Inspirational Anxiety E-book

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The personal Anxious Athlete story brings a fresh new perspective of what life is like for a struggling tennis professional, having to deal with anxiety disorders at the same time.

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Dennis was brought up in Vancouver BC with a father who had one mission for his son, make him the next world number 1 tennis player. But the extreme daily circumstances that Dennis had to put up with at a young age not only turned his desire to achieve his own tennis dreams off, but led him to experience 6 years of debilitating anxiety that led to crippling panic attacks and a life that he thought twice about living during his adulthood.

The Me Vs Myself On And Off The Court e-book shares the natural secrets that took Dennis from a life of worry and fear, into a world of abundance and gratitude. By applying what this book has to offer consistently, the path to recovery from an anxiety disorder will be paved, and the inspiration that you will have gained will last a life time.

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What Anxiety Therapists Have To Say:

“I originally met Dennis through my therapy page on Facebook. Dennis immediately struck me as a genuine, honest guy and we soon exchanged techniques with each other, to try and improve the way we treat our clients. As an ex-sufferer, Dennis has a talent of explaining situations which only a sufferer would understand.

When I was asked to read a proof copy of this excellent book, I was honored to do so and did not need to be asked twice. Dennis’s experiences of being a top athlete, suffering from anxiety disorders, is an inspiration to all. This is an honest, no holds barred account of what sufferers go through each day of their lives. Unlike other books I have read, it has not been solely written to promote a dvd or program. Dennis’s description of what he experienced during periods of derealization, even worse on a tennis court, are the most authentic I have read and prove that, no matter how bad it gets, anxiety disorders do not have to be a life sentence.

This book should not just be read by sufferers; I would also strongly recommend it to anyone who has a sufferer as a friend or relative. This book will give you some sense of understanding what a sufferer goes through each and every day of their life. If you are lacking in inspiration or motivation, read this book over and over again. I wish Dennis success with this book and hope he continues to help sufferers regain their lives back. This industry needs people like Dennis.”


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