Having Difficulty Getting Started With An Exercise Routine? Take The 30 Day Fitness Challenge


So you KNOW that you need to begin getting in better shape physically, you KNOW that doing this will definitely add to your energy levels and contribute greatly to your emotional state, but you’re just not sure where to start, or worse you did try to start and due to the boredom of the repetitive exercise routines you were trying, you grew tired of it and quit. People that suffer from debilitating anxiety levels have a very difficult time starting an exercise program, due to the common bodily sensations that exercise brings on that mimics a panic attack, but what if you slowly stepped out of your comfort zone and into your fears, what if you could add enough variety and fun to your daily exercise routine and chip away for 30 days. Could that potentially get you on the path to overcoming your fear? Could the confidence and momentum you gain from those 30 days keep you wanting more and eventually starting a full on exercise program that becomes addicting? The answer is Yes and Yes, I’ve seen it done and now It’s your chance to take control of your health and build habits that your mind and body will thank you for in the near future.

To accomplish the 30 day lifestyle challenge you will need to do some planning as to when the best time is to accomplish a challenge is depending on your schedule, if possible do your challenge in the morning to give yourself a huge metabolism boost for the rest of the day.

The habits you build from following this 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge will set you free in many ways, an emotional lift and controlling your weight are just a few, but even more importantly that connection you made in your mind that exercise = potential heart attack risk (if your anxiety is being fed by this belief like mine used to be) will be reversed and the opposite will be true where NOT exercising = potential heart attack risk, so get started and have fun along the way!

Day 1 Take your dog for a walk for 8 blocks (4 one way 4 the other), no pet no problem just take yourself for a nice relaxing walk

Day 2 Dance to 5 of your favorite songs while taking 30 seconds break between songs

Day 3 Wash & Wax Your Entire Car as Well as Hand Drying it After

Day 4 Go Shopping for an item you have really wanted, but before buying it visit 5 different stores that sell that item then make the best decision price wise

Day 5 Follow a 20 minute yoga class through a video on YouTube

Day 6 Take a Zumba class at a local gym or go online and find a session online on YouTube

Day 7 Visit the zoo, if closed visit the local museum and enjoy your walk around

Day 8 Purchase a hula hoop and do 100 roundabouts around your waist

Day 9 Toss a baseball or football around with one of your children or a friend for 15 minutes while moving around to different spots each time

Day 10 Bring the child out of you again and roll down a hill and climbback up 10 times

Day 11 Join a belly dancing class or visit you tube online and follow a 20 minute video, for men join a hip hop class or go online and put into action a hip hop video

Day 12 Clean the entire house with your favorite songs playing in the background, don’t miss a spot!

Day 13 Pick a racquet sport of your choice and get someone to play with you for 30 minutes, some options are ping pong, badminton, tennis, squash or paddle tennis

Day 14 Find a local indoor or outdoor swimming pool and spend at least 20 minutes swimming in any style you want

Day 15 Lightly jog to your local grocery store or corner store and pick up a healthy snack, jog back, the store should be at least 6 blocks away

Day 16 When you’ve made it this far, it’s time to reward yourself for a job well done and have a half or full spa day at home(depending on your schedule), check online for the many different options on creating a perfect spa day at home

Day 17 Find a suitable time to go bowling with a friend, multiple friends or family members

Day 18 Drive to the grocery store to pick up some healthy food choices but park 10 minutes away from the store (walking distance), buy 10 items your household needs

Day 19 Walk, bike or jog to work today, if distance is an issue take public transportation and get off 10 minutes from your work and bust your butt walking or jogging from there

Day 20 Find a local hiking trail and bring some friends online for a hike

Day 21 Ask a loved one or friend to take 15 minutes out of their day to relax, give them a hard back and arm massage focusing on contracting your arm muscles

Day 22 Take 30 minutes from your day and Rake your leaves, shovel your driveway from snow, pull the weeds out of your lawn or mow your lawn depending on the season

Day 23 Join a tai chi class or follow 20 minute video on YouTube

Day 24 Take a friend for a power walk session (70 percent of maximum intensity) around your favorite park or somewhere scenic

Day 25 Take this day to just use the stairs no matter where you find yourself going

Day 26 Find a basketball hoop indoor or outdoor and shoot around for 20 minutes straight

Day 27 Take a one mile (12 blocks) bike ride with a friend from your house to your favorite healthy food store and enjoy a small healthy meal together, if no one’s available treat yourself!

Day 28 Get a pair of lightweights or something similar and evenly weighted lying around, and go for a brisk walk for 15 minutes with them in hand doing light arm curls every 15 seconds

Day 29 Find a wall outside or in your garage, stand 10 giant steps away from it and throw a basketball or volleyball as hard as you can with two hands over your head towards the wall 100 times total, take a break in between when needed

Day 30 Reward yourself for beginning and maintaining your exercise routine for 30 days, turn on the warm bath water and relax in the tub while experiencing the feelings of accomplishment and achievement, now that you’ve built up a habit that will contribute to incredible benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally stay on track and continue to challenge yourself in different ways daily.


Thank you for your email responses to bring back the 30 day fitness challenge, follow the anxious athlete blog for solutions on overcoming your anxiety disorder naturally and much much more.


2 comments on “Having Difficulty Getting Started With An Exercise Routine? Take The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

  1. Thanks for liking my post! What a great work out schedule and healthy living regime. I will take some of your suggestions and use them. Much love and light to you and Have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

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