6 Steps to Overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder

An intro into my very first panic attack and the confusion that came with it the next day, after looking for a cure in my outside world for so long I decided to come up with a plan of attack, it involved looking within myself at what was really going on during my over worrying and panic attacks, these 6 steps will put an end to your GAD.

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5 comments on “6 Steps to Overcome Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  1. Take action! Do not just sit around a rest! THIS IS HUGE!!!! It is so hard to take that step! I remember the first time I decided to do this. It was midnight I called my friend and said will you go out with me tomorrow? She said sure, and she would drive! I said NO! I will drive! The next morning I pushed myself and we went, I drove and I pushed through all the anxiety all day long. In the end it was an amazing day! It is not easy and is something that we have to continue to do but is SO IMPORTANT to living a functional life!!!! I love this video and am enjoying your blog! Thank you for being so open and sharing!!!!!

  2. Last week I had one day of no gad. Don’t know what I did different. Sometimes I don’t know what I am worried about. Or what my fear is. My first panic was moving cross country. This time came after a breakup.

    • Sue many people have subconscious ideas, beliefs that were implanted into them at a young age. They carry around the burnden of these thought well into adulthood, and many times don’t realize how deeply rooted these beliefs are. A parents worry as a child turns into your own personal worry as an adult and so forth. The cycle of stress, worry and ultimately anxiety can be so constant that the cycle unconsciously just keeps going. Best thing I ever did was make a list of my stressors in my life, and took action to try and eliminate those stressors systematically. As time went on I realized happiness really was possible for me. 🙂

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