to do. Think about the time and money you would be saving from anti anxiety medications and constant therapy if only you built up the will power for a short amount of time, to learn how to turn your anxiety switch off through CBT.

Anxiety Can Be A Complex Issue For Many, But This Doesn’t Mean It Needs To Take Years To Calm Your Nerves And Desensitze You From Your Fears

Many times we become anxious over things that simply don’t exist, we tend to imprison ourselves unconsciously when in fact we ought to be free and enjoying life a hell of a lot more. Remember also, that to be in an anxious state and in desperate need for professional help doesn’t mean that you are ‘crazy.’ It’s certainly ok to have deep legitimate feelings of depression and anxiety sometimes, and asking for help temporarily could be a good thing. But you must remember that dwelling on your ‘melancholic moods’ won’t make things go away. You must step up and begin to do your part, aside from all the external help you may be getting right now for your panic and anxiety condition.

Begin To Accept And Let Go

So many times we deny and don’t accept our imperfections. We completely hate ourselves and how we may look, as well as put a huge emphasis on how others perceive us. Many people that come to me for help with stress and anxiety in their lives don’t even like their own voice! While others are down right embarrased because of their weight, or lack of weight even.

We Can’t Let The Illusion Of Beauty, Success And Wealth From The Media Be The Source Of Our Misery

dealing with anxiety

Could this be the deep rooted source of your anxiety?

Begin comparing yourself to others less today. You may find that the root of much of your stress and anxiety lies right there, doesn’t it? Have you ever thought about where this anxiousness and hate is coming from? I know for a fact that I was in a deep trance for many years, living with an anxiety disorder and hating the universe for ‘making me this way.’ But deep down I knew that wasn’t true, I made myself this way consciously and unconsciously.

Don’t Let Anxiety Dominate Your Life.

Understand that anxiety is often an introspective activity, and it thrives on isolation. But you don’t have to be alone, you are not strange or inferior. The moment you learn to accept who and what you are is the moment you begin to understand that you are not set apart from everybody else. Learn to let go through CBT and begin to free yourself from anxiety.

What do you think? Do you think the first line of anxiety treatments today could be doing more harm then good? Share your comments and suggestions in the comment section below.


Is Your 5 O’Clock Drive Your Most Stressful Hour?

Stress and anxiety solutions

One of the most overwhelming stressors in your day, besides work, is coming home from work.

It’s 5pm and everybody is heading to day care to pick up kids or they are heading home like maniacs. They switch lanes, cut you off, slam on your breaks and you are screaming at the top of your lungs trying to figure out why these people can’t just drive normally. You probably barely avoid about 10 accidents before you even make it to the day care to pick up your child who sitting alone playing by himself because you are late again. The look of your kid plus the stress of the drive just adds to your total stress for the day.

Driving is a huge cause of stress.

Most people, especially in crowded cities like New York City and Los Angeles, spend almost an hour trying to get to work or get home safely. In many cities, this traffic also causes several public safety issues as well. As your stress builds, so does the stress of those who are traveling around you as well. With this stressor you are not alone and everybody is feeding off of everybody else’s stress and anxiety.

driving anxiety and stress

Your 5 o’clock drive doesn’t have to look this.

Once you are able to get your kids picked up you may have another stressful situation. Perhaps they are separated in the car because you’re tired of playing referee while you drive, but they still seem to annoy each other one way or another. One way to deal with this is to keep them as occupied as possible.

To deal with this type of stress, you may first want to try out some relaxing music. Invest in classical music that will make it more soothing as you drive. You may also consider nature sounds that will lighten up rush hour.

Another option is to change your daily route.

Look for a way that is not as stressful, perhaps take residential streets instead of busy highways. You might find that this route is longer, but you will appreciate the reduced stress in your life by taking this route.

Another technique is to simply start your drive five or ten minutes early. This keeps you from having such a time crunch in the mornings. This can actually make a less stressful drive as well.


Fun Fact Of The Day


I actually asked my fiancee about this fact, and she supports the idea that life is much less depressive and stressful when you have more guy friends than girls. She also mentioned that women are in the habit of being ‘nice’ all the time, and with guy friends their opinions on personal things like outfits, body weight etc can be much more truthful. Finally she mentioned how moving day can be a breeze because of your guy friends, and there would be no need to hire movers.

This one’s definitely a thinker, so what do you think?


Is It Stress? Mild Anxiety? Or A Real Disorder That You Have?

When Is Anxiety A Disorder?

Anxiety is classified as a disorder when it becomes chronic, obsessive and overwhelming. If you are suffering from anxiety, it will affect you in at least four different ways:

– The way you think
– The way you feel
– The way your body works
– They way you behave

Anxiety can affect you in very real, physical ways. Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety include:

symptoms of anxiety medications

If this is you, there are natural alternatives. All it takes is a little nudge to get you headed in the right direction…

– Feeling nervous, anxious or frightened
– Sweating
– Shortness of breath
– Increased heart rate
– Trembling
– Muscle tension
– Feeling nauseous
– Feeling dizzy or light-headed
– Dry mouth
– Tingling or prickling in hands and feet
– Vision problems
– Butterflies or churning in the stomach
– Tight or knotted feeling in the chest

Some of the emotional symptoms of anxiety include:

– Dreaminess
– Tiredness
– Nightmares or bad dreams
– Depersonalization (feeling removed from yourself)
– Derealization (feeling as if you are in a nightmare or dream)
– Depressive thoughts
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, obsessive thoughts or compulsions
– Thoughts of a sexual or violent nature. Inappropriate thoughts about people you love, sometimes of a violent or sexual nature
– Increased violence/aggression
– Mood swings
– Inability to love/ inability to care for others
– Agoraphobia, social phobia, shyness
– Feeling like you can’t cope
– Disinterest in life

The mental symptoms of anxiety can cross over with the emotional symptoms of anxiety:

how to stop anxiety

Live by these words…

– Thinking that you may be losing your mind
– Thinking that you can’t cope
– Thinking that you may be having a heart attack
– Feeling that you are losing control
– Worrying that you may be faint or sick
– Thinking that there may be something wrong with your brain (for example, a tumor)
– Worrying that people are looking at you and thinking that you might be acting strangely
– Worrying that you might be making a fool of yourself or doing or saying something silly
– Wanting to escape and get to a safe place

While the behavioral symptoms include:

– Making excuses to avoid going out or doing something
– Only going to quiet places or being in very small groups
– Only going to places where you can get lost in a crowd and avoid being alone with people
– Crossing the street to avoid people
– Rushing out of places or situations when feeling anxious
– Going to the toilet to escape from things
– Not saying anything when with other people
– Talking all the time to avoid feeling uncomfortable
– Using ‘props’ before you go out such as alcohol or drugs
– Sitting near the doors in buildings or at the end of rows or as far back as possible

Although these symptoms of anxiety are actually entirely normal they can be very distressing for anyone suffering from them. It is when we feel that we cannot control these or the other mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms of anxiety that we move from experiencing normal levels of anxiety, to suffering from an anxiety disorder.

The End The Anxiety Program makes the steps  to overcoming an anxiety disorder as simple as possible. Through the powerful and easy to listen to audio files, as well as the best anxiety support you’ll find online, the program will allow you to find peace and meaning in your life once again. This will lead to turning your attention away from trying to find a solution to your anxiety constantly, and onto things that truly matter in your life. Visit www.theanxietyguy.com to learn more.

A Natural Solution To Stress And Anxiety

solution for stres and anxiety

Did you know that stress and anxiety is one of the most common causes of illness in today’s society? Stress and anxiety are becoming an extremely serious problem for all of us. As the expectations that are made of each of us increase, we are under extreme pressure every day, both at work and at home.

The Very Real Effects Of Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can have very severe detrimental effects on the immune system, which can lead to a variety of different illnesses and ailments. It can also cause chiropractic problems that are caused by tension in the muscles of the neck and back. Furthermore, stress can lead to severe tension headaches, anxiety, panic attacks, and other physical and mental disturbances. Even some major corporations are beginning to realize the serious effects that stress and anxiety can have on their employees, and are instituting stress and anxiety reduction programs at their own expense.

Stress‐related issues are one of the most common causes of workplace absenteeism, and corporations realize that reducing stress in their employees will save them money in the long run, because employees will be present more often and more efficient and effective while they are there.

The Solution Is To Understand How Others Have Recovered

In order to truly treat any type of condition, you must first understand it. Then you must develop a solid plan for managing your symptoms, and treating the underlying causes. In the end the anxiety program you will learn the most common causes of stress and anxiety, what you’re doing to subconsciously feed your stress and anxiety on a daily basis,  and how to manage those issues in order to treat the condition. Once you begin managing your stress and anxiety effectively, you will notice major changes in your life. Your health will improve, you will be more effective and efficient at work, your relationships will improve, and you will get more done at work, at school, and at home.

A Life Of Stress And Anxiety Truly Is No Life At All.