Fight or Flight Fridays | Can Consistently Posting Your Anxiety Symptoms Online Be Keeping You From Recovery?


Could you be digging yourself into a deeper hole every day without even knowing it? Are you doing your best to find a solution to your anxiety problems, but are actually making them worse? The answer could be ‘Yes’ and I want to tell you why you must change your approach to posting online so that you can get on the road to peace in your life once again. If this information was told to me during my 6 year struggle with GAD and panic I know it would have made a huge difference in the way I structured my day and the way I handled my fears. So the main message you have to come to grips with is:

ImageStop using Facebook groups and forums to talk about a new sensation, recurring problem, or a new fear! 

Hypochondria is one of the most popular form of fuel for high levels of anxiety, and also the most talked about issue in social media groups and forums on the web. When someone who has been struck by a new physical symptom of anxiety or has experienced a panic attack posts something on a support group, what’s the most common response? “Hang in there,” or “it’s all in your head” or, even worse, others jump in and begin to talk about how they’ve experienced a similar feeling recently as well. It just becomes a battle of who’s got it worse in most cases! This creates a feeling of being comforted and it subconsciously makes people actually WANT to experience these anxious feelings again because it gives them a very important human need, and that is the need for significance. We feel worthy, we feel warmth and we enjoy the temporary comfort we get from it, and of course we like knowing we’re not the only ones struggling. But this can backfire whether you realize it or not, so be aware if you’re in this vicious cycle of social media posting. When fear strikes, replace it with being fed up with your conditioned fearful response and begin to create a massive action plan instead that will get you on the road to recovery, once that plan is set-up, do something IMMIDIATELY at that moment that will begin to create momentum for you.

I desperately needed To change my beliefs about who I thought I was as a person If I wanted change!

When I used to post every symptom or fear that came up online, my self-esteem was very low. I had a belief that if I didn’t have an anxiety disorder people would begin not caring for me as much. I just couldn’t let that happen, especially after the wonderful relationships I was growing with people online. However, once I began to work on changing who I falsely thought I was as a person (my identity), I began focusing more on the incredible benefits of overcoming my GAD. When you have the end result in mind and the impact it will have in every aspect of your life, you don’t look for other people struggling with mental health problems anymore, you become an inspiration to those people and with it start to find your purpose in this world, just the way I have. So take a good look at how much time you’re spending posting online when a problem pops up, and replace this action with one that will help empower you in time and begin steering you in a new direction today.

Fridays are dedicated to filling my followers with valuable information on Panic Attacks and our built in Fight Or Flight Responses. By applying this knowledge consistently you will be well on your way to overcoming your panic attacks naturally and quickly.

If generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks are dictating how you live your life let me show you how a professional athlete overcame 6 years of mental health problems naturally, and quickly visit

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