Let’s Make Your Goals And Dreams A Reality!

Dreams and goals

The number one reason people give up on their goals and dreams is because they see too many obstacles on their path. What if I told you to replace the word obstacles, with challenges? Would there be a difference in the way you approached each day, as you take those necessary steps to making those goals and dreams a reality? Yes!


just do something today

Make today that day and don’t look back. But my question to you is, what is a specific goal or dream for you? Share your own personal small achievement today, and also share your desires so other can feed off of your inspiration!

Just comment below.

9 comments on “Let’s Make Your Goals And Dreams A Reality!

  1. I was out of tennis competition for years due to my chronic anxiety,constant dizziness, heart palps, you name it I feared it Lee. I came to the understanding that fear hates anger, so when I became angry and began talking to my anxiety and letting it know that it’s power over me was short lived, I began growing the confidence I needed to get my professional tennis career back on track. Replace fear with anger, and have a chat with your anxiety so the truth comes out…

    • Thanks for the reply-it means a lot! It’s so interesting to me that this happened after racing for years-much like your situation it seems. For me it seems to be a loss in confidence. I *know* an Ironman hurts at some point and I’ve always had confidence in my training and body and could push through. Now it seems a switch was flipped and every little twinge is a signal that I can’t do it. Did you experience this as well?

      • Definitely health anxiety. I had a weird electrolyte imbalance completely unrelated to racing that scared me badly. After that, I over interpret every body signal (~7 months now). Have medical ok to train and race but fully realize it is a mental game changer for me:(. It’s hard to describe the anxiety to someone who’s not an athlete but the suffering is real. Constantly fight the feeling of giving up sport.

      • You know what the biggest contributor to my success over anxiety was, and getting my confidence to play and compete again? It was working on changing my perspective of what I feared, let me explain. A hard heartbeat scared me enough to stay away from even a Brisk walk, imagine… This after training 4 hours per day pre anxiety disorder. I trained myself to look at the opposite of what I feared, a hard heart beat would be better then a soft heart beat. Think about it, wouldn’t you be more worried of you heart beat softly, rather then hard? By training myself to change my view of the symptoms I feared, I got to the point of no more thinking ‘what if.’ I can’t tell you how crucial this is… Confidence is everything.

      • Thanks so much! I’m trying this during tomorrow’s workout. Ironman Texas is on my schedule and I daily question doing it although I’m training. I will keep you posted and am going to start this program. Thank you again and all my best to you-

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