lies about anxiety

Enough With All The Lies About Anxiety!

I can’t tell you how tired I was of hearing the same lies over and over again from people that were supposed to be supporting me through my Generalized Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and other mental health challenges. Often I face a new client who, because of the lies they’ve been fed through the many ways they tried to find an answer to their problem, becomes more confused and anxious because of what they are reading online or what people are telling them, and it stops now! Let’s not forget the lies you create yourself as well that stick like glue and lead you in a vicious fearful cycle. Let’s end the BS once and for all and begin getting honest with ourselves today!

Lie #1) Start thinking positively and your worries will disappear – What a load of crap! I’ll tell you something, I was the most positive anxious person on this planet and yet my mind knew it was all a cover up to what was really going on in my mind subconsciously and consciously. Don’t live a life of delusion – tell yourself the truth, things are NOT really OK.

Lie #2) Due to a chemical imbalance and your childhood environment, you are stuck with anxiety forever – when I heard this one all I could do was find ways to COPE. Through constant repetition I convinced myself that coping was the only option I had, and that I could never become the person I once was who was free, social, caring towards others, and successful. Erase this lie out of your mind starting now. Myself as well as many people I know have been on the brink of not wanting to live another day, and have come back stronger and more grateful for life than ever before.

Lie #3) You have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and experience Panic Attacks not because of you, but because of something or someone else – FALSE! YOU are the reason you feel high levels of anxiety on a daily basis, YOU are the reason panic attacks occur in your life, and YOU are the only solution. Stop searching for a pill, herb, miracle technique, and so on and begin getting to the root of the problem. Become completely fed up with your condition, realize that this must change not tomorrow but NOW, and follow a game plan – one that has actually worked for someone else – religiously until you’ve changed your associations to what you fear.

Lie #4) I’ve been struggling with anxiety for so long that it will take just as long to recover – WRONG! Over and over I’ve seen people just like myself struggle for years with crippling anxiety symptoms and other things related to constant worrying and fear, and over and over again I’ve seen people get their anxiety levels down to a level 2 or 3 (the average level in society today) from a 9 or even 10 in a short amount of time. Time is on your side and things will turn around quickly if you just remember HOW this feeling of constant worrying and panic started in the first place, and that is by repetition. You were consistent in the way you bombarded your mind with fearful thoughts that are now controlling your every move, and just as you’ve done in the past, you can re-condition new physical and mental programming that will show your mind that enough is enough.

I know this post was little harsh, but someone once told me that in order to change something in your life you need to start getting honest with yourself, and that’s what I did. I wasn’t settling with living an ‘OK’ life anymore, I wasn’t settling with having an ‘OK’ relationship anymore and so on. I will definitely show you the way to success over anxiety, but if you don’t take the first step, don’t expect anything to change – no matter how educated you think you are about your condition.

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