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Using Your Emotions To Fuel Or Eliminate Your Anxiety Disorder Naturally

Emotions are multi-faceted.

They can connect you to the world in a positive way, but they can also disconnect you from the world around you when they are profoundly negative. People who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression often become trapped in an endless cycle of worry, fear, helplessness, confusion, guilt, and sadness. These emotions influence your behavior and interactions with people on a daily basis. You don’t realize how much your perceptions of the world are influenced by these negative feelings. A small event like missing a bus or having to work late can escalate into a crisis because your emotions are built up inside of you and need to be released. You may feel a sudden rush of anger that causes you to say or do something that you regret, or a wave of sadness can come over for you seemingly for no reason causing you to feel incredible self-pity which leads to ongoing depression. Maybe you have that persistent, nagging anxiety in the back of your mind, the sense of impending doom that no amount of encouragement from people who care about you can fix. People are often not aware of what deep-rooted feelings or issues they may be having that cause them to be negative and unhappy. When you are hurt, you have a tendency to push the emotions down to avoid feeling upset at the time, unwittingly causing those emotions to be bottled up inside of you. Then they emerge when you are not expecting it, causing a lot of problems in your life.

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Consistent negative emotions can drain even the strongest of people.

The main thing you need to understand is that when difficult or upsetting things happen, you need to learn how to deal with those emotions right away.

Don’t run away from facing whatever issue you have to deal with. Your emotions, as they happen, are a signal that you need to react to the situation. You need to read the emotion and react accordingly. If you are feeling sadness, for example, you need to look at the root cause of that emotion not the situation you might be in at that moment. All main emotions (like sadness) have secondary emotions (such as guilt) that are usually causing them. Try to understand what secondary emotions might be coming into play at any time you might be feeling upset or anxious.

You are never feeling an emotion for no reason!

There is usually a trigger that you experienced that set off a secondary emotion, which then builds up with all of the other feelings you have been suppressing, and this causes an emotional reaction that seems out of sync with what you are experiencing.

The key here is to be aware of those deep-seeded underlying secondary emotions that are causing whatever negative feelings you are having, and deal with those feelings first.

Once you pay attention to those feelings, you can turn them around and begin to improve your overall outlook. Knowing what causes your negative feelings can work a great deal towards ending the cycle of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

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End The Anxiety Program Review

end the anxiety program review

Sarah has understood that setbacks during recovery is inevitable. Now she no longer fears the sensations of panic and anxiety.

I want to thank Sarah for her review of the End The Anxiety Program, in a short period of time Sarah has been able to desensitize herself from her fears that have caused her continued panic and anxiety for some time. She’s an example of how change can happen naturally no matter how long you’ve been suffering from anxiety and panic, as well as how severe your condition may be. 

Sarah’s End The Anxiety Program Review…

“I wanted to write in to thank you for the help. I began getting anxiety attacks in my 30’s and they were very bad. My family doctor as usual just wanted to put me on meds but I have two small children at home obviously I didn’t want to be all doped up every day. When I discovered you my life took a turn for the best! The checking in system the End The Anxiety Program provides is something so unique and valuable, that I believe the combination of this and the tools provided in the program is simply invaluable to any anxiety sufferer.”

“I highly recommend it to everyone in need!”

Sarah Jones


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Find Out If Your Anxiety Is Leading To Depression In 9 Simple Questions

Depression can be defined as ‘a mental disorder characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity’. However, it is important to realize that while this definition is true in the most general sense, there are many different types of depression, and all of them differ in terms of specific symptoms and causes.

On a general level however, depression is a mental health disorder that can affect every aspect of your life. It can change the way you sleep, the way you deal with other people, and the way you view life in general. It is an all-pervasive condition that is very different from a passing mood – something that does not simply go away, nor is it a sign of personal weakness or lack of courage.

Depression can be a crippling condition, so let’s start by seeing if you may be depressed. Keep in mind that everyone has their “blue” days. The thing that separates clinical depression from simple melancholy is that the symptoms occur over a period of time. They don’t come and go, they stay around for awhile and can affect your life adversely.

Ask yourself the following questions. Answer yes if you’ve been feeling this way consistently over a period of two weeks.

1. Do you find yourself constantly sad?
2. Are you un-motivated to do simple things like shower,
clean up the house, or make dinner?
3. Do people tell you you’re overly irritable?
4. Do you have trouble concentrating?
5. Are you feeling isolated from family and friends even
when they are around you?
6. Have you lost interest in your favorite activities?
7. Do you feel hopeless, worthless, or guilty for no reason
at all?
8. Are you always tired and have trouble sleeping?
9. Has your weight fluctuated significantly?

If you can answer “Yes” to five or more of these questions, you could be suffering from clinical depression. So now that you have a better idea of whether or not you may have depression, here are 2 things you can implement starting today to begin naturally overcoming your depression:

Start to take your life back through words…

A  healing device that you should start to utilize is to keep a regular diary. The best way to start this diary is to write down your interests, but depending upon your state of mind at the time, it may be very difficult to think of anything that genuinely interests you. Try to think of the things that used to interest you or go back as far as your childhood to find something to write about, just start writing!

Depression is a cry for a change…

Suffering depression is your mind’s way of telling you that you need to institute changes, and while a major change like moving to a different state or even a different country would be a huge step in the right direction, for many people this is simply not possible. That does not, however, mean that you cannot make changes to your environment which can help you to start getting over your depression problem.

I would urge you to consider using natural treatments such as the end the anxiety program if your anxiety and panic is contributing to your ongoing depression,  before you embark upon using pharmaceutical antidepressants (with their known side-effects). There are also many other natural alternatives out there that can help you, all you need is a little nudge in the right direction. 

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The Anxiety Guy Mission (Video)

Over the past few weeks many people have contacted me through social media sites, and emails asking me what The Anxiety Guy is all about. They quickly realize that The Anxiety Guy team isn’t just a bunch of anxiety ‘experts’ trying to make a buck, but rather a team of inspirational individuals led by myself doing their best to convince people of a simple idea, and that idea is…

Even The Worst Cases of Anxiety Disorders Can Be Naturally Reversed Through CBT, Exposure Therapy and a Little Thing We Call ‘The Checking In System’

In the short 4 minute video at the bottom of this page you’re going to find out a little more about The Anxiety Guy as well as the end the anxiety program, and how I once sufferered through crippling anxiety and panic as you do. But most people don’t understand how debilitating this condition really is, they don’t understand how difficult it can be to focus on the words that are coming out of someone elses mouth when all you can focus in on are the sensations of anxiety running wild within you. Or the feelings of desperation when hyperventilation and extreme dizziness shoots through you like thunder completely out of the blue.

I hope this short 4 minute video will inspire you to take a new path as you deal with your own anxiety and panic…

Once You Grasp This Idea, Everything Changes…


It took me a while to realize that I did have a choice. A choice of how I reacted to the paralyzing fearful and anxious thoughts that were sprinting from one to another in my head. To gain power back from your panic and anxiety cycle you made need to step into a world of the unkwnown for the time being, this world is anything but familiar. But with unfamiliarity new doors will open up for you, and through this process confidence is boosted and anxiety is lessened.