Experience Or Knowledge, What Would You Prefer By Your Side To End Your Anxiety Disorder?


Support that leads to lasting change, it’s something that every anxiety disorder sufferer needs but rarely gets. At least the right kind. Families become increasingly worrisome about why their child, sibling, or parent isn’t the person they once were. Struck by Agoraphobia and a fear of leaving the household, or symptoms of anxiety that leave the sufferer in a trance like state continuously focusing on their possible dreaded future state of being. What’s a supporter to do?

Anxiety Disorders Affect 40 Million Adults In The United States Age 18 And Older… And Growing

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and so through doctor Google a search is made to find out who could help this scared, dazed and frustrated anxiety disorder sufferer and the search brings up many different forms of help. Some in the form of inspirational stories of natural recovery from an anxiety disorder due to personal experimentation, research and determination. Also, other forms of anxiety support through mental health counselors, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists all with degrees like MD’s and PHD’s that include years of study and a passion to help people with what is commonly known as but shouldn’t be… ‘mental illness.’

Experience Vs Knowledge, Which One Do You Need More Of?

In my own personal experience during my battle with GAD and panic disorder i’ve seen improvements in my mental health through certified professionals, as well as my discussions with people who have taken the time to consistently speak with me about their personal natural recovery. I realized that the majority of ‘book knowledge’ is based on theory, while experience is based on reality. BUT, ‘book knowledge’ is also power, the question is though… is the knowledge gained from experience more important than the one gained from books IF a certified professional dealing with panic and anxiety hasn’t experienced what you have? But again, the main question here is…

Can Someone Who Has Taken It Upon Themselves To Overcome Their Anxiety Disorder Be Just As Effective In Helping You Do The Same? Secondly, Can They Be As Effective As Today’s Health Care Professionals?

Wow that question could open up a whole new ‘can of worms’ to say the least, but it’s a valid discussion if support in the form of knowledge and experience together is not an option for someone trying to stop the cycle of panic and consistent over-worrying… so what’s the best option? Some people don’t have health insurance so where will the funding come from for expensive anxiety therapy sessions? If the funding is there, how long will it take before results if any can be seen from the different types of therapy approaches? Does experience have the necessary tools when a situation arises and guidance is necessary? Either way taking consistent personal action is necessary to overcome an anxiety disorder, but in your experience what has helped you the most and if you had a choice in who your support group was… what would you choose?

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2 comments on “Experience Or Knowledge, What Would You Prefer By Your Side To End Your Anxiety Disorder?

  1. I asked our support group members when my own anxiety came back the same question and everyone of them went for the person with the personal experience. Just to add that the cost of a professional was not a factor. They stated they would be better understood by the person speaking from their own experience. Hope this helps. Thanks

    • This is an interesting discussion, taking nothing away from the professionals that have the knowledge. Looking at the statistics my opinion is maybe we need to start looking elsewhere to get that emotional connection sufferers need to stop their anxiety disorders.

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