Inspiration Against Anxiety

inspiration against anxiety

Confidence is everything!

Today’s inspiration against anxiety photo reminds us that when our natural instincts of fight or flight manifest, we truly understand at a deep level that the sensations that come with it are normal. When you begin to face your physical sensations that comes with panic attacks, you begin building confidence and accepting that you truly are not in any kind of real physical danger. Think about today’s inspiration against anxiety photo when you feel things spiralling out of control, then you can begin facing rather then running… this is the key to desensitizing yourself from your fears and panic.


3 comments on “Inspiration Against Anxiety

  1. I just had this conversation with a guest on my radio show this evening. A perspective I shared was that fear is often about future outcomes — which rarely manifest! If we consciously live in the now, we would see that fear is rarely present. Then what? 🙂

    Spot on, Dennis!

  2. I was going to share a similar sentiment Eric. I have found that our anxiety manifests deeply when we either dwell in the past or worry about the future. I have multiple techniques I use with my clients to center them to the present. Thank you for posting this!

  3. It’s interesting because when a quoted photo such as this one hits someone deeply, it can truly create the wheels of change to begin working. I’ve seen this happen over and over through emails to me saying how one sentance made all the brain fog they’ve experienced go away, and a new direction had begun. I’m truly convinced Lifes journey, and Eric that such inspiration and knowledge that comes from experience, and personal research as we provide brings with it deep positive emotion in people who internalize so much fear. Change is than inevitable as long as it’s maintained…

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