A Big Thank You To The Followers Of The Anxious Athlete


It’s sunday, and what better day to say thank you. What an amazing thing a blog is, a chance to spill everything that’s on your mind to the outside world, and hope a few people will take notice. Anxiety disorders are tough to live with, but through these somewhat bold posts that you’ve been reading I hope to continue making a difference, and sharing with you the truth and what has worked so well for me in my recovery. The secret to life is giving, I truly believe that and am more then willing to help anyone interested in using my knowledge, email me at theanxiousathlete@gmail.com and share with me your story and remember, your past isn’t your future as much as your mind might want you to believe it.  Have an amazing anxiety free sunday fun-day everyone, time for me to hit the tennis courts and get ready for the next big challenge.




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