Time For A Sunday CBT Giveaway!


Boy I woke up in a giving mood today! Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches people that although they aren’t able to control each and every aspect of the world around them, they can in fact take control and learn to interpret and deal with things differently in their immediate environment. Problematic behavior stems from the faulty beliefs we hold on to, it can affect your relationships, your career and basically every aspect your life. Through the anxious athlete CBT workbook i’m giving away completely free today, people who tend to avoid certain situations due to the increased anxiety that it currently brings to them, will begin to notice the negative thinking patterns that are leading them into a world of avoidance. Yep you heard it here, email me at theanxiousathlete@gmail.com with your short story now, and I will send you the free cognitive behavioral therapy pdf workbook, just because it’s sunday! Have a wonderful sunday everyone and don’t forget to inform others because who doesn’t like free giveaways on a sunday?


One comment on “Time For A Sunday CBT Giveaway!

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