How To Stop Anxiety… Step 6

steps to stop anxiety

Accepting Setbacks

It’s important to remember that each one of us recovers from anxiety disorders at their own speed. When you experience a setback, whether it’s recurring fearful thoughts, panic attacks or anything else, the mentality that you should have is that your anxiety is doing all it can to stand it’s ground because it is confused about this new mind-set and action that you are taking. If I tried skateboarding for example at this point in my life, I would be absolutely awful at it, and it is at this point I can go in two different directions, I can either quit because I’m not achieving the desired result i’m looking for or I can persevere and in time my new found hobby of skateboarding can become easy, natural and effortless. Understand that 2 steps forward and one step back is still progression in the direction you want to go, setbacks are normal and should be accepted before re-conditioning your mind and lifestyle habits and taking your life back. Many people that I know who are still suffering from panic and anxiety do not understand that setbacks are practically GUARANTEED, and become frustrated and lose all hope. Let go of the setback that happened and try and be more gentle on yourself, let your recovery come in time don’t force it.

A Dream Was Realized

After suffering from debilitating anxiety and panic for 6 years, it took me roughly 9 months to completely stop my panic attacks, re-condition new meanings to what I feared, and stop my habit of over-worrying that just fed my cycle of anxiety. 9 months was a hell of a short time, compared to 6 years of suffering. My potential was fully realized after those 9 months in the form of reaching a dream I always had, becoming a professional tennis player. Remember that there are many people suffering in the world still from GAD and other anxiety disorders, but their are also many people who aren’t suffering anymore as well and you can be on the success story side as well.

More Example Of Setbacks

  • A certain person, place or thing that still causes a trigger for your panic attacks
  • overwhelming thoughts of ‘what if’ still present almost like your shadow
  • New symptoms of anxiety appearing

Accept them, all of them. Let them be present, let them eat away at your mind and body knowing in the back of your mind that you’re headed in the right direction and it can’t hurt you. Remind yourself of step 4 Building On The Facts and go about your day looking at your anxiety as a little child starving for your attention, but you won’t have any of it…

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