Two Key Elements When Dealing With Anxiety


Motivation Monday!

When it comes to anxiety, confidence and trust are two very important elements we must implement. Confidence in your ability to move through anxiety, trust in your bodies ability to withstand the symptoms.


One comment on “Two Key Elements When Dealing With Anxiety

  1. My life would change dramatically if I did not feel the fear of anxiety. RElationships with others would be long term not short term in my own experience people soon get fed up with you when you are constantly anxious.
    I would love to not have to live with this condition which I developed froma very young age of learning to hide myself away whenever my parents began shouting at each other.
    Any situation I find myself in where I have no control over my axiety kicks into action.
    I freeze on the spot and my mind goes blank which is devasting when you are caught up in a 4 dog attack and cannot remember what happened or how you eventually were down on the ground in the middle of an main road.
    It places myself in danger. Anyone got any thing I can do to keep my anxiety in control when situations happens like this as my fear takes over my mind and I have no idea of what I am doing.
    Any suggestions shall help me how to address this problem.

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