Are You Running, Or Allowing When It Comes To Panic Attacks?

how to stop panic attacks

I know what you’re thinking, Dennis you’re crazy. How in the world can I simply ALLOW a panic attack to take place when all these thoughts and anxious sensations are consuming me completely? I don’t blame you, it’s not easy. The imaginations of such creative people like ourselves, who’ve suffered in the past and who still suffer from certain anxiety disorders, can run wild. Thoughts of impending doom, confusion, and even frustration are all quite normal when it comes to the one experiencing the full blown panic attack. But the practice of allowing is something that must be conditioned, even in the worst panic attack scenarios. By reacting to anxious thoughts in a physcial manner and possibly running to the ‘safe zone’ each and everytime a panic attack strikes, we feed the cycle of panic greatly. But we can reverse the process by building enough confidence in ourselves, by becoming knowledgable through anxiety blogs such as this one, and eventually looking fear straight in the eyes and holding up a big white flag that reads’I surrender.’


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