How To Stop Anxiety …Step 1


Sharing What Worked,

I think it’s important to share with you how I was able to stay on track and driven to eventually stop my generalised anxiety disorder. In the past I always heard that diet was important in dealing with gad symptoms and panic attacks and it’s all in your head type of comments from my support team, but I never accepted these suggestions and took the time to research them. What helped me finally take a good look at each aspect of my life and how generalised anxiety disorder was destroying me, slowly came down to drawing strength from someone or something, that was it. It’s easy to make changes in your life for a few days once signs of anxiety are present in your life then go back to your old destructing habits, but if you can draw strength from something that will keep you on the right track for a long period of time this will tip the scales in your favor. For me I couldn’t stick to a new empowering habit or routine for more then 3 days, because I just didn’t have enough reasons that I consciously focused on in order to provide the fuel to stop my generalised anxiety disorder. I remember taking my son and my fiancee for granted, how could someone turn into such a mute (due to my anxiety disorder symptoms like depersonalization) and unloving human being when you have a beautiful partner as i did and a new born son? Because the world was solely about me and I was in desperate need for attention from myself (health anxiety can lead to constantly checking in) all the time just in case I lost control of my mind and body, but I had already lost control and didn’t realize it.

Making Change Happen Not For Myself But For The Ones That Cared For Me,

how to stop anxiety

My Fuel For Change

When you’re so wired to worry and anxious nothing else in the world matters more then tending to the emergency that your mind and body are crying out for, this is the trick that gad symptoms play on sufferers. So after a deep crying session (you won’t believe how much tension crying releases) I took a good look around me and realized I needed to draw strength from the 2 people that needed me the most, I needed to be a success story for mental health news and not a victim of generalised anxiety disorder for the rest of my life. I needed to be there for my son who was going to grow up and ask daddy questions and want to play and be taught new amazing things! I needed to be there for my future wife who cared for me more then anyone ever has, and if it was me in her shoes I would have left me long long time ago.

Over a period of a few days I drew so much strength from them that it kept me on track to work towards changing my old habits and replacing them with healthy new ones that would in time recondition new beliefs. I would never again sit next to Robyn without showing her how much I cared for her, or go to bed without kissing my son good night. For a few months i was like a man possessed and although i didn’t have a set plan to stop my anxiety disorder symptoms that were leading me to regular panic attacks, I did have the daily strength I needed to continue my search for what worked for me and my overall goal of bringing my anxiety levels way down and living a joyful abundant life.

What To Do,

So what I would suggest you to do is before you can just dive in and start putting new lifestyle and thinking habits into practice, you need to find something that will add loads of FUEL to your recovery from generalised anxiety disorder. this person or thing will keep you going when times are tough and you feel like giving up and going back to coping techniques and anti anxiety medications to get through the day. You’ll start to realize that instead of being so tightly knit with yourself there’s more to life then just you. Once you understand this you’ll find that not only do you have enormous momentum towards the goal you want to achieve, but you’re also becoming much more CONSCIOUS of your surroundings (which is a huge step in stopping health anxiety). You might even start to help other people in need which will give you such a feeling of accomplishment that it will become addicting to you, next thing you know you’ll have turned into a caring outgoing person rather then a grumpy anxious ogre afraid to go out into the world.


Failure was not an option for me after I decided I wanted to become an inspirational success story over gad and panic attacks not for myself, but for the ones I loved and relied on me. Before this discovery I didn’t have enough pull to keep me going and it was extremely frustrating. Take a few photos with you in your wallet to remind yourself WHY you must change, and when you feel anxiety becoming overwhelming again this kind of strength will pull you in a new direction in terms of what action you take in that moment… it all starts there.

The series of 7 steps on how to stop anxiety starts with the reasons, the why’s for the change you desire. Follow the anxious athlete blog at for updates on step 2.

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