“Nothing Diminishes Social Anxiety Faster Than Action.”

Bringing out the inner child in you can be difficult, but possible. As kids we were fearless when it came to meeting other kids, interacting and learning more about others. If you suffer from social anxiety one of the biggest fears you may have is approaching someone and starting a simple conversation. The goal is to ask questions, get support, find out something new, and just put yourself out there. Approach 1 person per day to stop the fear that is holding you back from building great relationships, and being that confident person you deep down want to be.

(The 30 day fear eliminator challenge has been cancelled since this video was made due to personal reasons and time constraints)


3 comments on ““Nothing Diminishes Social Anxiety Faster Than Action.”

  1. You are such an inspiration! I have struggled with anxiety so long and I am only now starting to get help. My biggest challenge is social anxiety and to see you confront it so head-on gives me hope. Thank you!

    • Yes, if you feed off of how i’ve been able to step out of my own comfort zones, and find out that things aren’t really as difficult as we make it seem in our heads, then life CAN be what we want it to be.

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