The Most Powerful Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

best herb for anxiety and depression

It wasn’t until I moved to Bali Indonesia a few years back that I ran into one of the most powerful herbs on the market for anxiety and depression. The people in Bali used this herb exclusively for free radical damage caused by stress, and they mentioned how it also prevented premature aging as well as chronic illness (which explains why many of the 90 year olds still look around 60 there). So I had to give it a shot even though I had tried everything out there already. To my surprise I realized quickly that this herb was simply MADE for people dealing with anxiety and depression.

Why Ashwagandha Is The Best Herb On The Market For Anxiety And Depression

Now before I go on and  tell you the benefits, my own personal story with this herb let me explain something that is really important here for you. You’re reading this post because you either want to learn how to deal with stress better in your daily life, you have an anxiety disorder and are searching for a natural solution after trying pretty much everything already, or you’re in need of some motivation in the form of a success story from someone who’s been in your anxious shoes, and has come out the other side. For you I say this:

Herbs Should Be Viewed And Taken As A Sidekick And Not A Potential Cure For Your Anxiety

your trusty sidekick for stress and anxiety

Believe in your trusty sidekick… Ashwagandha!

Hope I didn’t step on any toes there, but it’s the cold hard truth. My personal natural recovery from an anxiety disorder didn’t begin until I reached a point in my life where I believed no external help in the form of herbs or pills, was going to make me all better. So with this new found approach to ending your anxiety disorder natural let’s get to my favourite anxiety herb on the market today.

Whether it’s to improve your ability to think in a more straight forward manner, decrease pain and swelling caused by inflammation or for treating wounds Ashwagandha is a multi purpose plant. The power of this herb combined with a CBT approach to ending the cycle of fear and anxiety, along with a specific diet can do absolutely wonders for you as it has done for many people around the world.

In Many Studies Taken Place Recently Ashwagandha Has Been Shown To Be As Effective As Many Anti Anxiety Medications and Antidepressants

But back to my own experience with this herb for a second. After orally taking Ashwagandha for 7 days straight I began to feel similar anxiety relieving feelings as taking Ativan (Lorazepam, a very popular anti anxiety prescription medication that doctors are famous for pushing down our throats). In a seperate study when Ashwagandha was given to some chronically stressed out animals the number of degenerating brain cells was reduced by 80%,

I mean I know they’re animals but that’s still awesome!

Happy animals no stress or anxiety

Nope, no worries here.

We all know the effects that chronic stress has on our minds as well as our bodies, and it’s our job to push back against anxiety, degenerative disease and premature aging. What we don’t need is to be taking something orally for the benefits it might have for our mental health, and at the same time worry about what the side effects are to taking what we’re taking!

This is where an amazing anxiety herb such as Ashwagandha can be helpful. No side effects which equals no worries. This indian herb has demonstrated excellent results in my own personal past life with anxiety and depression, and it may do the same for you. So what do you really have to lose, except maybe a few notches on that high stress and anxiety scale you’re currently dealing with…

Have you tried Ashwagandha or another type of herb that has worked well for you? Join the conversation and share your experiences in the comment section below.



7 Power Foods To Lower Your Stress And Anxiety levels

foods against anxiety

Can eating the right foods give you relief from stress and anxiety?

I believe it can make a big difference definitely, especially if you add these 7 foods to your daily intake.


Did you know that avocados are actually a fruit? It’s true! An amazing source of B6 and folic acid that both help with proper nervous system functioning.


blueberries for anxiety

Blueberries especially are superfoods that are packed with a variety of antioxidants, these antioxidants are known to be extremely beneficial against stress and anxiety.


In your new anti-anxiety diet oranges can not be ignored. Research has shown that by simply peeling and sniffing an orange your blood pressure drops by a few points. Imagine what it can do for you if you eat it!


foods against anxiety

Zinc defiency can cause depression, and with these shellfish containing 7 times the serving of zinc over any other food, you may just put the nasty smell of it behind you.


Did you know that just one ounce of walnuts can replace your stress depleted B vitamins? With those kinds of stats this nut can’t be ignored.

Dark Chocolate

Want to reduce cortisol levels? Grab a piece (I said a piece!) of dark chocolate without the added sugars or milks. The compounds in dark chocolate helps to lift your mood, so you can stop the guilt of eating dark chocolate now.

Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea for stress and anxiety

My personal favourite tea to drink, especially just before bed. Did you know that some compounds in chamomile actually act the same way as valium for your brain receptors? If you don’tlike the tea form, you can always use the supplement form to help with stress and anxiety in your life.

Bottom line is food makes a difference, a big difference when it comes to lowering your stress and anxiety levels. I go much deeper into a set anti-anxiety diet plan in my nutrition plan to combat stress and anxiety ebook, but It simply can’t be ignored. So begin to consciouly pick out what you put in your body and use this list to help you out.

Is there certain foods that have helped or hurt your progress over relieving stress and anxiety from your life? Share your experiences in the comment section below.

Top 10 Greatest Anxiety Fighting Foods On The Planet

best foods to stop anxiety

Confused about dieting? I don’t blame you. Add the fact that people who suffer from chronic anxiety and panic disorder have difficulty getting through a day filled with over worry and panic, and you’ve got a person stuck in constant confusion and frustration on how to deal with their anxiety. Many researchers have proven the positive connections between consuming the proper foods, and combating anxiety naturally. With that being said, let’s get to the…

Top 10 Greatest Anxiety Fighting Foods On the Planet:

10) Sushi – Don’t like fish? Well it’s time to turn that ship around starting today! Sushi is loaded with stress relieving properties such as magnesium and vitamin B2 just to name a few. Time to take your loved one out for a night of sushi!

9) Blueberries – These little blue guys are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, which are both incredible stress busters and best anxiety foods on the planetwill help with dealing with anxiety. Best advice I can give you is to throw some blueberries into your morning shake, sit back, and reap the benefits.

8) Greek Yogurt – Get some plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt if you want to lower your blood pressure and get a great big dose of vitamins B6 and B12. Greek yogurt also contains magnesium and calcium all great anxiety fighters. Opa!

7) Almonds – OK, you have no excuses when it comes to eating almonds. The best thing I did as I worked on ending my own 6-year struggle with panic and anxiety was to replace my bag a day potato chip eating habit, with a handful of almonds in my pocket everyday. Go raw over roasted almonds and avoid the salted versions as sodium contributes to high blood pressure, which escalates feelings of panic and anxiety quickly.

6) Peppermint Tea – I can add teas to the list of anxiety fighter’s right? Talking purely from experience here, I found peppermintpeppermint tea for anxiety tea to be better for anxiety then chamomile tea and helped me keep my focus for longer periods, as well as kept my performance up (in every way possible). The scent of it, the taste of it, everything that comes with peppermint tea is awesome. If you feel that caffeine in tea doesn’t work well for dealing with your anxiety, you can always get the caffeine-free version. Time for a cup-o-tea!

5) Oatmeal – Depleted Serotonin levels can increase anxiety levels and keep you agitated for long periods of time, that’s where oatmeal comes in. Eating foods rich in fiber (whole grain carbohydrates) will get a steady flow of serotonin working for you. Other rich in fiber carbs to keep in mind are quinoa, and whole wheat bread.

4) Turkey – Thanksgiving Day should be the best day for anyone suffering from panic and constant anxiety. Why you may ask? Turkey contains an essential amino acid known as tryptophan, which eases anxiety and calms the mind. Think back to those days when you felt ‘nappy’ after a big turkey dinner, that’s the tryptophan talking.

3) Beets – Time to get that old juicer out and start making some fresh beet juice! With the amazing anti-inflammatory properties best foods to combat anxietythat come with fresh beet juice, you can’t afford not to make this the #1 juicing vegetable for your mind and body, as you work towards stopping your anxiety naturally.

2) Ginger – Hate eating ginger by itself? Throw it in your blender with blueberries and some leafy greens! Ginger contains an antioxidant called Gingerol, which gets rid of those bad chemicals roaming around your body that usually leads to mental and physical stress and anxiety. Still don’t want to throw it in your blender to make juice out of it? Fine, there are many herbal teas that ginger is diffused in. Gingerize yourself to help stop anxiety naturally.

1) Broccoli – Time to re train those yucky memories of broccoli from when you were a kid. Broccoli is absolutely packed with vitamins that include stress and anxiety fighting essential B vitamins, and folic acid (a family member for B vitamins). If you’re looking to relieve anxiety and stress and even send away any of those depressive symptoms you may be having, it’s time to regularly add broccoli to your diet.

The Connection between Diet And Anxiety Is Very Real…

You may be thinking, how can I possibly add all these foods to my anti anxiety diet all of a sudden. That’s where planning and patience comes in. The great thing is you don’t need loads of each and every anti anxiety food to feel the benefits, small amounts of daily intake will make a huge difference in the short tern, and your mind and body will thank you for it.

The End The Anxiety Program has been proven to help anxiety sufferers end their anxiety disorders naturally. Through this easy to understand audio program, you will be equipped to deal with every situation you face when dealing with your anxiety. To find out more visit the End The Anxiety Program page and begin your natural recovery from chronic anxiety and panic today.

Everything You Need To Know About Juicing, And Why You MUST Have A Juicer

why you must have  a juicer

There are many advantages to eating fruit and vegetables raw, and if you’re searching for just a few more reasons to invest in that super dooper juicer that you’ve had your mind set on you might want to hold off at least until you’re done reading this post. But before we dive into what the best juicer for you might be, let’s look at some reasons for why you might want to begin juicing!

What are the benefits of a juicer over just eating fresh fruit and vegetables?

The use of fresh fruit and vegetable juices in both normal and therapeutic diets has long been established as a great aid to natural health, energy and well-being. The high mineral and nutrient content, combined with the vibrant life-energy of fresh fruits and vegetables, makes pure, fresh juice a wonderful part of a healthy person’s diet. In no other way can one consume the nutritional content of, for example, a pound or two of apples and carrots (in a glass) and then go on to eat a healthy breakfast.

best juicer to buy

Fresh juices are an invaluable supplement to any person’s diet. Indeed there are therapies that rely almost entirely on the power and nutrition available in juices to rid an ailing body of serious illness, even cancer. The body is stimulated by such concentrated goodness to throw off negative, pathological cellular deterioration and regain excellent health.

What are the advantages of a juicer over bought juice?

Making fresh juices from your own juicer provides you with the same live enzymes that are available in raw fresh fruit and vegetables. These fresh raw foods give us more energy and sparkle than cooked, ‘dead’ foods, and ‘dead’ juices that have been sitting in a container on the supermarket shelf for days, weeks or even months. This energy (from the freshly made juice) is concentrated, and you feel it as soon as you drink it. It can clear your head and make you feel light and energetic.

Juicers can vary dramatically in price, so what should you look for in buying a juicer?

In order to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, it is necessary first to break down the cell walls and fibers and then separate out the juice. Ideally, a top quality juicer should deliver a nutrient-rich juice on the one hand and a dry pulp of cell walls and fibers, on the other. There are basically two types of juicers: centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers.

So what is a centrifugal juicer?

best juicer to buy

This is an inexpensive juicer and is widely available. It merely grates fruits and vegetables, leaving strings of unbroken cells. The juice from the cells that have been broken is then spun out at very high speed (6,000 to 10,000 rpm). Because the juice is flung out, it mixes with the air and so oxidizes (turns brown) quickly. The pulp usually remains very moist, because the process has not extracted all the juice. Not only is this more wasteful, but the juice is paler, more watery, lower in nutrient value and often quite insipid in flavour.

That doesn’t sound very appetizing. Are masticating juicers any better?

Masticating juicers provide richer, more flavourful, nutritious juices. They are altogether more ‘serious’, although more expensive, but should be considered to be an investment in good health. They more thoroughly break up fruit or vegetables, and press out the juice from the resulting pulp inside a nose cone with a narrow opening.

This is far more efficient than centrifugal action. A good masticating juicer will extract up to five times more nutrients than centrifugal juicers.

Masticating juicers 7974999248_db2162dba0

like the popular American champion juicer – use a rugged cutter, spinning at 1425 rpm. This will juice whole carrots and quartered apples speedily and with ease.

There are also slower masticating juicers that use a single auger or twin gears, revolving at 80 to 160 rpm, to more gently crush smaller pieces of fruit and vegetables. They are especially useful for juicing tough fibrous greens and wheat-grass (a powerful healing natural tonic).

You can also juice wheat-grass with a manual masticating juicer. A good one can be relatively inexpensive to buy, and is similar to an old fashioned table-mounted mincer that is turned with a handle. Many masticating juicers will also make smoothies, purees, nut butters, pasta, baby foods and frozen fruit ice creams.

Juicing Tip:

Try and drink your freshly made juice in a 15 minute time frame immediately after juicing, this will keep most of the nutrients from being destroyed from things like lighting.

The price of a good juicer may seem quite high, but the quality of the juice produced, and the long life of the juicer, far outweigh the initial outlay when compared to the cheaper, far less efficient models on the market. Share your own experiences with your own juicer, as well as how often you may be using one in the comment section below!

Happy Juicing!

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