How Much Of This Quote Do You Agree With?

inspiration against anxiety

Your subconscious mind holds your short term memory and plays a key role in your day to day functioning.

Your subconscious filters out the unnecessary information and delivers only what is needed at that moment, and is constantly at work staying very aware of your surroundings every moment. The Amygdala is part of the subconscious mind and deals with emotions, memory processing, and how we react to fear and stress triggers. Research now shows that it is in fact possible to talk to the amygdala during hypnosis, this completely relaxes the stress response and calms the nervous system so that your immune system and body can heal and rebuild. When the conscious and subconscious mind are working in harmony, the mind becomes productive, creative and healthy in its endeavors. However when this harmony is unbalanced the mind becomes dysfunctional and leads to a destructive collapse. So with that quick update on how our minds function let’s get to the fun part:

Would you agree that the quitest of people usually have the loudest minds?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below?


Powerful Guided Meditation Session For Stress And Anxiety (Video)

guided meditation for stress and anxiety

A Calm And Clear Minded Weekend Away From Stress And Anxiety Starts Here

A powerful guided meditation and relaxation session for stress, anxiety and depression for you. This audio includes Delta Waves/binaural beats for a deeper relaxation experience. Marie Gardiner a professional member of The Anxiety Guy team walks you through steps that will put your mind at ease, and give you relief from stress and anxiety immediately.

Don’t forget to listen daily with headphones on somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Share your thoughts and suggestions on the guided meditation session below in the comment section.

Relax and enjoy.