An Important Reminder For Those Battling Anxiety And Depression

battling anxiety and depression with sleep

“Sleep furnishes the armor you require to battle anxiety and depression. Without enough rest, you’re more susceptible to those damaging messages twirling around in your brain, and less able to do beneficial things on your own behalf.”

If you’re fighting with insomnia, make certain your bedroom is made for sleep. It should be an area for rest, not stimulus. Do away with anything related to work and additional sources of concern, like paperwork and bills. If you keep a TV set or computer in your room, move it someplace else. Begin lessening your anxiety and depression by making the minutes prior to sleep as peaceful as imaginable.



Does Difficult Decision Making And Anxiety Go Hand In Hand?

decision making and anxiety

Anxiety brings with it many faces, but i’m sure you knew that already from experience. One of the most annoying symptoms of anxiety is the inability to properly make a decision. To have a mind clear enough to decide right then and there whether to take the stairs, or the elevator for example. The simplest tasks can seem like a 100 foot wall standing in front of you, and soon you may begin completely putting your life in the hands of your subconscious, non caring, non thinking ways.

This Is When Things Can Go Terribly Wrong

As I write this for you, the one suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety or even a certain phobia such as agoraphobia today, I feel a sense of gratefulness. Grateful that I went through an anxiety disorder, and came out the other side maybe a little exhausted and mentally fatigued but that’s all. So don’t think for a second all hope is lost. The thinking process you have right now which may be pretty much non exisitent, is due to your deep sensitization, fears you may feel are lurking at every corner, and mental exhaustion due to the clutter in your mind. The inability to make straight forward decisions are common with constant anxiety, and as a house can be de-cluttered of the garbage, and useless items it holds for many years, so can your mind be rid of the very things that are preventing you from living the life you desire.

So How Do We Begin De-Cluterring So That Our Decision Making Comes Easy To Us Again?

Simple, just make a list. I can hear you now, Dennis I hate making lists! To that I say, would you trade in 10 minutes of your time to begin the process of de-cluttering your life so that you can finally, once and for all take power back from living a life of reaction and fear? I hear a YES! Awesome let’s get to it.

This list involves 6 very important areas of your life, and in each area I want you to pick out what part is causing you

decision making and anxiety

It’s really not as easy as ‘just pick the gray one’ with anxiety…

mental, physical or even emotional exhaustion. The areas you will be writing about are:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health and Fitness
  • Finances
  • Social Life
  • Spiritual Development

So an example for your list may be under the category of social life, where the local pub you hang out weekly (or even daily which was the case for me during my past life with anxiety) is draining you physically because you’re throwing back one more beer then you know you should. This contributes to your exhaustion greatly, and only adds to your cluttered mind and reactive ways in the days after a night out. Another example may be your relationship with a friend that you may need to cut out because it’s simply too emotionally draining. I would know because i’ve had some pretty good friends in my time who’ve dropped their sad life experiences on me on a daily basis.

Now that you get the idea of how to de-clutter, end exhaustion and ultimately become a clearer decision maker.

Take some time now to grab your journal (for heavens sake get a journal if you don’t have one already) and begin writing! In a short amount of time this symptom of anxiety will be a thing of the past, and you’ll have only yourself to be proud of.

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Being The Anxiety Guy Couldn’t Be More Fulfilling

image There’s nothing like putting in your own time, and seeing a transformation in people right before the eyes. We truly can turn what we think is impossible, into possible with the proper tools and guidance. I want to thank you for putting your trust in me, so that I can turn your anxious conditioning around.

Message Of The Day


The only thing holding you back from executing this message in the face of anxiety, is the conditioned idea that you live in a fearful world and that it will be too hard to change.

The truth is if I can do it, anyone can. So take this message with you today, and begin a conditioning process that will help you rather than harm you.

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3 Powerful Steps To Become An Incredible Anxiety Support Group


It’s not easy being the best support group for an anxiety sufferer. It’s hard to understand the limiting fears of the anxiety sufferer, but these 3 steps will help get you on the same page with your friend or loved one:

1) Get Knowledgeable – through books, other anxiety sufferers stories, and audio programs learn everything you can about their specific condition.

2) Learn The Art Of Patience – it can be confusing and frustrating to constantly become bombarded by an anxiety sufferers worries. But combining your expert knowledge on the subject, as well as a patient mindset will be just what the person needs.

3) Take The Anxiety Sufferer By The Hand Through Their Fears – Develop a systematic 10 step way to face the persons fears, and walk them through it everyday. This is the most powerful step because they have the guidance needed to step out of their comfort zones, and they will build tremendous confidence in the process.

Apply these powerful steps to become the best support person you can be starting today!

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