Less Thinking More Doing

Less Thinking More Doing

Sometimes just thinking about how painful or how time consuming the road ahead to create change is can prevent you from starting. Once that decision is made, and the end is in your minds eye, take action daily and don’t look back until you’ve gotten to where you want to go.


5 comments on “Less Thinking More Doing

    • Absolutely. I read somewhere a quote that said “exercise, the most underutilized antidepressant on the world” an it’s true. Unfortunate that more people don’t take advantage, or research how to use exercise to benefit their mental health. Thanks for the input Mighty amygdala.

      • My therapist (an avid endurance runner) says it is best. I cannot tolerate medication and am afraid to take them so between my distraction techniques and CBT, exercise is at the top of my arsenal in combating my anxiety, sadly my anxiety is based around cardiac fears… thus comes the exposure therapy. Keep up the great posts!

      • Sounds like a good therapist MA, I’ve been in your shoes with the fear from cardiac issues. I would play pro tennis matches and sometimes not run for a tennis ball due to the fear for what my heart might do. It was awful, it’s nice that people out there can know that there are people like myself that have overcome these type of issues, and that should bring much confidence and hope.

  1. I’m glad to have come upon your story… I always feel like I’m one degree off from normal (does this make sense to you?). Since my panic attack I have been afraid of pushing my body into the red zone… The zone where everything becomes uncomfortable, where the endorphin’s naturally numb the body. While I have been there many times before in races and training session… I fear my body could not tolerate that now. I’m glad I have expanded my cycling horizons by introducing cyclocross which is short duration super high intensity racing… Still looming in my head is the “what if”… I force thought it. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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