The End The Anxiety Program Doesn’t Mask Your Anxiety Issues

#1 natural anxiety solution

Have you ever had a feeling of intense joy and relief after hearing about, or seeing a certain pill or new age technique, only to be completely disappointed after a while because it didn’t work?

Well that’s where the chemical imbalance theory that we are all told comes into play. Anxiety medications are made to cover up your anxious physical symptoms in the form of Benzodiazepines such as Lorazepam and Clonazepam. They actually do a good job of this in the beginning stages of taking them, but in a short period of time your body starts to get used to the dosage and what happens? Up the dosage of course, and on and on we go until you are ​fully addicted and feel zombie like, and let’s not even talk about the difficulty of getting off of them once you’ve abused them.

Antidepressants (which need to be taken for a long time in order to feel the benefits if any) made me very unsteady and it put my faith in something that I had no control over. I could only wait and see how things turned out. I quickly learned that keeping an eye out on how I was feeling, and if the antidepressant was working from hour to hour, was in itself adding to my anxiety levels. After much research the statistics of people that responded well to antidepressants was extremely low, and we go deeper into the effects long term in the program. As far as finding the holy grail, the end the anxiety program is it, it doesn’t mask your problems so that you can go a few hours in relief. It tackles the very core of it all without the need to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on other pills or techniques, that will only leave you more disappointed and confused.


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