The Most Powerful Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

best herb for anxiety and depression

It wasn’t until I moved to Bali Indonesia a few years back that I ran into one of the most powerful herbs on the market for anxiety and depression. The people in Bali used this herb exclusively for free radical damage caused by stress, and they mentioned how it also prevented premature aging as well as chronic illness (which explains why many of the 90 year olds still look around 60 there). So I had to give it a shot even though I had tried everything out there already. To my surprise I realized quickly that this herb was simply MADE for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Why Ashwagandha Is The Best Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

Now before I go on and  tell you the benefits, my own personal story with this herb let me explain something that is really important here for you. You’re reading this post because you either want to learn how to deal with stress better in your daily life, you have an anxiety disorder and are searching for a natural solution after trying pretty much everything already, or you’re in need of some motivation in the form of a success story from someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, and has come out the other side. For you I say this:

Herbs Should Be Viewed And Taken As A Sidekick And Not A Potential Cure For Your Anxiety

your trusty sidekick for stress and anxiety

Believe in your trusty sidekick… Ashwagandha!

Hope I didn’t step on any toes there, but it’s the cold hard truth. My personal natural recovery from an anxiety disorder didn’t begin until I reached a point in my life where I believed no external help in the form of herbs or pills, was going to make me all better. So with this new found approach to ending your anxiety disorder natural let’s get to my favourite anxiety herb on the market today.

Whether it’s to improve your ability to think in a more straight forward manner, decrease pain and swelling caused by inflammation or for treating wounds Ashwagandha is a multi purpose plant. The power of this herb combined with a CBT approach to ending the cycle of fear and anxiety, along with a specific diet can do absolutely wonders for you as it has done for many people around the world.

In Many Studies Taken Place Recently Ashwagandha Has Been Shown To Be As Effective As Many Anti Anxiety Medications and Antidepressants

But back to my own experience with this herb for a second. After orally taking Ashwagandha for 7 days straight I began to feel similar anxiety relieving feelings as taking Ativan (Lorazepam, a very popular anti anxiety prescription medication that doctors are famous for pushing down our throats). In a seperate study when Ashwagandha was given to some chronically stressed out animals the number of degenerating brain cells was reduced by 80%,

I mean I know they’re animals but that’s still awesome!

Happy animals no stress or anxiety

Nope, no worries here.

We all know the effects that chronic stress has on our minds as well as our bodies, and it’s our job to push back against anxiety, degenerative disease and premature aging. What we don’t need is to be taking something orally for the benefits it might have for our mental health, and at the same time worry about what the side effects are to taking what we’re taking!

This is where an amazing anxiety herb such as Ashwagandha can be helpful. No side effects which equals no worries. This indian herb has demonstrated excellent results in my own personal past life with anxiety and depression, and it may do the same for you. So what do you really have to lose, except maybe a few notches on that high stress and anxiety scale you’re currently dealing with…

Have you tried Ashwagandha or another type of herb that has worked well for you? Join the conversation and share your experiences in the comment section below.



Anxiety In Shopping Malls Leaving You Dizzy And Panicky?

shopping anxiety

Things can feel like they’re moving when they’re not, if you experience anxiety when shopping.

Development in the retail market has certainly resulted in the growth of a huge number of shopping malls and departmental stores all around the world (definitely a bunch in my area). Even small towns are getting their own malls alongside the cities. We have become so addicted to shopping in these shopping malls that we visit these places at every opportunity we have. We go to these places for buying the daily groceries and essentials as well of course. This factor does result in quite a congested scenario as a huge number of people throng these malls. In turn, this huge development often fuels the people’s anxiety in shopping malls.

As Hard As I Tried, Dizziness And Panic At Shopping Malls Were My Constant Companion

A real common reason for this anxiety is the prospect of being intimidated by a number of people as soon as you enter through the gates of the shopping malls. Henceforth wherever you move to, a number of people confront you, be it the shoppers or the salesmen. Sometimes the anxiousness makes you seem completely lost in the vast sea of people. You may seem to get disoriented while everything suddenly turns black around you! Panic attacks inside elevators in malls are quite common instances. Sometimes you just keep on roaming around blankly without any idea what you are doing (sound familiar?). You gasp for fresh air and always stay alert as you see a number of unknown faces roaming around you.

People suffering from anxiety in malls even think that everyone is looking at him or her, which often makes them extremely tipsy, potentially ending in an embarrassing situation. 

So what to do about anxiety in shopping malls?

social anxiety help

This guys shopping anxiety is now affecting his social life big time…

Every single thing on this earth has a solution. Man has only to find that solution out (wow I sound like a philosopher). One of the remedies is Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (which is the main tools used in the End The Anxiety Program). Here the psychiatrist sits with you the person with the anxiety condition and together they chalk out ways to cure this anxiety disorder. This treatment is not very prolonged as all the patient needs to do is stick to the goals set by him and his doctor.

In 12 -16 sittings you’ll start showing remarkable symptoms of anxiety solutions (could cost you a pretty penny though). Usage of proper therapy manuals online can also help you achieve success in overcoming this anxiety (have you downloaded your free copy of the Anxious Brain Unmasked Yet??), and exhibit symptoms of anxiety solutions.

But these solutions can also trick you into making you think that you have recovered; when you have not. So just see how patiently you can handle the situation, how calmly and comfortably you can confront a group of people. As these prospects brighten up, so do you and your anxiety disorder recedes with time.

Do you experience anxiety in shopping malls? If so share your experiences in the comment section below and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Inspirational Message Of The Day For Anxiety Sufferers!

telling others about your anxietyIt can be frustrating trying to explain your anxiety condition to others. Understand that if it hasn’t been experienced by others, they simply won’t be able to comprehend your story.

What To Do When Your Green Tea Gets Too Hot

best anxiety blogPut a sock on it of course!

How I Began Turning A Monster Into A Fly / Part 2

stopping anxiety disorder naturally

The Answer Was Right There

I quickly realized that who I surrounded myself with I became! My environment had a massive impact on how I thought, felt and even acted. The more I hung around and practiced with better tennis players than me, the faster I improved my own tennis game. The more anxiety forums I became attached to daily sharing how bad my day went and my fears of the future, the bigger the hole was that i was digging myself into.

By the doctor saying that I needed a fresh perspective that will lead to a new beginning, I quickly realized it meant that I needed to put myself in an environment that could make my anxiety disorder issues look much smaller then what I made it out to be. I did the one thing I always deep down wanted to do, I booked a visit to the children’s hospital the next day so I could get a first hand look at the children there who were suffering through illnesses I feared having due to my health anxiety.

Grateful For My Condition?

As I walked through each room of the children’s hospital saying hi to all the kids, a feeling started coming over me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. That was the feeling of guilt, guilty for playing the role of victim each and everyday for years around the people that cared for me the most, guilty for being selfish and thinking of my needs only without considering the needs of others, and guilty for giving into the cycle of fearful thoughts that led to focusing solely on these symptoms of anxiety.
These kids were only into the first few years of their lives, and were asked to bravely battle illnesses
that they weren’t prepared to battle. I realized that they didn’t have control over their illness at all, whereas my condition was something I had total control over.

I walked out of the children’s hospital that day feeling like a complete piece of (fill in the blank). 2 things hit me in the evening that day, #1) I either didn’t have any thoughts related to my anxiety or I just didn’t pay much attention to them the whole day I was there, #2) I created a new ‘visual’ to what I pictured my anxiety to be, what was once a monster the size of tyrannosaurs rex that dictated how I lived my life in every aspect, was now a new born baby crying for my attention. Incredible what one experience can do for a person I thought to myself. Not only that, but the power of mental imagery can truly set a person dealing with anxiety disorders completely free.

The Next Step

That crying baby that was now my new connection to my anxious thoughts, gave me 2 choices that were different from the tyrannosaurus rex which game me none. #1) I could either pay attention to it, respect it, and grow old with it. #2) leave it in the background of my daily life while I completely put my focus and energy into what was truly important in my life. I began to build on the guilty feelings I felt from my visit to the children’s hospital, and chose to work on re-conditioning the second option into my life. I needed more fuel though, I needed to keep the momentum going so I didn’t fall back into the thoughts and actions that created my GAD and panic disorder. So I suggested the only thing I could think of, the only thing that would possibly bring a permanent change into my life and stop my anxiety disorder once and for all and that was to move my family to a place called Bali, Indonesia. A place of gratitude for the small things in life and peace. Now all I had to do was convince my new fiancee that this was a good idea (as well as consistently convince myself), but with a new born baby and no money to fall back on… it would be one hell of a conversation during dinner time…

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