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Change Starts With Acceptance

As you can see through the new look of  The Anxiety Guy blog, i’m a firm believer that anxiety is simply driven by fear. Fear of a feeling, fear of a situation or maybe even fear of a person. The lists of fears can go on forever, and the potential danger of where that fear can take us is what keeps the anxiety and panic within us alive and well. In the end, there is no instant cure, there is no anxiety medication that can take your fears away. But remember:

Fear Is Learned

As easy as fear is learned, it can also be unlearned. But everything starts with acceptance. Once you’ve accepted that all power is from within, and is therefore under your own control you can begin your natural journey back from panic and anxiety. Secondly you need to begin getting knowledgable about your condition, become an expert at how panic attacks work, how your brain functions, how your body changes when adrenaline comes into play and so on. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge comes great confidence.

Believe in yourself, and believe in the message brought to you here…



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