Depression Kicking In? Check Who’s Sitting Beside you…

Depression Kicking In? Check Who's Sitting Beside you...

Mike was his name and he was one of my best friends since the age of 16. Mike was a single guy, little older than me and considered himself wiser than anyone he came across. His life was unsatisfying and unhealthy in many ways, and at every chance he got he found a way to let me know about it, as well as make me understand that there was a limit to what I could achieve in my own life. As the rapid lifestyle changes and habits in my life were taking place during the end of my generalized anxiety disorder, I also had a choice to make, keep Mike in my life and live a limited and unfulfilling outlook on the world, or set him free and hope to goodness that one day he truly understands my reason for taking him completely out of my life for good…I chose the second option. I was grateful I had the guts to do it as it felt like a mountain was lifted off my shoulders. Someone once said “you turn into the 5 people you surround yourself with the most,” and it’s true so take a good look at who might be influencing you for the better, and who might be causing you subconscious self sabotage, taking out the trash in your life just might be the best thing you could do for yourself.


If you’ve had a similar experience as mine please comment and share i’d love to hear from you.

2 comments on “Depression Kicking In? Check Who’s Sitting Beside you…

  1. I have been suffering from extreme health anxiety for 5 months now since the birth and passing of my son. I have had numerous tests done all ‘fine’ but i cannot help but feel they are missing something, i find i literally do not enjoy any day now. Its filled with dread and worry, this is not because of my loss i know there is something wrong. Everyone says its health anxiety but surely it cannot bring on such powerful symptoms? I wish to join your stage and be ‘normal’ again, i miss being myself. My funny outgoing self, its a distance away from me now. Its ruining my life!

    • Hi Laura,

      So sorry about the loss and I can surely assure you that my level of health anxiety and hypochondria completely dictated the way I lived my life as well. Avoidance of people, places, anything that might cause me to panic and worry further. The answer to your question is yes your health anxiety CAN and IS causing you these extremely powerful and constant symptoms. I never believed the test results either, but in my recovery and as I mention in one of my posts, a few steps I decided to take instantly started to help me slowly get my life back, they were…

      1) No more doctor visits no matter what symptom comes up, in fact I gave myself a 1 year “time off,” from all ER visits due to panic attacks and doctors to get tests done for what my symptoms could be, and trust me there were lots, when one stopped another one starter this anxiety thing is tricky but there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.
      2) Stopping my self diagnosing and over researching every symptom online. begin this immediately…
      3) Stop convincing yourself and others that you may have a serious physical issue, not true and no more victim talk.

      It’s so important to have a recovered person such as myself to help you through these steps from time to time so don’t hesitate to contact me and yes it’s free lol. My full end the anxiety program also provides this kind of support from big team of us but if you need, I am here for you, please review the steps again and take care.

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