5 Guaranteed Solutions for Your Insomnia


The sleep disorder Insomnia either means you have trouble falling asleep or you have trouble staying asleep. It can have a negative effect on your concentration and memory, and as I’ve experienced in my past struggles as an insomniac, you can become quite accident prone no matter what you may be doing during the day! So what are some things that you can do to overcome Insomnia that have worked incredibly well for me? Here they are:

Avoid violent or emotional stimulation before bed – There is nothing relaxing about watching TV, reading the news or anything like that before bed time. At least one hour before sleep, everything stimulating should be turned off.

Get some Binaural Beats on your headphones before sleep – It was interesting for me to learn that people who suffer from insomnia have a difficult time hitting certain lower brainwaves. Sleep = a time when the brain is LEAST active, and binaural beats begin altering your brainwaves and slowing them without the use of any harmful chemicals – double bonus!

Check The Time – 6.5 to 7.5 hours is the ideal amount of time needed for a good night’s sleep, no less and no more. Planning for this is key, so make sure you get to bed at a proper and CONSISTENT time each night so your body knows it’s time to wind down once that time approaches. Keep this schedule, even on weekends and holidays.

No more late night meals – A small healthy late night snack is OK, but using common sense is key here. A large meal needs to be digested, and your organs will have to work hard all night causing less restful sleep.

Valerian Root to the rescue! – A fabulous mild relaxant that worked better for me then any benzodiazepines did, without that awful hangover feeling. Check your local health food store for this magical herbal remedy.

This is your time to review! Instead of continuing to read this article and moving on to any more suggestions that may be helpful for your insomnia, STOP! Decide which of these certain things are affecting your insomnia that must change, write them down – for instance, what time is your regular bed time, and beside it write down your NEW bed time that will contribute greatly towards ending your insomnia. Next, write down what you do before bedtime, and beside it write your NEW routine, and so on. Take something valuable from this article and apply it to your life, because you deserve to be a 100% during the day, and your mind and body will thank you greatly for these new changes.


Listen to a sample of the end the anxiety program at http://www.anxietyend.com to see why this audio program has helped many people naturally overcome their anxiety disorders and insomnia.


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