Ending The Cycle Of Panic Attacks

ending the cycle of panic attacks

Your mind constantly monitors your state of being at every moment to judge wether or not you might need your fight or flight response. As your general anxiety levels drop you’re going to find that your panic attacks lessen and eventually disappear. For a long time just after my last panic attacks I would still experience sensations like body zaps and heart palpitations. But my anxiety levels came down to a 3 out of 10 by that time, rather than the norm of what it used to be around a 9 out of 10 on most days. This change in fact made those past terrible sensations of panic feel normal, and eventually subsided completely.

The formula for ending the cycle of panic attacksCycle of panic attacks help

Jack Canfield, the author of the chicken soup for the soul books says it perfectly; The outcome (O) to any event is the result of the event (E) itself times our reaction (R) to that event (O = E x R), the recognition that we have control over our reaction to an event means that we ultimately control the outcome, and can reduce and eliminate the fight or flight response at times when it’s not needed.

By desensitizing our emotional triggers we develop higher tolerance levels for things that used to easily overwhelm us. Thus ending the cycle of panic attacks once and for all.

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Key To Ending Panic Attacks

keys to stopping a panic attack

The key to ending panic attacks, is to recognize the exact moment in which things escalate. At this point you have two options:

#1) Get comfortable with your sensations knowing this is yet another episode of heightened anxiety

#2) Flee or run to a ‘safe zone’ where you begin feeling slightly better

Option #1 builds confidence and begins the cycle of turning your anxiety switch off, option #2 keeps you in the cycle of fear-adrenaline-fear and digs you deeper in the anxiety hole. In the end it all comes down to thought, option #2 makes you think differently but this kind of thinking can also be conditioned in the face of great fear.

What option will you pick from today on-wards?


3 Steps To Stopping A Panic Attack (Video)

Stopping a panic attack is possible, but you must master your responses to the initial feared questions your mind gets. The fight or flight response is your bodies natural protective system, when it senses fear it sends signals to your senses and your body then reacts with different kinds of symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety. If you put these 3 steps to action consistently you can kiss your panic attacks goodbye.

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