The Mental Health Miracles In Asian Culture


Living in places like Bali and Singapore had a big effect on my belief system (to say the least). Being in the presence of people in the Asian culture has taught me that in many ways, western medicine and society got it wrong. How you ask? Simply put, because drug free ‘miracles’ in regards to mental health are just another day in the life for certain cultures. Us in the west use ‘professional therapists’ for social anxiety disorder that drain us of our dollars and more importantly years from our lives with no ‘REAL SOLUTION,’ while in the east they use laughter therapy which instantly begins to bring a sense of togetherness in people, as well as provides a ‘true’ solution to any lingering anxiety one may feel, but that’s just silly right? Who would want to sit, walk around, run maybe with other people who suffer from social anxiety while at the same time laugh hysterically for no good reason while it contagiously affects one another, funny enough many have overcome their social anxiety and have built confidence and momentum through these types of medicine-less mental health care places in the east.

Our culture provides Prozac to overcome depression, with limited knowledge shared with us about the future dangers of these drugs. While in eastern cultures they use mirrors that surround the ‘clinically depressed‘ individuals, and ask them to smile as big as they can for 20 minutes straight as they move around the room with the others (sound creepy right? It works). I’ve realized that simply put, we have been raised in our western culture to simply fear everything, and learn to think about things we DON’T want to happen to us. The daily news reports, the commercials, the public advertising, even our own doctors fill us with fear. We go through life day by day trying to avoid the things we truly deep down don’t want, and due to this kind of belief system, we unfortunately attract more of that fear to us. Where as in the eastern cultures many have learned that ‘miracles’ are normal, change can happen instantly whether that is in our mental or physical world, and that we have the capability to influence our world in whichever way we choose through focusing and feeling what we truly want in our lives (in a nutshell). This is the only true explanation I have for the miracles I’ve witnessed in my 3 total years living in the east such as tumors being removed from the body, depression being completely overcome in a mere 1 hours time, and certain fears and phobias being completely removed from peoples lives again in lighting fast speeds.

So what can we learn from the east? Simply this, there are MULTIPLE possibilities when it comes to correcting a problem in humans, and these possibilities don’t have to take years to change as we are programmed to think. Basically that when we think a thought, that thought is a POSSIBILITY whether that thought is positive or negative, it is up to us to choose which one we want and add fuel to that end result through a set strategy that involves KNOWING, and FEELING what we want without only THINKING about what we want. Fortunately, at this point in my life since I’ve witnessed such changes not only in my own life but others as well, no one will be able to tell me again that a ‘miracle’ solution is not possible, or coping through an anxiety disorder for example is all there is. Going through the day thinking the worst might be right around the corner, is something that has been programmed, and can easily be re-programmed, all we have to do is look East for guidance.

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