Stopping Your Anxious Mind And Future Fear And Anxiety Thinking


Stop making up negative futures that only add to your high anxiety levels

Here’s the problem, these potential negative futures that you keep conjuring up in your mind that is causing you higher levels of anxiety aren’t coming. They are nothing more than a figment of your imagination, yet their impact is no less intense. Imaginary negative futures literally imprison you before anything negative has even happened. You worry, fret and feel fear even though nothing has actually happened. You make plans to avoid this imaginary future, even though you have not encountered it.

The truth is that you have infinite possibilities before you. Any future that you dream up, you can manifest. This is good news and bad news. What you focus on, you create. So, if you allow your anxious mind to focus on imaginary negative futures that cause increased anxiety, then you will create that in your life. This only reinforces your anxious minds conviction that you should listen to its insanity!

You are not a psychic

You don’t know the future. You are not a fortune teller. So, these negative futures that your anxious mind creates aren’t necessarily coming. They represent one of millions of possibilities. Yet, notice how you operate as if they are coming. This will cause you to zig when you need to zag. You will operate out of fear and anxiety when in fact no fear or anxiety is necessary. After working with thousands of people to achieve happiness and success and stop their cycle of anxiety naturally, I can tell you that taking action when you are afraid often leads to disaster. More importantly, it WILL NOT make you happy.

Can you succeed with fear in the background? Absolutely. Almost every person who has ever succeeded has had fear in the background. But I am suggesting that there is a new paradigm which is success without the fear. Fear is not necessary for success. Fear makes success harder. All fear stems from the anxious mind and its foolish imaginings. Anything other then happiness and peace is just a state of mind.


Catch your anxious mind making up negative futures. Then question the validity of the imaginary future. Dream up all the different futures that could happen. Ask yourself, “Why couldn’t one of these other futures be what’s coming? Am I physic? Do I know the actual future?”

Make up futures that you want. What are you committed to? What do you want to have happen? What are the futures worth going for?

If you are going to make things up, why not make things up that make you feel good. If you’re going to make things up, why not make things up that empower you, inspire you, and gets you in action.

Stop allowing your anxious mind to make things up, that debilitate and put you in a constant state of fear and anxiety.

See you soon!

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