Is Your Life The Way You Always Pictured It?

Everything around you that was created by you started within yourself. Your career, your home, your vehicle, your relationships and yes, even the mental health problems that you may be facing day to day. If you are suffering from constant stress, anxiety and panic attacks you have done an amazing job of convincing yourself that life should be faced cautiously and with fear. The truth hurts and there it is, but where did this fear come from?

I bet you still remember the person you wanted to become as a foolish little chid. Maybe a professional athlete, an astronaut or even the president of your country! What about the things you wanted to do in your life as a teenager? That trip to Europe with friends, that safari through Africa, or maybe learning to skydive? ‘Well, just forget about all that because it’s just plain foolish and unrealistic’, you were told by others. How sad our world is when a person’s uniqueness in their character, or hopes and dreams get shot down and instead we are made to be ‘realistic’ and spend hours studying for a job that we can’t stand, or be told that true happiness only happens when you’re in a relationship with someone, or constantly hear the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ Every day I run into people that shy away from giving themselves the true credit that they deserve – a great golf shot turns into a ‘lucky shot’ when in fact the planning and execution along with repetition was the reason for the success, or a compliment on how young someone may look is answered with ‘well, some days are better than others when you get to my age.’ My question is -when did the term ‘confidence’ turn into a negative thing!? When did the idea come along that feeling good about ourselves was bad? The overall attitude of society has created such a hypnotic trance in people that we are no different than most of the zombie movies I used to watch on TV (minus the funny sounds and ugliness of course). Let’s take, for example, the most common question that is asked all around the world today, the question of ‘how are you?’ which brings about the response that is most commonly used ‘good,’ which again is another programmed response since consistency in society is rewarded and being unique in some way is usually frowned upon in different ways.

So then what is the difference between the people who have been able to separate themselves from the rest of the flock and stay on course until their goals and dreams are actually achieved? The answer is that their PSYCHOLOGY was the biggest contributor to their success in any aspect of their lives that they set out to achieve something in. I like to call it ‘tunnel vision,’ and I can honestly say that when I’ve applied ‘tunnel vision’ to my life in anything I set out to achieve, I’ve accomplished my goals. Let’s take, for example, the time I wrote my first eBook. Let me tell you there wasn’t much support when I first came out with this idea and I was told things like ‘write a book, you?’ or ‘why would you waste your time writing a book?’ Criticism is usually followed by others becoming curious, followed by people getting on the bandwagon and showing support. To me, it didn’t matter if I had the support from my friends and family or I didn’t, I had an outcome in my mind that I carried with me each day, and I came out with a step by step strategy combined with daily inspiration or the “juice” I needed in order to stay on track and the rest fell into place, in time.

In the case of chronic anxiety you may be asking yourself, ‘what must I do right now that will start creating a change in how I feel?’ The answer is two-fold, have you ever heard the term ‘where focus goes energy flows?’ First things first, are you more focused on the thing you don’t want, or the thing you DO want? The more focused I was on the idea of NOT having a panic attack the better the chance was that I had a panic attack, which led me to be more confused afterwards. Let me tell you something that might frighten you a little bit – you will always be faced with an initial sense of fear depending on the situation you’re in. That’s just human nature and our mind and bodies’ way of letting us know danger might be lurking around the corner, however, the way you react and handle that initial fear is what will set you apart from the old frightened you who stays in that anxiety and panic cycle. The second part to create a change in your anxiety levels today is use your body FOR you rather then AGAINST you. Do you remember a time when something happened that made you feel amazing and gave you a sense of enormous achievement? Now remember if your shoulders were back at that moment or slouched? Was your breathing long or shallow? Were your facial expressions tight and grimaced or loose and happy? Did you walk tall and strong or did you feel small and worthless? Amazingly, you can keep track of these two valuable tools that are within you and instantly make a change that will alter the way you feel right now, and if you begin mastering the things we call common sense such as these two steps, you’ll begin turning your whole life around, so begin today!Image

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