The Top Signs Of Stress That May Be Leading You Towards Burnout

all the signs of stress and burnout

Stress is the way your body reacts to demands.

I want you to to take a few minutes to think of what’s causing stress in your life. Some of the more common signs of stress are things like schedule changes, deadlines at work, lack of sleep and certain relationships with friends and family members. Understand right here as you keep reading this post that unless you deal with these signs of stress, you are headed down a road that leads to complete burnout and it’s not a pretty one once you get there I can tell you that.

Introducing To You, The ‘Glands Of Stress’

Your adrenal glands are basically your best friends that reside in your body that we take for granted. Their job is to enable your body to deal with stress from each and every possible source out there. Everything from your daily energy, your resiliancy and pretty much your quality of life all depends on how weel they function each and everyday.

When Your Adrenal Glands Aren’t Functioning Correctly Lethargy (lack of energy) Will Strike You Like Lightning!

You may wake up one day and think what the heck? I feel like complete crap! If this is the case answer these 6 questions right now in the signs os stress and burnoutyour head, and lets’s find out whether or not the signs of stress in your life have led you to burnout:

1) Has your ability to handle, and deal with stress as well as pressure decreased in the last few weeks?

2) Has your thinking become confused when you are hurried or under pressure lately (foggy, can’t think clear)?

3) In the last few weeks does EVERYTHING seem like a chore, even things that used to comes easy for you to do?

4) If you don’t get to sleep by 11pm do you get a second wind of energy that often lasts until 1 or 2 am?

5) Do you get colds and coughs that seem to stick around for weeks at a time?

6) Is your sex drive noticably less then it used to be?

So How Did You Do?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of those questions them read on, if you answered no to most of those questions… then read on anyway.

As I sit here and dive into this somewhat large piece of dark chocolate in my hands, I have to admit i’ve been there and know exactly where you’re coming from. Remember that quick scan of of your life at the beginning of the article, the one where you identified the signs of stress and anxiety in your life? Well it’s time to go a step farther now so we can create the ultimate…

Good, Bad and Extremely Ugly Chart!

good, bad and ugly for stress and burnout

Still love that movie… Just saying.

This is going to take anywhere from 5 to 5 hours of your time (depending on a number of things). So grab a piece of paper and make 3 columns. One on the top left that reads GOOD, one in the middle that reads BAD, and the last one on the top right that says UGLY. Now look to see what is working, and what are the signs of stress that are draining you and leading you and your ‘glands of stress’ towards what seems like inevitable burnout. In the good section you could write things like: Writing in the evenings, bike rides in the morning with Sara, the types of things that will contribute to your overall well being and help your adrenal glands out. In the bad column write down the things that are detracting from your life such as being a couch potato and watching too much tv, being a perfectionist or being around Jane too much. In the ugly column write down all the things that are in the short term help list that are the energy robbers in your life such as alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, anything that you feel you need to rely on to get you going.

Start The Cycle Of Stop-Breathe-Reflect-Choose To Deal With The Signs Of Stress Now

My personal favourite part of this cycle is the reflect part, it’s powerful stuff if you do it right.

Make this weekend the weekend that you begin moving away from stress and burnout. Start the process of completely eliminating the tension and tightness that you hold in your mind and body. Know that you always have a choice in the matter. You have a choice whether to look at something as a problem or as a challenge, you have the choice of whether to think in more positive ways or negative ways during the day.

Remember that It’s the choices you make today that will make your life more enjoyable, and less demanding for the future.

Is there a natural supplement or daily routine that has helped you combat your signs of stress and burnout? Share your personal comments and experiences in the comment section below.


9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy

So I ran through a few emails last night, and a few people who have gained some interest in The Anxiety Guy ‘mission’ as I like to call it would like to know a little bit more about the man behind all the cool posts on anxiety disorders. So I decided to put together a few of my absolute favourite things to do (post anxiety disorder of course) and share them with you, the very people who are my inspiration behind the mission of helping people deal with anxiety naturally. So let’s do this!

9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Anxiety Guy:

1) I Love To Consume Very Large Amounts Of Sushi With My Baby Boy Any time, Any Place

the anxiety guy


2) I Love Traveling The Globe and Make Funny Faces In Pictures Because They Still Make Me Uncomfortable

photo 4


3) I Can’t Go More Then 2 Days Without Watching Another Episode Of Covert Affairs

Things you didnt know about the anxiety guy


4) There’s Nothing I Enjoy More Then When Things Go Bang In The Sky!

the anxiety guy


5) I Start Every Morning Of My Day With A Power Mix Of Apple, Ginger, Beet And Carrot Juice



6) My Abolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World Is Salted Seaweed Strips

The Anxiety Guy


7) My Absolute Favourite Snack In The Whole Wide World THAT I CAN’T EAT Is Bacon ):

who is the anxiety guy


8) In My Spare Time I LOOOOVE Making Strange And Interesting Cake Designs (yes, that’s supposed to be a minon from Despicable Me)

best blog for anxiety and stress

9) Finally, I love Bringing The Child In Me Out To Play As Much As I Can Each And Every Day (my fiancee on the left)

who is the anxiety guy

So there you have it, a few quick and quirky facts about how I go about my days. This list of 9 things actually gave me some real nice insight into what kind of a person I used to be, and who i’ve become and I definitely recommend you do the same. See if you can put a list of 9 things you enjoy doing more then anything together, and see if you’re being true to yourself and doing those things on a daily basis. I hope you enjoyed the ‘getting to know The Anxiety Guy’ a little better post, and I welcome all your comments and questions in the section below. 

Have an inspired Wednesday everyone.


The Anxiety Guy Lays Hidden In Each And Everyone Of Us

The Anxiety Guy

These words lay right across my bed, and each night I’m reminded of our true potential.


Yep, you’re not alone in North America or throughout the world if you are currently going through a condition called anxiety disorder. To put things in perspective for you 26.2% of people in America older then the age of 18 (1 in 4) are suffering from some sort of mental disorder, so to tell you the truth The Anxiety Guy was created mainly out of frustration.

The Anxiety Guy  Is No Superman That’s For Sure, But I Do Know What Works And What Doesn’t When It Comes To Anxiety…

You may have read some of my posts on my thoughts about anxiety therapy, and prescription medications when it comes to panic attacks, generalized anxiety, health anxiety etc. I think it’s all bogus really, and my goal is to create a community of like minded people looking to stop anxiety naturally. As I write this for you my readers now, I can’t tell you the power that experience brings with it. My 6 year battle with health anxiety, panic attacks, and other mental conditions has shown me the two very real and very scary paths an anxiety sufferer can take.

Path #1) Natural path to conquering anxiety and panic.

Embarking on a path where the unknown world is scary, for the simple reason that it’s a path that is far too unfamiliar for the anxious minded person. It’s like stepping into an extremely cold ocean of water, and pulling back instantly. The fear is just too much to take, it’s uncomfortable and there is no guarantee in their minds of what the future will be like if they embark on this path of natural anxiety recovery.

Path #2) Coping with anxiety and ‘getting by’ from day to day.

This path is far more likely to not cause any unknown pop-ops from day to day. The anxious conditioning brews on just as it

the anxiety guy

It’s always the first few steps that are the hardest…

did the day before, the work day goes by just as it did, and the evening brings about a feeling of exhaustion, mental, and emotional fatigue just as it did in days before. This is the world that most of those 26.2% of Americans live in, and will be living in until their days are done. Simply fearing putting in both feet into the cold ocean water, and eventually swimming freely through their fears without paying them much attention. Everyone who has naturally stopped their GAD, panic attacks, health anxiety etc after suffering for months and ever years has The Anxiety Guy in them. They have a unique set of tools in their mental and emotional toolbox that took time to condition, and now see the world much less darker then days past.

As unknown and uncomfortable as Path #1 may be, I challenge you, the one with the anxiety disorder to expect more from life.

Get to the point of what I call ‘No Return’ and become fed up with continuing on a path that is far from your true potential. The Anxiety Guy End The Anxiety Program’s checking in system provides you with a mentor, a mentor that has been in your shoes and can pick you up when setbacks occur (and they will). So take today to re-evaluate what your deepest desires are for your life, and get to the point of no return. Once that is accomplished your half way through that deep dark tunnel called anxiety.