Beware The Anti-Anxiety Vultures And Hounds!

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This lady ain’t gonna be much happier in the end…

I want to give you a number that may be shocking. That number is the amount of money I spent on quick fixes, programs that cure anxiety, and anxiety therapy sessions with people online who call themselves experts.


Yep, that’s the amount i’ve spent on ways to stop anxiety during my 6 year battle with anxiety disorders. I’m sure you’re not too far behind if you’re currently stuck with an anxiety disorder and looking for a cure either. These anxiety scam artists will tell you everything you want to hear from thing like

  • How to stop anxiety in 7 days!
  • How to stop a panic attack within seconds!

And my personal favorite…

  • End your anxiety disorder within minutes with this new technique!

Dreadful, but what better people to target to make a pretty penny than someone who suffers from panic and anxiety? It’s true, the anxiety world needs a solution naturally. At the alarming rate that mental health issues are rising around the world, and the stress we are under from our everyday lives it’s becoming more and more difficult not to fall into the panic and anxiety cycle.

Beware of the ‘Hounds’ of anxiety!

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Make sure the key ingredient is present when making an online anti anxiety purchase.

I want to fill you in on the biggest reason why today’s online products related to panic, anxiety and mental health don’t work. Simply because there is no coach to go along with it. The last thing an anxiety sufferer needs is to be given more information on how to stop anxiety. What the truly need is a coach for several reasons:

  • To learn how to PROPERLY apply the tools and materials the purchased
  • To have someone with the same experience walk them through a setback
  • To provide feedback and the knowledge already presented in the bought tools, in a 1 on 1 environment

I mean what is the THING that anxiety sufferers are carving so deeply more than anything else right now? Yep, it’s called connection! They don’t need more tools, they don’t need more information, they need a deep sense of connection.

So my advice to you if you suffer from an anxiety disorder is…

Look for the anxiety solutions and tools that come with the much needed support, and make sure that support is in line with what you need. Not an email once in a while, but a team that will take time out of their day and challenge and support you as you go about how to stop anxiety naturally and safely. Consider this your warning, and always proceed with caution.


By creating this post I am by no means trying to convince you of the fact that I’m the ‘GOOD GUY’ so to speak. Some like me, and some hate me… it’s all good in the end 😉


Can Panic Attacks And Anxiety Kill You?

My 6 year struggle with constant panic attacks, and vicious cycles of anxiety brought on many fearful question in my mind. None of the more constant then the question

Can Panic Attacks And Constant Anxiety Kill You?

It’s actually amazing how vast our imaginations can be. Especially people who struggle with generalized anxiety and panic attacks. We think up the worst possible scenario in each and every situation. Now that I look back on my anxiety struggles, I think to myself if only I used that incredible imagination to think of the possible positive outcomes in those situations. I definitely wouldn’t have struggled with constant anxiety for as long as I did. Here’s a video that will answer your question of can a panic attack and constant anxiety kill you in a little more detail, so check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

Take Today To Reflect On The Positives

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A Day To Reflect…

So how has the last few days been for you? Today let’s look back and take in the positives not only from the first 3 challenges you were given, but from any of the valuable knowledge and tools on The Anxious Athlete Facebook page that has helped you with your fears, panic attacks, chronic anxiety or any kind of mental health issue. It’s important to celebrate the smallest successes, so that you gain momentum towards the direction you want to go.

What If You Were Free From Panic And Anxiety?

Ratingshow to stop anxiety blogFor years, I never took the time to think about this question. Sometimes acting out that light at the end of the tunnel can put you in the correct mindset and guide you to freedom.

The End The Anxiety program website is currently down due to reconstruction but get ready because our proven methods through our program, has just gotten better. If you are looking for support or guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes and has come out on the other side, Like The Anxious Athlete page on Facebook for all the latest updates

I See it…I Feel It…But Is It Real?

dizziness and anxietyHave you ever had a feeling that you weren’t sure that what you were looking at was real or not? Depersonalisation can be described as a recurring feeling of detachment from one’s own body, as if being in a dream-like state and not really ever in touch with reality. For many years, this was my continuous state, and at times it would be quite scary. My daily life was turned into confusion at every corner and this very troubling symptom of anxiety had me very worried. To get a good idea of what this felt like and the unsteadiness that accompanied it, you can shake your head side to side 20 times while not sleeping for 2 days straight and that should give you an idea of what I felt 24 hours a day.

Depersonalisation And Anxiety Disorders Go Hand In Hand

depersonalisation and anxiety

This is very common and many people with anxiety disorders suffer from it. My thoughts completely slowed down, my response to a simple question felt extremely challenging and the worst part of all this would be trying to explain the feeling to someone else who’s never heard of depersonalisation or felt anything quite like it. I felt like I was at a disadvantage in every single tennis match I played, and I was curious to know what it felt like to see everything as “normal” again. I wanted to rid myself of this nightmare so much that I in fact added more stress to the situation which helped to maintain these awful experiences. I started doing some research on what this was because my doctors didn’t have a clue (shocking…), and the emergency room was getting tired of putting me through tests to my head. I realized that my nervous system wasn’t able to process all the stress I was putting myself under all at once, and I finally realized that the feeling of unreality I was experiencing was my nervous system forcing me to relax and forcing me to slow things down.

This hazy view and unsteadiness was caused by a mental shift in the part of my brain linked to the amygdala which is in fact the main organ responsible for anxiety. Learning about depersonalisation helped me understand what the heck was going on with me instead of just playing the victim and feeling sorry for myself, but it took me some time longer until I was completely over this dreaded symptom of anxiety.

So if you experience depersonalziation i’d love to hear your own stories on how it has affected your life, and what you are doing about it today. Comment below and i’ll catch up with you real soon (: