How Much Of This Quote Do You Agree With?

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Your subconscious mind holds your short term memory and plays a key role in your day to day functioning.

Your subconscious filters out the unnecessary information and delivers only what is needed at that moment, and is constantly at work staying very aware of your surroundings every moment. The Amygdala is part of the subconscious mind and deals with emotions, memory processing, and how we react to fear and stress triggers. Research now shows that it is in fact possible to talk to the amygdala during hypnosis, this completely relaxes the stress response and calms the nervous system so that your immune system and body can heal and rebuild. When the conscious and subconscious mind are working in harmony, the mind becomes productive, creative and healthy in its endeavors. However when this harmony is unbalanced the mind becomes dysfunctional and leads to a destructive collapse. So with that quick update on how our minds function let’s get to the fun part:

Would you agree that the quitest of people usually have the loudest minds?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below?

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Change Starts With Acceptance

As you can see through the new look of  The Anxiety Guy blog, i’m a firm believer that anxiety is simply driven by fear. Fear of a feeling, fear of a situation or maybe even fear of a person. The lists of fears can go on forever, and the potential danger of where that fear can take us is what keeps the anxiety and panic within us alive and well. In the end, there is no instant cure, there is no anxiety medication that can take your fears away. But remember:

Fear Is Learned

As easy as fear is learned, it can also be unlearned. But everything starts with acceptance. Once you’ve accepted that all power is from within, and is therefore under your own control you can begin your natural journey back from panic and anxiety. Secondly you need to begin getting knowledgable about your condition, become an expert at how panic attacks work, how your brain functions, how your body changes when adrenaline comes into play and so on. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes great confidence.

Believe in yourself, and believe in the message brought to you here…


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Health Anxiety And The Rebound Effect Part 1

What is The Rebound Effect?

You are the one suffering from health anxiety. and you are also the one who suffers from what I like to call the ‘rebound effect.’ What is the rebound effect? The best way to explain the rebound effect is through a scenario that you might have already gone through:

You’re on your couch watching TV, half of your attention is focused on what you’re watching and the other half is focused on what you’re feeling inside. You carefully notice any sensations of anxiety in your body that pop up as you turn the channels on the TV. All of a sudden you run into the DR OZ Show, and his topic of the day could be related to a particular physical illness. He mentions the symptoms that might connect a person to that particular illness, and BOOM.

You begin to think those two dreaded words that every health anxiety sufferer constantly goes through… What If!

What if my symptoms of anxiety aren’t what I think they are, but are connected to the illness that DR OZ is talking about in his show! What if I’ve waited too long to get these symptoms checked, could I be doomed? Finally, what if it gets worse and these symptoms I thought were related to anxiety manifest to other parts of my body!?

You are now experiencing the rebound effect…

health anxiety the rebound effect

Most people deal with the rebound effect in the wrong way, which only fuels the health anxiety further.

Someone who suffers from health anxiety is always ‘checking in’ to see how strong their symptoms of anxiety are at any moment, they also constantly check to see if new symptoms of anxiety have appeared out of the blue. The cycle of panic begins, and the 6 step process that their imagination leads them to begins to take shape:

1) Either through what someone says, or though their own memory the questions of what this symptom of anxitey could be begin.

2) The ‘what if’ questioning begins to run wild in the health anxiety sufferers mind.

3) Their bodies begin to feel the effects of this kind of thinking, and the symptoms of anxiety heighten. A full blown panic attack could be on the horizon.

4) They quickly look online for answers either through anxiety forums, groups or search engines

5) They are comforted by people in those anxiety forums and groups that they are fine, and they are reassured that they are not in a cycle of impending doom but rather a victim of their catastrophic thoughts

6) Anxiety lessens, or heightens and more research is done

At this point the rebound effect is firmly strapped into their unconscious, the next episode of this happening could be on the same day or very close by, but a deep feeling of sensitization has begun. This is the type of incredible imagination someone with an anxiety disorder can have, because of how alarming and real the symptoms of anxiety can be!

The other danger comes in the form of turning to your ‘comfort group’ for help

Are you shooting yourself in the foot by running to facebook every time fear strikes?

Are you shooting yourself in the foot by running to facebook every time fear strikes?

I’m a firm believer that anxiety forums and groups online do more harm then good. Why? Because it’s a cycle that becomes the norm for the person with health anxiety. They turn power over to others, yes they are temprarily comforted and helped out, but at the end of the day they are always left with unanswered questions.

A person with an anxiety disorder can do very little for another person, other then re-assure them that they are safe

As I mention through my Me Vs Myself On And Off The Court eBook I’ve went through years of the rebound effect in my own 6 year battle with an anxiety disorder. I made many mistakes, and I’ve also found true and lasting natural solutions for my health anxiety. Some of these answers I will reveal in the second part of this two part series on the rebound affect, and it’s affects on people with health anxiety.

So follow along and stay tuned!

How The End The Anxiety Programs ‘Checking In’ System Transforms People

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The End The Anxiety Program’s checking in system provides the best 1 on 1 support available anywhere.

The creation of the end the anxiety program simply grew out of frustration.

After spending thousands of my hard earned dollars on trying to find a natural solution to my panic and anxiety disorders, I realized there was one key thing missing in each and every item I bought (online or offline). That essential ingredient that anxiety sufferers must have to keep them on track when setbacks on their anxiety recovery journey occur, comes in the form of proper support and guidance. Through the ‘checking in’ system that comes with the end the anxiety program, someone who decides to go through the natural anxiety recovery process with us is given an anxiety mentor to keep in touch with as they work through the program.

I can not tell you how well the checking in system has worked for so many of our clients who thought there was no way out of their anxiety disorder. We all need to learn and be mentored by someone who is in a situation, that we WANT to be in.

So if you’d like to learn more about the end the anxiety program and how it can create the changes in you that you desire, visit the Psychology (how the program works) page today.

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Believe In Yourself As I Believe In You…

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Without a mentor who stopped their own anxiety disorder naturally, I wouldn’t be here providing the kind of anxiety support I try to provide for others. I was guided by someone who believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. Someone who took valuable time out of their day to help me when I was at my lowest point, as my health anxiety and panic attacks threatened to over-shadow every aspect of my life at the time. Now it’s my time to give back not only through the End The Anxiety Program, but through the answers and inspiration i’m determined to provide for anyone looking to end their anxiety naturally.

Have a great evening my fellow North American friends.