9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy

So I ran through a few emails last night, and a few people who have gained some interest in The Anxiety Guy ‘mission’ as I like to call it would like to know a little bit more about the man behind all the cool posts on anxiety disorders. So I decided to put together a few of my absolute favourite things to do (post anxiety disorder of course) and share them with you, the very people who are my inspiration behind the mission of helping people deal with anxiety naturally. So let’s do this!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy:

1) I Love To Consume Very Large Amounts Of Sushi With My Baby Boy Any time, Any Place

the anxiety guy


2) I Love Traveling The Globe and Make Funny Faces In Pictures Because They Still Make Me Uncomfortable

photo 4


3) I Can’t Go More Then 2 Days Without Watching Another Episode Of Covert Affairs

Things you didnt know about the anxiety guy


4) There’s Nothing I Enjoy More Then When Things Go Bang In The Sky!

the anxiety guy


5) I Start Every Morning Of My Day With A Power Mix Of Apple, Ginger, Beet And Carrot Juice



6) My Abolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World Is Salted Seaweed Strips

The Anxiety Guy


7) My Absolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World THAT I CAN’T EAT Is Bacon ):

who is the anxiety guy


8) In My Spare Time I LOOOOVE Making Strange And Interesting Cake Designs (yes, that’s supposed to be a minon from Despicable Me)

best blog for anxiety and stress

9) Finally, I love Bringing The Child In Me Out To Play As Much As I Can Each And Every Day (my fiancee on the left)

who is the anxiety guy

So there you have it, a few quick and quirky facts about how I go about my days. This list of 9 things actually gave me some real nice insight into what kind of a person I used to be, and who i’ve become and I definitely recommend you do the same. See if you can put a list of 9 things you enjoy doing more then anything together, and see if you’re being true to yourself and doing those things on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed the ‘getting to know The Anxiety Guy’ a little better post, and I welcome all your comments and questions in the section below. 

Have an inspired Wednesday everyone.


end the anxiety program review

Inspiring Review Of The End The Anxiety Program By Jag

Dear Dennis,

First of all I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your end the anxiety program has helped me overcome my daily panic attacks and anxiety completely. Believe me I didn’t even know I was suffering from anxiety since my childhood, until the age of 32 when it finally manifested, and what a roller coaster ride it was!

Also just reading your blogs impacted me so much that it felt like the effects were almost immediate. I was like “WOW” I couldn’t believe this. Days went by and I started feeling better and better. I tried many different therapists and anxiety programs out there, but none of them worked. Then a little over a month ago I stumbled upon The Anxiety Guy website and I believe that was the luckiest day of my life.

Your anxiety program has helped me overcome my daily panic attacks and anxiety completely. The symptoms of anxiety anxiety coaching sessions onlinedon’t matter to me anymore because i’ve now learned how to stop giving them attention.

Thank you so much,

Jag Dillion

Ending The Cycle Of Panic Attacks

ending the cycle of panic attacks

Your mind constantly monitors your state of being at every moment to judge wether or not you might need your fight or flight response. As your general anxiety levels drop you’re going to find that your panic attacks lessen and eventually disappear. For a long time just after my last panic attacks I would still experience sensations like body zaps and heart palpitations. But my anxiety levels came down to a 3 out of 10 by that time, rather than the norm of what it used to be around a 9 out of 10 on most days. This change in fact made those past terrible sensations of panic feel normal, and eventually subsided completely.

The formula for ending the cycle of panic attacksCycle of panic attacks help

Jack Canfield, the author of the chicken soup for the soul books says it perfectly; The outcome (O) to any event is the result of the event (E) itself times our reaction (R) to that event (O = E x R), the recognition that we have control over our reaction to an event means that we ultimately control the outcome, and can reduce and eliminate the fight or flight response at times when it’s not needed.

By desensitizing our emotional triggers we develop higher tolerance levels for things that used to easily overwhelm us. Thus ending the cycle of panic attacks once and for all.

To learn how you can begin turning your panic attacks and gerenalized anxiety into a thing of the past, visit www.theanxietyguy.com to learn more about the end the anxiety program today. 

An End The Anxiety Program Testimonial From Mia, Awesome Transformation


Ever since high school, I suffered from intense vertigo attacks that interrupted my day and bombarded my life with depression, hopelessness, fear, and deep worry. These vertigo attacks were the result of my ongoing battle with anxiety and depression. My strongest concern was that these attacks would happen my entire life and, except for the numbing effects of various powerful medications, these attacks and feelings of anxiety were incurable. Whenever my vertigo attacks would strike, I would experience panic, lose all sense of orientation, diminish to self-hatefulness, and feel like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. My vertigo attacks were not the common feeling of spinning, but rather a magnetic sensation that all surrounding objects were surging and moving towards me with varying magnetic intensity. These attacks would strike at any time and in any place, so the terrifying randomness of their occurrence would leave me in a constant state of worry, fear, and anxiety about when and where the next episode would happen.

One time, I experienced an episode while driving in my car, and it was in this moment that I yearned for the light, a cure, or some answer that would lift me out of this anxiety abyss. The medications only served as Band-Aids masking the issue, and I needed something life-changing, healing, and completely transforming to turn my life around and bring a sense of true promise to my experience. When I told a friend about this horrendous vertigo attack that occurred while driving on the highway, this friend advised me to check out an interesting online program called the End The Anxiety Program by The Anxiety Guy.

As soon as I got to a computer, I purchased and downloaded this easy-to-understand online anxiety program. I listened to its many incredible main audio files and my deep-rooted feelings of anxiety were steadily melting away. At first, I did still experience relentless vertigo attacks, but with patience and courage inspired by the program’s phenomenal guidance. I was able see progress and gradual healing. The End The Anxiety program has a checking in system to keep in contact with clients who suffer from anxiety every three days, and through this system, I was given consistent care by mentors and coaches who have been in my shoes in the past. This is a fantastic cheap investment for anyone searching to stop, reverse, and heal their generalized anxiety disorder or panic attacks naturally. All mainstream medications were not helping, but rather leaving me hopeless in a daily routine of vertigo attacks and anxiety. I am so grateful for this End The Anxiety Program and the freedom that I can now experience and enjoy. I feel completely liberated from all past anxiety, fear, and depression, and I highly recommend this program!

I want to thank Mia for her email to me, and trust in the end the anxiety program and hope her story inspires others to choose a natural route to stopping an anxiety disorder. If you’d like more information on the end the anxiety program visit www.theanxietyguy.com.


Does Difficult Decision Making And Anxiety Go Hand In Hand?

decision making and anxiety

Anxiety brings with it many faces, but i’m sure you knew that already from experience. One of the most annoying symptoms of anxiety is the inability to properly make a decision. To have a mind clear enough to decide right then and there whether to take the stairs, or the elevator for example. The simplest tasks can seem like a 100 foot wall standing in front of you, and soon you may begin completely putting your life in the hands of your subconscious, non caring, non thinking ways.

This Is When Things Can Go Terribly Wrong

As I write this for you, the one suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety or even a certain phobia such as agoraphobia today, I feel a sense of gratefulness. Grateful that I went through an anxiety disorder, and came out the other side maybe a little exhausted and mentally fatigued but that’s all. So don’t think for a second all hope is lost. The thinking process you have right now which may be pretty much non exisitent, is due to your deep sensitization, fears you may feel are lurking at every corner, and mental exhaustion due to the clutter in your mind. The inability to make straight forward decisions are common with constant anxiety, and as a house can be de-cluttered of the garbage, and useless items it holds for many years, so can your mind be rid of the very things that are preventing you from living the life you desire.

So How Do We Begin De-Cluterring So That Our Decision Making Comes Easy To Us Again?

Simple, just make a list. I can hear you now, Dennis I hate making lists! To that I say, would you trade in 10 minutes of your time to begin the process of de-cluttering your life so that you can finally, once and for all take power back from living a life of reaction and fear? I hear a YES! Awesome let’s get to it.

This list involves 6 very important areas of your life, and in each area I want you to pick out what part is causing you

decision making and anxiety

It’s really not as easy as ‘just pick the gray one’ with anxiety…

mental, physical or even emotional exhaustion. The areas you will be writing about are:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health and Fitness
  • Finances
  • Social Life
  • Spiritual Development

So an example for your list may be under the category of social life, where the local pub you hang out weekly (or even daily which was the case for me during my past life with anxiety) is draining you physically because you’re throwing back one more beer then you know you should. This contributes to your exhaustion greatly, and only adds to your cluttered mind and reactive ways in the days after a night out. Another example may be your relationship with a friend that you may need to cut out because it’s simply too emotionally draining. I would know because i’ve had some pretty good friends in my time who’ve dropped their sad life experiences on me on a daily basis.

Now that you get the idea of how to de-clutter, end exhaustion and ultimately become a clearer decision maker.

Take some time now to grab your journal (for heavens sake get a journal if you don’t have one already) and begin writing! In a short amount of time this symptom of anxiety will be a thing of the past, and you’ll have only yourself to be proud of.

Follow along The Anxiety Guy blog or Main Site for your daily dose of inspiration against anxiety, as well as proven, powerful, and simple to apply tools that will work for you to stop your anxiety disorder naturally.