The Top Signs Of Stress That May Be Leading You Towards Burnout

all the signs of stress and burnout

Stress is the way your body reacts to demands.

I want you to to take a few minutes to think of what’s causing stress in your life. Some of the more common signs of stress are things like schedule changes, deadlines at work, lack of sleep and certain relationships with friends and family members. Understand right here as you keep reading this post that unless you deal with these signs of stress, you are headed down a road that leads to complete burnout and it’s not a pretty one once you get there I can tell you that.

Introducing To You, The ‘Glands Of Stress’

Your adrenal glands are basically your best friends that reside in your body that we take for granted. Their job is to enable your body to deal with stress from each and every possible source out there. Everything from your daily energy, your resiliancy and pretty much your quality of life all depends on how weel they function each and everyday.

When Your Adrenal Glands Aren’t Functioning Correctly Lethargy (lack of energy) Will Strike You Like Lightning!

You may wake up one day and think what the heck? I feel like complete crap! If this is the case answer these 6 questions right now in the signs os stress and burnoutyour head, and lets’s find out whether or not the signs of stress in your life have led you to burnout:

1) Has your ability to handle, and deal with stress as well as pressure decreased in the last few weeks?

2) Has your thinking become confused when you are hurried or under pressure lately (foggy, can’t think clear)?

3) In the last few weeks does EVERYTHING seem like a chore, even things that used to comes easy for you to do?

4) If you don’t get to sleep by 11pm do you get a second wind of energy that often lasts until 1 or 2 am?

5) Do you get colds and coughs that seem to stick around for weeks at a time?

6) Is your sex drive noticably less then it used to be?

So How Did You Do?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of those questions them read on, if you answered no to most of those questions… then read on anyway.

As I sit here and dive into this somewhat large piece of dark chocolate in my hands, I have to admit i’ve been there and know exactly where you’re coming from. Remember that quick scan of of your life at the beginning of the article, the one where you identified the signs of stress and anxiety in your life? Well it’s time to go a step farther now so we can create the ultimate…

Good, Bad and Extremely Ugly Chart!

good, bad and ugly for stress and burnout

Still love that movie… Just saying.

This is going to take anywhere from 5 to 5 hours of your time (depending on a number of things). So grab a piece of paper and make 3 columns. One on the top left that reads GOOD, one in the middle that reads BAD, and the last one on the top right that says UGLY. Now look to see what is working, and what are the signs of stress that are draining you and leading you and your ‘glands of stress’ towards what seems like inevitable burnout. In the good section you could write things like: Writing in the evenings, bike rides in the morning with Sara, the types of things that will contribute to your overall well being and help your adrenal glands out. In the bad column write down the things that are detracting from your life such as being a couch potato and watching too much tv, being a perfectionist or being around Jane too much. In the ugly column write down all the things that are in the short term help list that are the energy robbers in your life such as alcohol, coffee, soft drinks, anything that you feel you need to rely on to get you going.

Start The Cycle Of Stop-Breathe-Reflect-Choose To Deal With The Signs Of Stress Now

My personal favourite part of this cycle is the reflect part, it’s powerful stuff if you do it right.

Make this weekend the weekend that you begin moving away from stress and burnout. Start the process of completely eliminating the tension and tightness that you hold in your mind and body. Know that you always have a choice in the matter. You have a choice whether to look at something as a problem or as a challenge, you have the choice of whether to think in more positive ways or negative ways during the day.

Remember that It’s the choices you make today that will make your life more enjoyable, and less demanding for the future.

Is there a natural supplement or daily routine that has helped you combat your signs of stress and burnout? Share your personal comments and experiences in the comment section below.


Cris’s Inspirational Advice, and Review Of The End The Anxiety Program

end the anxiety program

Hi there my name is Cris Hutchins, I wanted to share some insight into what i’ve learned through The Anxiety Guy over this past week doing the end the anxiety program.

What Is Anxiety?

Many ordinary people suffer from anxiety, but have you given any thought about what anxiety actually is? Anxiety is a term used for different disorders that can turn into physical symptoms that are caused by being tense, nervous or worried. Anxiety is usually considered an unpleasant feeling and it’s hard to deal with it. It has some similarities to fear, but it’s still a completely different feeling. The feeling is usually accompanied by muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue, and problems in concentration. Although anxiety can be appropriate sometimes, if it’s too much and stays for too long then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can be easily recognized by people. Usually the feeling of anxiety bring a worried facial expression to the one that suffers from it. Other nervous habits such as biting your nails, or going back and forth across a room can be an indicator for anxiety. Getting a panic attack is also common for people with anxiety disorders. All these problems can lead to a more unhealthy life and this is why anxiety has to be treated, otherwise it’s bad for you and the people around you.

The Internet Can Back-Fire Sometimes

When looking for a solution on how to handle anxiety, people usually turn to the Internet. The bad thing is that most of the results they get there are about anti-depressant pills and therapies. Although these methods might work, there are many easier and more pleasant ways of getting rid of anxiety. The Anxiety Guy is a website where such solutions can be found. The website is dedicated to helping people with anxiety disorders to get rid of the problem in an easy to understsand and apply way, without having to spend loads of money on pills or therapies. By staying at home and getting proven knowledge and guidance on what to do you can easily overcome your anxiety problems in a matter of weeks.

The Anxiety Guy’s End The Anxiety Program is run by a group of professionals including Dennis Simsek, an experienced anxiety CBT and NLP trainer; Marie Gardiner, a psychology and relaxation specialist; and Robyn Olsen, a support team leader who has done so much for me already through the program. With so many experts in anxiety and psychology gathered in one place there is a 100% guarantee that their methods work to lessen and eventually end your anxiety and panic attacks naturally. The team is hardworking and truly dedicated to helping people overcome their panic and anxiety issues naturally. They have even gone as far as creating a blog full of tips and tricks on how to easily overcome stress in your life, depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

The Anxiety Guy Blog

The blog is updated every day with new and interesting articles. A real treatment for anxiety is one that you do by yourself, not with a therapist. By using emotions or imagination you can easily overcome your problems and the blog is able to show you how. With great and dedicated writers that love their job, the articles are always seductive and attention-grabbing. In order to get rid of all your anxiety problems you can simply start following the blog and change your life.

Forget about all those therapies and pills, the real treatment starts with you!

Cris Hutchins

How To Explain Your Anxiety Disorder To Friends And Family (Video)

explaining your anxiety diosrder to friends and family

No one said it was easy to explain your anxiety disorder to others, but if you do it right it just might be what you deeply need.

If there’s once thing that haunted me during my time with an anxiety disorder, it was the inability and will power to explain my anxious condition to others. Sure deep down I really wanted to fill people in on why I was the way I was, but how would they take this kind of news? How would I be able to get the best feedback from them? Finally, who would be the best person to talk to so I could create the best anxietys upport group available in my circle? These thoughts were constantly on my mind and I know are on yours as well, so here’s a fantastic video on how to explain your anxiety disorder to friends and family member, enjoy!

A Little Inspiration Against Anxiety To Start Your Day

Inspiration against anxiety

Clearing the clutter in your head takes a deep realization of what in your life is causing you exhaustion. Once you’ve recognized the things in your life that is contributing to your anxious mind, you can begin your journey out of anxiety.

What Are The Real Affects Of Anxiety On You?

images (6)

Unfortunately, anxiety can have a profound impact upon a sufferer’s life and relationships. To cope with the symptoms of anxiety and panic, people may start smoking or drinking too much, or misusing drugs. They can also start to avoid certain situations and only maintain those relationships that support their negative views on life.

An individual with anxiety problems may find it difficult to hold down a job, develop or maintain good relationships, or enjoying leisure time. Sleep problems can also make anxiety symptoms worse and reduce a sufferer’s ability to cope.

For some, anxiety can be so overwhelming that it takes over their  lives. They may, therefore, experience severe or frequent panic attacks, for no apparent reason, or have a persistent underlying sense of anxiety. This can then trigger other anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia or OCD.

There are natural ways to reduce anxiety that are appropriate for certain types of anxiety problems.

For example, learning controlled breathing is particularly useful for controlling panic and gradually facing the situations and things that you fear (exposure) is particularly useful for phobias. Other anxiety solutions include:

Guided relaxation techniques – the symptoms can be controlled by breathing and relaxation techniques, and by

best anxiety relaxation audio

If you’re looking for the best relaxation audio session for your anxiety, you’ve just found it through Marie Gardiner. Just click the photo…

replacing distressing, negative thoughts with positive, peaceful ones.

Assertiveness training – for some, learning how to handle difficult situations and to stand up for themselves can make
them feel more confident and, therefore, more relaxed.

Complementary therapies – can help people to relax, sleep better, and deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, homeopathy and hypnotherapy are methods that can be used.

Exercise – can help people cope with anxiety and feelings of tension, and improve sleep. It uses adrenalin and other
hormones, produced under stress, allowing muscles to relax, as well as raising levels of serotonin.

Good methods of exercising are walking and swimming as they allow individuals to be active at their own pace and choose whether to exercise alone or in company.

Healthy living – a healthy diet and plenty of sleep, as well as avoiding stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes.

Talking to someone who’s been in your shoes before – can help relieve feelings as others may have had similar experiences. I know in my own personal success story over debilitating anxiety, without a mentor who I reached out to when things looked dim for me… I might just still be the one looking for a solution to my anxiety, just as you are.

The interesting part about society today is we’re all searching for quick answers to our problems, and when that doesn’t work say in the form of anxiety related prescriptions, or certain techniques or therapy, we give it up and go back to our old ways of coping with anxiety.


Because that’s what we’re used to, that’s what we know. the unknown world of recovery from anxiety can be so foreign to someone that they may in fact fear the steps it may take to stop anxiety naturally. If this sounds like you, begin your road to recovery through the #1 online anxiety program today and end the coping and ‘getting by’ once and for all.