How To Explain Your Anxiety Disorder To Friends And Family (Video)

explaining your anxiety diosrder to friends and family

No one said it was easy to explain your anxiety disorder to others, but if you do it right it just might be what you deeply need.

If there’s once thing that haunted me during my time with an anxiety disorder, it was the inability and will power to explain my anxious condition to others. Sure deep down I really wanted to fill people in on why I was the way I was, but how would they take this kind of news? How would I be able to get the best feedback from them? Finally, who would be the best person to talk to so I could create the best anxietys upport group available in my circle? These thoughts were constantly¬†on my mind and I know are on yours as well, so here’s a fantastic video on how to explain your anxiety disorder to friends and family member, enjoy!