Top 3 Ways To Reduce High Levels Of Anxiety In An Instant

Top 3

Yep, reconditioning an anxious mind takes time, I know. But there are ways that you can feel a sense of immediate release from extreme anxiety levels that are being built up inside of you. Some of these ways may appear slightly odd or unusual to you, but I promise they will break the cycle that eventually may lead to other mental health challenges that may be right around the corner such as panic attacks and depression. So let’s go!

Immediate Anxiety Reducer #3) Hello Mr Pillow

Create a mental image, grab a pillow and pump your fists! Many different forms of therapy use verbal shouting techniques to release the built up fear one may be feeling. Such as visualizing that a chair is your dad, and putting you in charge for once as you scream every profanity you can think of at the top of your lungs, telling that chair everything you’ve been holding on to in your mind for so long. Let’s take it a step further though and add some movement to this by imagining the cause of your anxiety in your mind, and releasing knock out blow after blow on your soft cuddly pillow for one full minute, Even Ali will be proud of you on this day.

Immediate Anxiety Reducer #2) Photography is a mans best friend

Grab your camera and head out into the world taking beautiful photos of anything you may find inspiring to you! When I did this I couldn’t believe all the things I just walked past without acknowledging on a daily basis, also the negative cd that my mind kept playing over and over in my head was starting to experience a few scratches on it, and it was difficult for me to get back to the high levels of over worry/anxiety that I was experiencing. An amazing hobby that I built up that distracted me from my problems each and every time. Forget the excuses that you may not be a good photographer, and that people may think of you as strange for clicking on random things that you see. This is your time to stop the cycle of over worrying and anxiety and enjoy your time for yourself, soon enough you may find yourself treating your camera with much more respect.

Immediate Anxiety Reducer #1) Sexy Time!

Yes I really said… sexy time! Whether you FEEL like it or not sex is an instant anxiety reducer. Instead of sitting on your butt moping next to the love of your life, or coming home and taking your worries and frustrations out on them that only adds to to your anxiety levels, become intimate and show him or her a big reason why you were made for each other. Trust me you can say goodbye to any built up anxiety once you’re done, so come up with your plan of attack now!

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