The Cold Hard Truth About Antidepressants & Depression


I recently read some rather depressing medical news – and that is that anti-depressants don’t work. What’s worse is that we have all been conned by the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry telling us how much they DO work. We all know what a common problem depression is in mental health care. It is well on its way to becoming the main cause of long-term disability in the U.S. I was even more baffled when I read how the drug companies are selectively publishing studies that just show the benefits of anti-depressants and not the truth – the studies that show that they don’t work. No wonder these medications have climbed to the second leading class of all drugs sold in America.

The world has a bit of a warped view when it comes to anti-depressants. What do the studies actually say? That if you take a placebo – a sugar pill – that you have an 80% likelihood of improvement. Now we have this huge problem where we have millions of people ‘clinically’ depressed with no proper treatment plan, and the problem gets worse every year. We need to understand what depression really is: a label. It tells us that you have lost all interest and joy in the many activities of your day, combined with a low mood and sadness most of the time. Sleeping is difficult, you feel hopeless, and you have a difficult time making decisions. This makes sense, but what about the cause of all these symptoms? Is it simply just a matter of brain chemistry or is it your lifestyle?

This is not a problem with a one size fits all solution. Each case actually needs a different approach – but that is not what we are told, is it? If the statistics say that 1 in 10 people are currently on some form of an anti-depressant and that the intake of these drugs has tripled in the last decade, it just tells me one thing. There is a group of people sitting around right now making more money than you can imagine, laughing at us all the way to the bank. What’s becoming more obvious to me is that we are only getting the evidence that the drug companies want us to have and that doctors and patients are getting more and more deceived by the day. This leads to millions of confused people taking anti-depressants, suffering further, and getting poorer.

Our trust in science has sadly come to an end, and what is making us sick is also making us more depressed. This is important. I have a friend named Carol and she suffered from anxiety and depression for years, going from drug to drug trying to find a cure. Eventually she found out that the underlying cause of all of her problems was food allergies. That’s right, FOOD ALLERGIES. That was the cause of her long struggle with anxiety and depression. When she took care of the food allergies her depression went away, she lost weight and got her life back. Now she feels and looks amazing and has thrown all of the pills she was taking away. This is just one single case. Many other cases have shown that when heavy metals such as Mercury are detoxified from our blood, that depression was lifted as a result. What does this tell us all in the end? It tells us that we must fix the cause of the sickness, not try to manage the sickness itself with pills.     


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10 comments on “The Cold Hard Truth About Antidepressants & Depression

  1. A few thoughts – from a therapeutic perspective…I agree that ‘fixing the cause’ is of utmost importance, but I would never throw out all of the bath water, so to speak, nor the baby within, in an attempt to get at the root issues involved. While anti-depressants may indeed have many difficulties associated with their use, antidepressants can be life saving for some. Antidepressants can be one factor, one thing that an individual may use to help them grapple with their muddles in life – along with talking therapy, cognitive restructuring, if you will – all other methods for getting closer to the root problems or the ’cause.’ Do think about all the factors that go into such mental difficulties – and utilize all methods available – or at least consider them for your arguments that touch on rather large problems within the psychiatric and mental health field…

  2. When I tried them, I found they cut off my empathy, making things worse.

    The only thing that cured my depression were the Bach Flower Remedies. I honestly dread to think the basket case I’d be today without them.

  3. Thanks for liking my posts. I have to agree with you regarding the food allergies. I have Gluten Intolerance and know all the bad effects that allergies can cause. It makes perfect sense that food allergies could cause depression as well. We are so intimately linked to our food consumption. Organic or better yet home grown is always best as much as possible. Thanks for sharing with us all! Have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts

    • Not sure if your link works Mary, and if you can show me a definitive study that shows antidepressants truly cure severe depression in most cases i’d be more than willing to listen, but i’m not so sure…

  4. Ok i’ve found your link mary and again thanks for your input but i’m going to stick to my theory that if we treat the underlying cause of what is causing depression in many, than the solution will also come to be. The first line of treatment shouldn’t be antidepressants no matter how severe the case in my personal opinion. Another thing is that as our world becomes more and more lazy as it is, and people expect things to happen for them without effort, the more popular antidepressants will become.

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