“Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It Is Only To Be Understood.” Marie Curie

Flying Butterfly

I couldn’t have said it better, when anxiety sufferers begin to understand at a deep level what it is they are going through, the process of losing the fear begins. The 6 steps I’ve come up with to overcoming generalized anxiety disorder that lead to panic must be applied and perfected.

1 – Complete Acceptance) Accept that what you have is related to anxiety and nothing more.

2 – Becoming Knowledgable) Educate yourself about generalized anxiety and panic attacks and how and why they happen.

3 – Building On The Facts) Build confidence and self-­esteem from looking at your current and past fears, recognizing that none of them have come true and won’t ever come true.

4 – Taking Action) Make an action plan and implement it so that your new daily rituals/routines add fuel to what your overall goal is.

5 – Accepting Setbacks) Realize that two steps forward and one step back is still putting you on the right track.

6 – Patience) There is no set time that recovery will be achieved, so be ready to work with time.

By looking at recovery as a long term plan, we become less disappointed in temporary setbacks. As we gradually approach our fears and overcome them, we build on facts that help us realize the truth to all our worries ­and that is that what we fear most will not come true.

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